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How To Cast Your Burdens On The Lord

BurdenA Painful Phone Call

I just finished a phone call with a close friend.

He faces problems.  Big problems.  He’s fearful.  Worried.  Hurting.  He can’t see any good options — any good outcomes — and He doesn’t know what to do.

And when I finished the phone call I felt burdened.

What Are Burdens?

We know what burdens feel like.  They make our hearts feel heavy — like something is weighing them down.

So what causes this?  I think it’s usually because we see something painful in our future.  And that fear of future pain is a weight — a burden — on our hearts.

Think about your own heart.  Are you feeling burdened?  If so, identify what pain you are fearing.

Maybe it’s the pain of a broken marriage.  Or a lost job.  Or wayward children.  Or poor health.

The reason you are burdened is because you are fearing that pain.

But what can we do when we feel burdened?

Good News

Look at what David tells us to do with our burdens in Psa 55:22 —

Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.

Whenever we are burdened, God promises to sustain us and not let us be moved (which means to be shaken or totter).

But there is something we must do to receive this promise.  We must cast our burden on the Lord.

What Does That Mean?

We often talk about casting our burdens on the Lord.  But what does that really mean?

After my phone call, when I felt burdened, I quoted this verse.  I told the Lord I wanted to cast my burden on him.  I asked him to take it.  I said I didn’t want it.  I asked him to lift it from me.

But there was no change.  My heart was still burdened.  I did not feel the Lord sustaining me.

So what does it mean to cast a burden on the Lord?

I went out to the creek trail and prayed about it.  And I ended up taking four steps that powerfully helped me —

First, turn to God through Jesus

Don’t just say “it will be fine,” or “it will all work out,” or “God will take care of it.”

None of those involve you actually meeting with the Living God.

So turn your heart to God Himself.  Come to God, cleansed by Christ’s blood and clothed with His righteousness.

Turn to God and know that through Christ — he loves you, welcomes you, and promises to help you (Heb 4:16).

Second, ask God to keep this painful event from happening

Ask God to save your marriage, keep you employed, save your children, give you good health.

To strengthen your faith, think about times when God delivered His people — Israel from Egypt, Joseph from his dungeon, Bartimaeus from his blindness.

Strengthen your faith, and then pray that God would deliver you from this painful event (Psa 50:15).

God may choose to deliver you, which would be a great mercy.  But the Bible also teaches that He may not, which is why at this point you probably still feel burdened.  So this next step is so crucial —

Third, trust that if He allows this painful event to happen, it’s to bring you more joy in Him.

Your greatest joy is knowing God, beholding God, loving God (Psa 16:11).  And God promises to orchestrate everything — including every pain, sorrow, and trial — to bring you even more joy in Him (Rom 8:18; 2Cor 4:17).

So take time to set your heart on God.  Use His Word to help you see His love, majesty, glory, and grace.  Use passages like Gen 1:1; Isa 6:1-7; Mark 15:39; Rom 5:1-10.

Pray over God’s Word until the Holy Spirit helps you see and feel the all-surpassing worth of God the Father and Jesus the Son.

Now — look at your future.  You see that this painful event might happen.  But now you also see that if it does, it will mean not just pain, but gain — the gain of more joy in God now and forever.

This is when the burden will start to lift — when we see and feel the worth of God, and that all future pain will bring us even more of God.

But there’s one more step to completely remove the burden —

Fourth, trust that if He allows this painful event to happen, He will take care of every need it creates.

He will.  He promises.  He will provide —

  • all the wisdom you need to make tough decisions (James 1:5)
  • all the finances you need to fulfill His call on your life (Mat 6:33)
  • all the comfort you need for your heartaches (2Cor 1:3-4)
  • all the grace you need to keep faithful to Him (2Cor 9:8)
  • all the strength you need to persevere (Phil 4:13)
  • all the joy in Him you need to make this all worth it (Rom 8:18)

Pray over these promises until the Holy Spirit strengthens your faith.  Pray until you trust that God will take care of your every need.

Cast your burden on the Lord

When you trust — really trust —

  • that He might deliver you from this painful event,
  • or that if He does not, He will bring you even more joy in Him through it,
  • and that He will take care of every need it creates

— your burden will be gone.  Because you’ve cast your burden on the Lord.

That does not mean it will never come back.  But when it does, it’s because you’ve stopped trusting His promises.

So go back through the steps, and fight the fight of faith until you are once again trusting His promises.

Why keep your burdens?

Understand that whenever you are burdened, God wants to take the burden from you.

So don’t keep your burdens.

Cast your burdens on the Lord.

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22 Responses

  1. beverly says:

    Hey Brother Steve, Thank you soooo very much for your practicality!!! You actually give step by step instructions of how to cast my care!!! Thank you! God bless you……

  2. lito alfonso says:

    i was really depressed before reading this article… now I’m confident that GOD never leaves us in all our problems.. I knew, becauuse from heavy heart, now I am relaxed… I know GOD already helped me relax from these problems…Thank you GOD I love you so much.

  3. BR-washed-up says:

    Hi Steve-

    Im new here, and have read a handful of posts recently, and find all of them informative at the least, and pretty helpful and encouraging. So thanks.

    Im picking this post to ask a couple questions on, though it might not totally be for this tooic- my struggle involves *continuing* to trust God, and what to do next.

    So, as bad health and heartbreak (and repeat, and repeat…) has befallen me over the last year, I think Ive turned to God as much as I can. Ive asked God for specific healing (shoulder, foot, skin). Had counseling sessions with pastors. Read the Word more. Prayed more. Prayed less. Ive confessed everything I can think of: a dash of sexual immorality, pride, unforgiveness, and anger. So how else can I cast it on God? And if I have, shoot, why hasn’t He restored anything? Or, how can I possibly still feel burdened? Take it God, I don’t want it! I was a little selfish, and yep, I had some pride. Upon understanding my inner shortcomings, I became instantly remorseful.

    So… what now? Why isnt the burden gone, or leaving even? And how long do we trust God, that He really is working for our good in the background of our plights, even though our reality suggests otherwise? He could come around at the 11th hour, a week before we die of old age, and take our burdens and fill our heart with joy- “Ha, see? I told you I wouldn’t leave you. Told you I’d take care of you if you cast it all on me.” Great, so I got a week of crossword puzzles and naps at age 90, but hey, God fulfilled His promise. He came back and restored us. Hmm….. I dont like my skepticism, or silence from the Lord, especially when I don’t know what else to do.

    That got long, but it feels good to ask. Again, I appreciate your time and encouragement. AND, what youre doing to spread the Word and help people. Thanks.


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Brandon,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your story, and to raise such an important question.

      See if this helps with your question.

      Casting your burden upon the Lord does not mean giving him your health issue so He will heal it.

      It means trusting that He is all you need to be fully satisfied, and that He will do with your health whatever will bring you the most satisfaction, not necessarily in health, but in Him.

      So if I can gently ask — are you pursuing Jesus Christ as your all-satisfying Treasure? And are you trusting that He will do with your health whatever will bring you more of Him?

      Casting our burdens upon the Lord means battling to see that the Lord Himself is our Treasure — and that He will take care of everything else we need to experience Him as our Treasure.

      I hope this helps, and I will pray for you right now.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  4. frAnklin says:

    Hi steve, didn’t get your reply on my previous poSt, but will like to thAnk u for all your works And thank God for your blog. Have been fighting this fear of bein lost inside and bein confuSed,I worry A lot about my taughtS and pray a lot that God should take away my painS, it started when I was ill, fearing that I might die that took a pinch on me the fear greW that itS almost swallowed me, am prAying for Gods help and love and I will like you to pray for me, Am in college and this tAking a hit on me distrActing me from School activities ,thanks as you reAd me poSt and God bless you

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Franklin,

      Sorry about the delay in responding to your previous comment.

      Maybe it would also help to read the blog articles here under just to the right under the section called “Check Here For More Help” — read some of the articles under “Fearful or Worried?”

      I think you might find them helpful.

      And I will pray for you right now.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  5. BR-washed-up says:

    Hi Steve-

    Thanks for your response. Its well-put and does make sense to me. Is the Lord my all-satisfying treasure? Am I trying to make THAT happen? That’s a good question, I think I see your point, and maybe that will give me a little direction.

    I also watched the video about letting go of something (a $20 bill) so as to pick up something that’s actually going to quench us (a pitcher of water), and that makes sense too… in particular, Ive always thoroughly enjoyed activity, especially playin baksketball, and its a tough pill to swallow thinking of basketball as that $20 bill. I value your insight and help, it’s something Ill be thinking about and trying to apply.

    Thanks again! I admire and appreciate your efforts to help others in their walk. God bless.


  6. Nakia Johnson says:

    Hello Steve, I am a unsaved young mother of two kids I been having such a hard time casting my burdens to God I read this article and I understand what you are saying I feel a little better but I must continue to give God all of my struggles not just half. God Bless

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Nakia,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad this post was helpful to you.

      Would you mind sharing with us what you mean when you say you are unsaved?

      You can be saved by turning from everything else and trusting Jesus Christ — trusting all that God promises to be to you in Him.

      He will forgive you, change you, guide you, strengthen you, and satisfy you in Himself.

      Are you trusting Christ? And if not, I want to do whatever I can to urge you to trust Him.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  7. Ron R. says:

    So tonight, in the middle of the night, I woke up feeling the burden of some uncertain changes that are going on at work. I knew if I searched your blog I would find just the right words of encouragement and an action plan to tackle my burden. I came across this entry and am so encouraged. The changes at work are out of my control but now I have a plan to face them head on. My action plan is to memorize the verses and steps that you shared in this blog. I can’t tell you how much this has already helped me. I am ready to get back to sleep knowing that as I memorize the scriptures you shared I will be able to face the ongoing burdens at work. Thank you for your faithful work on this blog. By the way, I was praying for your time at the retreat you were teaching at. Thanks again Steve!

    Ron Robles

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Ron,

      What an encouraging post to read, Ron! I praise God for his work in your life, and for using this post to encourage you.

      And thank you so much for praying for the retreat. God worked in all of our hearts in powerful ways, and I am sure your prayers had lots to do with that.

      In Christ,


  8. Char says:

    I’ve been under such a strain of burden over very huge and frightening circumstances since I was saved nearly 4 years ago. I pray and pray to release them and try and try to trust. It is having the trouble with trusting that is causing the issues. I keep asking God to help me to trust Him and it seems the more I ask, the worse things get. So then what?

  9. Gospel says:

    Thanks for your words of encouragement… May God continue to strenghten you

  10. Jean says:

    I recently came across your blog when I searched “God’s Promises.” I’m going through a horrible marriage crisis, with really no “good” outcome likely. Even if it is restored, the circumstances around it will leave the rest of our lives changed in a way I don’t know how to handle. I’ve been trying to focus on God’s promises this week and have found many great and encouraging posts on your blog. This one, in particular, is amazing. I often do try to cast my cares on the Lord and this helps me understand how that looks and why the burden is lifted when we do this. I also love that you encourage us to pray that He keep the painful event from happening. I know that this doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but its okay to ask and want that! Thank you!

  11. neeru says:

    Really very encouraging blog. I m very happy to read it. It works as an ointment especially in painful circumstances to remove those. Maby many thanx…….

  12. Nikki says:

    God Bless you Steve.

  13. miss log says:

    Steve, I struggle with OCD and intrusive thoughts. going on 25 years now, prayers, wishes, medications…not for that specifically because I’m afraid to talk about it with anyone. so just anti anxiety medication, and an antidepressant. it plagues me so much, I don’t have one person to talk to and its scary being alone with this. I am going to do my best to cast it on the Lord. maybe someday soon He will finally lift this burden. its crippling and effects my life so much. I feel helpless and alone, scared and as if relief doesn’t exist. but I seek relief and deliverance through Him. ill try these steps. thank you so much for sharing, God bless you, Steve.

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