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How to not Worry about Money

Money by ctoocheckWorry About Money

I just received an unexpected bill, and I’m worried.  We’ve got money to pay it.  But still — I’m feeling anxious, insecure, and fearful.

Many of you have worse financial problems — like having no money to pay your bills, or the prospect of huge medical expenses, or the fear of retiring with no money.

So no matter the situation, it’s easy to worry about money.

How Not To Worry About Money

The Christian life is lived by faith.  And faith means trusting all that God promises to be to us in Christ Jesus.

So the first step in battling worry is to understand God’s promises.

Here are six promises I find helpful when I worry about money —

Through faith in Christ you can know that God has forgiven you and rejoices to do you great good.

Trials can make us think God is against us.  And our Accuser piles on by pointing out our sin.

But through faith in Christ we are completely forgiven —

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace.  (Eph 1:7)

So turn from everything else, and trust Christ.  Trust that His death has paid for all your sins — past, present, and future.

As you do you can be assured of God’s complete forgiveness, which means He deeply loves you and is passionately committed to bring you great good.

God promises to provide all the money you need.

Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’  … But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matt 6:31-33)

So God promises to provide all the finances you need, if you seek first His kingdom and righteousness.

What is seeking first His kingdom and righteousness?  It’s seeking our joy in Christ, longing to obey His Word, living to display His glory — and confessing to Him when we fail.  If we do this, God will give all the finances we need.

That doesn’t mean God will give all the finances we would like.  Paul said believers can experience hunger, need, and even famine (Phil 4:12; Rom 8:35).  So if God’s provision could mean hunger, need, and famine — how is that good news?

It’s because God promises to give the exact amount of money we need in order to experience the greatest joy in Him.

If He gives lots, it’s to increase our joy in Him as we give more away (2Cor 8:14-15).  If He gives little, it’s to increase our joy in Him as we rely more on Him (2Cor 12:9-10).

Heart-satisfaction does not depend on having money.  It depends on knowing God.  Which is the point of the next promise —

God promises that no matter how little you have, you can be completely satisfied in Him.

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Heb 13:5)

This is a powerful promise.  Even if you have very little, you can feel completely content.  Not just try to be content.  But actually feel content.

How?  It’s because God is with you.  The Bible says God is our all-satisfying Treasure.  When we come to God through Jesus we will often experience His presence, feel His love, and behold His glory (Psa 4:6-7; Psa 43:3-4; Psa 16:11; John 6:35; 2Cor 4:6).

And when we do — our hearts will be filled with peace and joy.  We will be content — no matter how little we have.

God will provide all you need no matter how bleak your circumstances.

You might think — Maybe God provides for some people.  But my situation is impossible.  I’ve been unemployed for years; or I’ve got $250,000 in medical bills; or I’m disabled and can’t work.

So — is your situation impossible?  Here’s what God says —

Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?  (Jer 32:27)

Think about Elijah.  There was famine in Israel, and God told Elijah to live by a brook in the wilderness.  So how would Elijah eat?  Looks impossible.  But not for God.  Twice a day God caused ravens to bring him bread and meat (1 Kings 17:6).

Your situation is not impossible; God promises that He will provide.

God will provide all you need no matter how badly you have messed up.

What if you gambled away your life savings?  Or were late so often you got fired?

Any of these could make you think it’s hopeless — that God has turned his back and you are on your own.

But that’s not true.  If you will turn to Christ, confessing whatever sin needs confessing, and trust Him to forgive, change, and satisfy you — then you can be certain that God will keep all His promises to you.

Here’s where this is taught.  Israel had sinned by choosing a human king.  But here’s what Samuel said to them —

Do not be afraid; you have done all this evil. Yet do not turn aside from following the LORD, but serve the LORD with all your heart … For the LORD will not forsake his people, for his great name’s sake. (1 Samuel 12:20-22)

Yes, they had done evil.  But if they would keep trusting God, He would not forsake them.  And so, no matter what you have done, if you will turn to God through Christ, God will not forsake you.

You might not escape the consequences of your actions.  But God will orchestrate everything — even those difficult consequences — to provide all you need so you can have the greatest joy in Christ.

God will provide not just the money, but everything else you need.

Will you have wisdom to plan your finances?  The skill to work your job?  The strength to persevere?  The sales to earn your commission?  These questions can increase fear about money.

Here’s what Paul promises —

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)

God will supply every need, including wisdom, skill, energy, and sales.  And how might God do this?

  • By giving you wisdom as you seek financial counsel from others.
  • By giving you skills as you take a class in Excel or QuickBooks.
  • By giving you strength as you regularly exercise and go to bed earlier.
  • By giving you sales as you start cold-calling.

So it might involve effort on your part.  But as you trust Him, He will help you know what steps to take, and He will empower you to take them.  He will provide everything you need.

Battling Worry

If a billionaire promised to provide every cent you would ever need so you could experience the greatest joy imaginable — would you worry about money?  No.

So here’s the good news.  You’ve got something infinitely better.  The God of the universe has promised to provide every cent (and everything else) you will ever need so you can have the greatest joy of knowing His Son.

So when you worry, pray over God’s promises until you feel the Holy Spirit strengthen your faith.  As He does, you will see God as your provider and experience Christ as your joy.

And your worry will be gone.

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24 Responses

  1. Bill Schuler says:

    Thank you Steve! I really liked the way you explained that God gives us enough to meet our needs but not so much as to distract us from the main goal of learning that our true joy comes from our connection to him. I know if I won the lottery I would immediately go and buy a bunch of toys, because I believe they would make me happy. But would that amount of money change me and how I trust God? The answer perhaps explains why I have never won the lottery:) I miss you brother! It’s a joy to read your posts because as I do I can hear your voice.

  2. Marly says:

    Steve:I just discovered this site by Googling “Promises of God.” Though I know I don’t technically need it, may I get your permission to use your work to encourage God’s people for my churches newsletter and Facebook page and a local newspaper and anywhere else I can think of? It is possible the newspaper will pay me (probably very little) for any articles I submit.

    Obviously I’ll give you full credit,and I’d be happy to send you the first couple of articles so you can approve them before I submit them.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      So glad you found this site, Marly. And I’d be honored to have you use any of these articles. Just mention my name with a link to the blog, and use the articles without making any changes. May the Lord use these articles and your writing to bring great glory to His name.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  3. Alvin Zechariah says:

    Wow Steve! I love the way you’ve expounded on His words! It is so tangible and relatable! May Daddy God continue to fill you with his wisdom; creativity; illustration to share his words, so as many will receive and be encouraged! ;))

  4. Helen Nichols says:

    As I was experiencing much anger and bitterness about my financial situation, which is horribly bleak, I let my anger spill over and started questioning my faith. I have heard it all before, God will provide. I was feeling very slighted as I work two jobs, full time and part time, and do not have enough money to make ends meet or to help my son in college. I never make it from paycheck to paycheck, I need gas money and groceries. I get very discouraged,and angry. I have felt over and over deserted by God and left to struggle day in and day out on my own. Many days I feel unloved by God and struggle with my faith. Today I believed I could believe no longer. The whole story of how I arrived there is too long to put into words. The point is, I was walking away from my faith and God and that was that! After much venting, I sat down and googled money by faith and ended up here. Your words touched my soul and reading passages I have read or heard before turned me around from all my negative thoughts and feelings. Thank you for that, thank you for being a steward of God and thank you for changing my heart. Your words here turned me around, and I feel blessed. Praise be to God.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Helen,

      I am SO encouraged hearing what God did in your heart. Thank you for letting me know. He is so faithful as we come to Him through Christ. I will pray right now that He continues to encourage You through His Word today.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  5. Crys says:

    I have a problem telling my mother to not worry about money. I understand that when banks keep calling you to pay and you have no money it is very difficult to put your trust in God. But, what I don’t understand is she has been a Christian for years and taught me to trust in God, but now she said she’s tired of praying and that situation never changes even when she prays.

    She got into debts to pay my grandmother’s medical bill so it’s not because she spent money for herself. I actually understand that. It was a live or dead kind of situation so she didn’t have choice but to borrow money. But, I feel that money is really causing problem between her and my dad, between her and her children, etc.

    Everyday she keeps telling me how much she needs to pay that day and how my father couldn’t get enough money. Sometimes telling me she wants to kill herself if cannot pay the bill tomorrow. I feel very stressed. Now, I’ve already given her all of my savings and send money monthly like 75% of my salary. I also borrowed from lot of friends and feel like my relationships with them are affected. And if I don’t have any solution for her, she will get angry.

    I try to ask her to be patience, trust in God, that God will not let His children begging in the street, but she said she’s bored with my answer. I have no choice coz I cannot not answer her message and I always give to my fullest so I really don’t have anything left with me.

    Today it happened again and she accused me to be ashamed of her and that I feel unlucky to have poor parents. She said she won’t tell me anything about her problems again and for me not to disturb her anymore. Of course, as a child, I cannot really do that. It’s not the first time she said that to me and every time I will borrow money from my friend to “prove” that I still care of her. I really feel like she’s only happy when there’s money. Otherwise, she will quarrel with everyone.

    Now, I feel very traumatized with all this money problem. It changes people and Christians are not immune. Money is really the source of all evil things.

    • Vicki says:

      Crys, please pray blessings and peace on your mother, your grandfather, the friends you borrowed money from, and the place where the money is owed to. Especially pray for your mother to be blessed, and tell God that you forgive her.

      Instead of worrying, Jesus commands us to come thankfully into his presence and ask for what we need. Even if your mother is not doing that at the moment, you can do it.

  6. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words…today I felt so down and out and it’s also the 4th anniversary of my first son death.

    God knows that I am battling with other issues but it just felt good today…the joy that I am feeling inside..

    thank you and may God continue to richly Bless you.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post these extremely inspiring words. We have levels of faith that life tends to push for us to forsake God as we think God has forsaken us….and every time if we seek Him in Christ we find persons like yourself who encourages us to develop our faith further and not let relinquish it due to trying and troubling circumstances. Thank you again, I truly needed some encouragement today!

  8. Moses says:

    Dear author,

    thank you so much for your article. It blessed me. I was worried about finances, how to support my family. My income is barely enough to meet their needs with my parent retiring. Anxious and worried..

    I will now have faith in Jesus Christ, trusting that when in time of needs, God will provide. What i need to do right now, is simply to worship HIm, and be close to Him.. to love him with all my heart…. to Love God! To share God’s Love with people around me. Trust that He is the one who is in control ultimately. Whether i will be rich, or poor… I must remember that I have God. That is the most important point in life. The reward and the destination is afterall, not here in this world.

    Thank you!


  9. CJ says:

    i trust in God for everything but what do u do when the rent is due today and u just dont have it. i work everyday, im self-employed so if i have no customers for the day i have no money. where do i go from here when my bills are due

    • PD says:

      your on a tight rope-the way down is quick but painful, the way across slow but safe-do not look down, as it is not an option.

      ‘Oh joy!-I paid another bill’-said no-ne ever

      ‘I have told you these things that My joy may be in you and that your joy maybe complete’ John 15;11

  10. Lg says:

    Easier said than done. Not worry I mean, I pray literally all day, every day. I can’t work as look after my sick wife, we have to miss meals a lot to ensure my three eat properly, my children having to wear clothes too small or damaged every day, I pray for enough to at least visit charity shops but we can’t afford even charity shops lol!! I put my faith in God to provide but unfortunately it’s incredibly difficult to not worry. I leave with God in hopes that our situation improves. The plus side is I’ve lost weight haha the negative to the Weight loss is my jeans are too big and my belt broke lol

    • Godwin says:

      Dear LG, your post really got me laughing because I m in a similar situation. And have also experienced weight loss as a plus. Thank you for adding humour to a very serious problem, you surely got the devil mad! Please continue to keep your faith, God will reward you. God bless

  11. Brian Cabrer says:

    Dear Steve,

    I have read your article and was very inspired. I will start using God’s promises to improve my outlook towards life and towards my enormous debt. I would also like to ask you to reply to the negative comments above, not only the positive ones. These people need your positive and inspiring comments.

    Thanks and I wish you well.

  12. Shawanda Williams says:

    I have a question, Why am I not worrying about a bill that is due that I don’t have all the money to pay? I do pray and did pray about it but my prayers have not gotten answered yet. This bill is due by this Monday coming.

  13. Thank you Steve,

    I just discovered your blog and I am encouraged. I picked this particular blog because my job ended on July 31, 2017 and I felt lead by the Lord to start a web based business. It is still in process and not producing an income at this time. Your blog reminded me that I can Trust in the Promises that God has for me and that HE is interested in me as a person and all shall be well.



  14. Adassa says:

    Dear Steve,
    I have been a Christian most of my life and I have seen God’s provision but I still struggle with this issue. I have a major musical project that will be happening soon, and I am still wondering how the financial part of it all will come together. I asked The Lord to close the doors if he didn’t want me to do this, and the doors continued to fling open. I have had a lot of opposition from people that were suppose to be supportive and that makes it even harder. Honestly I’m scared to death. I woke up this morning with tears trickling down my face, a racing heart and pleaded for God’s continued guidance. I believe the Holy Spirit led me to your site. Your reference to scripture give me a ray of peace and silence the fear that was overtaking my heart. Thank you for your ministry. I am asking for your earnest prayers as the event approaches, but most of all for a closer and more trusting relationship with a God and will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you again Adassa

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