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Promises for Those Struggling with Unemployment

Promises are crucial

If you are unemployed, there’s nothing more important than faith.

In the Bible, faith means trusting all that God promises to be to us in Christ Jesus.

So if you are going to have faith, one of the most crucial steps is to understand the promises of God.

So what promises does God have for those who are unemployed? I thought of seven that I hope will strengthen and encourage you.

Because of Jesus God will provide everything you need.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.  Hebrews 4:16

Unemployment is not sin. But all of us, employed and unemployed, have sinned. But the good news is that because Jesus died to pay for our sin, if we will turn to Jesus Christ and trust Him, He will give us everything we need.

And I mean everything — complete forgiveness, stronger faith, wisdom, endurance, money, a job — everything we need.

God will deliver you from problems you caused yourself

You can do everything right and still get laid off.  But what if you caused your unemployment?  What if you didn’t work hard, were caught lying, or made mistakes?  Look at God’s promise in Psalm 50:15 —

Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.

If you genuinely confess any wrongdoing, humble yourself before Jesus Christ, and call upon Him, He will deliver you. There may be consequences from what you’ve done. But God won’t turn from us because of sin or mistakes.

Remember how Abraham’s lie caused his wife Sarah to be taken into Pharaoh’s harem? God had mercy on them and delivered Sarah. He will also deliver you.

God will bless you through wrongs others have done.

What if you lost your job because of an unjust boss, someone’s slander, or foolish politicians?  It would be easy to see yourself as a victim.  But you are not.  Even the wrongs done to you by others are part of God’s plan to bring you great good.

For example, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, resulting in years in a dungeon.  But look at how he describes this when he’s talking to his brothers — 

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.  Genesis 50:20

No one can do anything to you that will cause you ultimate loss.  God has planned every loss as a way to bring you great and glorious good.

God is in complete control.

God is not worried about GDP growth, unemployment figures, or manufacturing indexes.  He controls everything, including the heart of every business owner in your city —

The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will.  Proverbs 21:1

When I worked in real estate, and had slow times, I remember thinking that God controlled all the real estate transactions in Santa Clara County — and that He could give me 100 sales today if he wanted to.

In the same way — God is in complete control of your employment.  Not that you can skip networking, interviewing, sending out resumes, and praying for a job.  God will work through your efforts.  But He is in complete control of the outcome.

God will provide the job and income you need.

That’s what Jesus promises in Matthew 6:33 —

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

There is a condition — we must seek first His kingdom and righteousness.  That doesn’t mean seeking Him perfectly — this side of heaven none of us seeks God perfectly.  But it means seeking Him genuinely, earnestly, and confessing when we fail.

If that’s your heart, then the God who has always been, who created the heavens and the earth, and who has never broken a promise swears that He will provide the job and income you need.

Not necessarily the job and income you want.  But the job and the income you need in order to fulfill His call and find the greatest joy in Him.

God has a perfect plan for each day you are unemployed.

… in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.  Psalm 139:16

Since God is in complete control, each day you are unemployed is a day He has chosen to have you be unemployed.  And God has meaningful activity for you during each of those days.

So what does He want you to do?  He will give you wisdom to answer this question (James 1:5).  Obviously you will be networking, sending out resumes, and job-searching.

But also spend extra time in the Word and prayer.  Take time each day to set your heart more strongly on the Super-Piling.  Encourage and pray with others who are unemployed.  One of my friends got a job at Target to make some money and stay productive during his unemployment.

Don’t just spend your days waiting for a job.  God has a perfect plan for each day you are unemployed.

God will give you full joy in Himself without a job.

That’s in Habakkuk 3:17-18 —

Though the fig tree should not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines, the produce of the olive fail and the fields yield no food, the flock be cut off from the fold and there be no herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD; I will take joy in the God of my salvation.

This will not be easy.  You will be tempted to think your joy depends on a job.  But it doesn’t.

So ask God to pour His Spirit upon you.  Plead with Him to free you from trusting a job for your joy.  Set your heart upon Scriptures describing Him.  And pray over those Scriptures until you see — and feel — that Jesus is all you need.

Not one word failed

Not one word of all the good promises that the LORD had made to the house of Israel had failed; all came to pass. Joshua 21:45

God has a perfect track record. He fulfilled every promise He made to the house of Israel. And because of Jesus’ death on the Cross, and your trust in Him, He will fulfill every promise He’s made to you.

So — trust Him.

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1,185 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Your blog today is one I can relate to. I had been struggling with anger, frustration and job dissatisfaction for a few months. The company I worked for announced a merger and my gut told me come January 1st, I would be out of a job. Sure enough, Dec 27th I was informed my position was being eliminated.

    I had my bad days since the firing but overall there was a sense of peace. I began to pray and read my bible to get clarity and understanding of why this was happening. God spoke loud and clear through various forms media.

    I learned about my fears, that I was placing my personal value on what I did for a living and what faith really means.

    Yesterday I got and accepted a job offer. Funny thing is, today there are no blog posts or articles about any of the areas I needed to learn and understand. I see everything so differently now.

    Thank you for your blog posts during this time in my life.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your encouraging thoughts, Mike.

      And I’m celebrating how the Father sustained you during your time of unemployment, and for providing another job for you.

      May He richly bless you — and through you those who work with you — in your new position.

      In Christ,


      • Vicki says:

        Thank you for the continued spiritual insights as our family is continuing to struggle with long-term unemployment. As I mentioned in a previous posting, my husband was laid off from two different jobs — one longtime and one short term — in the past year, alone — through no fault of his own. It was simply an economic decision by his employers both times. We are financially struggling to pay our bills and our mortgage. My own job will be ending at the end of this year, although I will have a reduced pension I can collect, in my case. My husband did not have a pension. Please continue to keep him in prayer — he gets regular appts. for interviews. Now we just need to ask for God’s blessings on his interviews and for compassion and God’s favor with those with whom he has interviewed. He has gotten very close to getting another job — but we are continuing to ask for God’s wisdom, mercy, and blessings on his interviews and soon enough on mine, as well. We continue to pray for all those who have expressed similar concerns here and will pray over each and every one who has shared their stories. God’s peace and blessings to all of you. We are anxiously anticipating updating this post soon with a job testimony!

        • Tony says:

          I live in a small town and have been in supervision most of my life in a factory job.. I will be finishing school with an Applied Engineering Degree soon. I have been interviewing for jobs and have had no luck. I just feel that some people in this town are working against me to keep me from getting a job. I have never intentionally done anything to anyone that I’m aware of.So I just seem to get closer and closer to God and Jesus Christ. I know they can make anyone talk or make anyone be quiet. I feel that God will put me in the right place. I know he is in complete control. I pray for all of those who trespass against me and I know it will be made right. I know I fall short all the time,but I do try to do my best. I always ask myself,what would Jesus do in the situation.I asked all to pray for me as I will them..I really want all the people that are getting jobs instead of me to do well and I know God will bless them. I also know that God will help me as he sees fit. God bless all of you.

      • Sue haglan says:

        Hi steve the unemployment blog fits so well into our lives right now. My son has been unemployed since may of last year, and it is really taken a toll on us financially. I have tried to help him keep his truck but my funds are getting low now too. May God soon she’d his grace upon my son soon. I know there is always a reason why God does things a certain way. GOD BLESS!

      • Alvin says:

        Hi Steve,

        I’m encouraged by the point on “God will bless you through the wrongs others have done”. Workplace bullying by my ex-boss made me decide to resign from my role last month. It took me months of prayer before I resigned.

        I’m also encouraged by your point “God has a perfect plan for each day you are unemployed.”


      • murray. says:

        Hi Steve,

        I read your article and it has given me hope. My family and I are born again Christians. I have been out of work for a year here in Alberta , Canada. The oil industry tanked and the jobs went with it. Please pray for us. It is so very hard right now with 4 children. Please pray for us.

      • Moses george says:

        Hi everyone
        I stumbled on this blog some few months back. I had been unemployed for close to 5 years but as I came to read the comments I wondered how Christians could stay so hopeful and loving towards God, I learned that day to give thanks and be content and hold innermost peace in all situations. A month after ward I got a job. Thank you Jesus !!!

    • wenDY says:

      my story is quite strange,ivbeen a born again Christian 7 years ago,during this time iv been a single mom of 3battling with refusal in my church,my pastors reject me so much or this is what i feel after congregating for so long and being faithful to the Holy word of God..

      I would often send emails ,because if i make an appointment something always go wrong….

      At this moment ,i am battling with unemployment and eviction is inevitable,welive in a room ,where the house is falling appart and the owner qeeps treating us so badly,at this time,noone is there to help ,since i live in Colombia and my family has also rejected me…….i logged in here because i believe that God wants to speak to me…….

      I am committing any sin?then why ? my kids cry and tell me ,mom,you always say that God is with us and each day things are getting worst,youprofesify about our house ,but where mom, wedont see God doing ANYTHING FOR US……………………………….


      • Steven says:

        Please lean and trust in God, He is our hope and salvation !

        Your kids are a blessing and will see in due time, the Lord come through for you.

        I am praying for you to stand strong.

        • Steve Fuller says:

          Thanks for sharing this encouragement, Steven.

        • Shannon says:

          Wendy, Steve is correct GOD is our hope and salvation. Last year my daughter and I were displaced, we lived in a homeless shelter for 1yr. at the time I could not see it for the blessing that it was. He brought us out of the shelter, we have a nice apartment in a good neighborhood, though I am unemployed, I was working when I went into the shelter, but the position was based on availability and my schedule was not open because we needed to be in at a certain time and I had to be there to put her on her school bus and be there to get her off, so I lost my job, but I know that GOD didn’t bring me and my daughter this far to leave us, and he has supplied all of our needs. So be encouraged and know that GOD is definitely in control. Thanks to this site for reminding me of that GOD bless you all

        • Paul Garcia says:

          Thank you

      • Florina says:

        Hi Wendy,

        Today is the first time I am on this site. My husband was also laid off two jobs in less than a year without pension. At first we were very despondent and questioned why it was happening. We have many bills to pay and a bond and my salary is not enough to cover everything. On top of it, my brother messed up our car so badly it’s costing us thousands of rands to have it fixed. Despite all of it, God’s blessings started shining through. Small blessings which are so big to us. All because of prayer and faith. We have been praying as a family together and instead of asking God, we declared that we are receiving his blessings. Thanked him for the stumble blocks He has given us to help us strengthen our faith. I know all seems lost right now and I know that you are in a place whereby you feel like you want to give up, but don’t. God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. Have complete faith in Him without doubt or reservation. I will ask my friend to pray with me for you and your family and we will dedidate our prayers tonight at home to you. Love in Christ. Florina

      • Florina says:

        Hi Wendy,

        My husband lost a permanent job and a contract job over the past couple of months. We were also stressing about bills, bond and finances as the company he worked for did not have a retrenchment package plan. The more we stressed, the more things went wrong, until a colleague, now a friend at work interceded with prayer. She showed me that all we needed was faith. She prayed for us witout knowing at the time what our situation was. shortly after her prayer, my husband calls me to work to say he got some money which would help us until the end of the month. Not long after that, he tells me he got a 6 month contract job. God is so good. He was working on our problems but because we were so wrapped up in ourselves and worrying about the future, we did not give Him a chance to do what He does best, that is carry us through, to help up, to bless us. Even the smallest blessings came shining through. Last week I was at breaking point again, thought that everything that could go wrong, was going wrong and my faith was at an all time low. I emailed my friend to tell her what was happening. she called me at home and spoke to me, encouraged me and helped me see once again how wonderful our Lord Almighty is. She prayed for me and I calmed down. Since then, my faith and belief has grown so much and my husband I learned to back off and let God do his work. We are so blessed and so at peace right now that we know that whatever challenges we are going to face, God will be there, leading us to freedom. I am telling you this because I know that God is going to bless you so richly. As my friend once said to me ” if your troubles are so big, imagine how big your blessings are going to be when God sends them to you” That is awesome. God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. He is right there and as a monther I understand how difficult it is and understand what it’s like to have to answer your children’s questions, but trust in the Lord. Receive His blessings. Be restful and you will hear him speak to you. God will not forsake you and he will not abandon you. He is your Father, and as all fathers do, He is your protector. Believe and receive. God Bless. Florina

        • Steve Fuller says:

          Thanks for sharing your story, Florina. It’s very encouraging!

          • alan jones says:

            I just found this encouraging article, and also reading all the comments. I have experienced job loss quite frequently over the years (since the mid 80’s) and I have to admit this is the worse I have ever seen it. My wife was a teacher for over 20 years and she was laid off. A month later (12/2009) I lost my job. We both have substitute taught and trying to locate temp jobs. One assignment that I am currently on is having a work slowdown, so here I am typing this message. I can vouch over the years God has always been there for us and even though this is a very tough time (maybe the toughest)- God is still on the throne and Jesus is still sitting at his right hand. To Wendy and anyone else that might read this – yes – Do Not Give Up and do not throw in the towel!
            God is not finished with “you” or “me” yet! I have had some medical issues so now haggling with hospitals and collection agencies has really taught me courage and perservence in Christ. Remember Revelations 2:10 -“Be thou faithful unto death.” If you remain steadfast there is mansion with your name on it so do not give the devil the satisfaction! God Bless You all! Alan

          • Steve Fuller says:

            Hi Alan,

            Thank you for sharing your story, and giving such encouragement to Wendy and others. May the Lord strengthen you, and provide all you need, as He has promised to do.

            In Christ,

            Steve Fuller

        • sherry says:

          Awsome. I’m just having a terrible day. I am definitely not peaceful and struggle with my belief.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hi Wendy

          Keep your trust in God, He sees your tears and He will ar all our your requests. I myself is in a situation where I don’t have a job right now, but I know our God will definitely solve my problem at the right time.

          I tell u, God is good, and He is the only person who can wipe your tears. Continue to harken unto Him, don’t give up. Will pray for you and your kids.

          Love God and pray boldly.

          • JT says:

            My attitude about being long term unemployed is often anything but Christian. I’m a disabled person with aspergers and adhd. I could show up to work somewhere everyday and do an awesome job even and it doesn’t do me a damn bit of good. On a Sunday morning I showed up for church. Someone approached me and asked me how things were going. I used an expletive to describe my circumstances. At a later date I was supposed to start a $14 an hour moving job. I injured my hand the night before I was supposed to start. I threw a huge temper tantrum when that happened. You would’ve wondered if I had Tourettes if you saw me. People would tell me “God is trying to build your character.” I’m sorry, unemployment, especially chronic unemployment, does not build character.

          • Steve Fuller says:

            Hello JT —

            I am sorry to hear about your long-term unemployment. Sounds very difficult.

            I wish I could meet you face to face and talk.

            But since we’re limited to comments, I’ll go ahead and respond here.

            I would encourage you that God is in wise and loving control of your circumstances (as hard as that might be to swallow).

            The reason I say that is because it’s taught over and over again in the Bible.

            And for those who trust Christ, God promises to orchestrate every circumstance of our lives to bring us even more joy in Him.

            That doesn’t make the trials easy. But it does give hope and purpose.

            In Christ,

            Steve Fuller

          • JT says:

            Steve, what I sometimes do is count my blessings and be grateful for what I have. Attached here is something that makes me feel really petty and foolish for complaining.

          • Brandi says:

            I feel you JT. I’ve been asking God to no avail to help me. I’ve stopped asking him for an abundance so I’ve begun to think that I should ask him for less.
            How can it get any smaller than asking him to just supply enough for rent?
            And everyone keeps on saying, don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow has its own trouble. Well tomorrow is just six hours away.
            My rent is due and I’ve got nothing. Meanwhile, all the people who are out partying, sexing it up and taking God’s name in vain, their cars never break down, their rent is always paid and they’re always employed.
            I feel like I’m in a crowd of people with their hands raised in response to God asking, “who needs help?” And somehow, I’m always overlooked.
            Please Lord, throw me a bone

          • Steve Fuller says:

            I’m sorry for the hard times you are going through, Brandi.

            But I would encourage you that God will be faithful to his promises.

            As you trust Christ, you can be assured that he does have a plan, that this is not meaningless suffering, and that he will meet you as you seek him.

            In Christ,

            Steve Fuller

          • Steve says:

            Hi Steve Fuller,keep up the good work,encouragement and prayers
            Trust the lord with all your heart.
            From unemployed steve from Austrailia

        • Fredrick says:

          Hi good people of the Lord,

          Your testimonies have really encouraged me and am also certain that GOD is opening my job opportunities very soon in Christ name.
          Be mighty blessed the people of the LORD.

      • Kareb says:

        Wendy no ay nada imposible y muy difficil para dios, Continue to seek him, Soon you won’t go through anymore, and you will be able to share this testimony

      • Kevin says:

        Hello Wendy-

        I feel very fortunate to have come across your story. I want to encourage you to continue trusting our Father, even in the most difficult circumstances. Your children are learning about their heavenly Father by watching you, and how your faith is not wavering. They will draw on that in their lives, and what a privilege to invest such an eternal truth. Our Father knows your needs down to the exact penny, and has His resources and His people exactly where they need to be to help you. I know very well your pain, fear and doubt. I could offer so many promises in the Word to you, but I pray our Father gives you a promise that imparts life and hope to you and your family. Psalm 57:2 has been such a comfort in the night, when it is dark and the winds are blowing hard. Wendy…believe me…God will make a way where there seems no way (Isaiah 43:16)! You stay faithful, and keep loving your 3 children…God will honor this…I promise.

      • Joe says:

        I prayed for you and your kids Wendy, your story touched me.

      • Joe says:

        …stay patient and strong in the Lord, Wendy and update this post as things in your life progress.

      • Scott Laffin says:


        I will pray for you! I hope that you get into a good bible teaching church like Calvary Chapel. I too am out of work and in need. God is faithful and he will provide threw our Lord Jesus Christ

      • Janice Wheeler says:

        Father God in the precious name of Jesus. Thank you! That you are God, and beside you, there is no other. I pray that you will strengthen this woman in her most holy faith. Opren doors and make ways for her and herkids, like you did for me, my two children, and two niece, when you saw fit for us to be homeless for a season. Allow her children to witiness the miracle of being faithful over a few things, until you make then ruler over many.

        Sometimes we have to be grateful where we are. To have a roof over your head, safety, and whatever God provides today, expecting and tru
        sting that He will bring you out totally. I worked for two Temp agencies. Made sure my kids went to school, and took my niece to the sitter every day. It was so hard! People allowed us to rent from them, took our money and asked us to leave. One lady had a date once a week, she would not let us in until he left. We slept in the E car until the hotel rates went down, then we checked in. We had food, gas, laughter, and we went to church on a regular basis.

        One day the pastor of our church came to the ladies house where we were leaving. He said he had been looking for me. Meet him at the church. He knew of my perseverance. He said do you see that house right there. I said yes. He said how would you like to live there? I said yes. He said the lady who ownedit is leaving town, and wants the church to have the house. We lived there for about ten years. Remain hopeful and trust God. He can’t lie! God does answer prayers! You are in mine… I was just laid off of my job. The children are now 37 and 34. I still trust that God has everything in and under control.

      • Anonymous says:

        We do not always see immediate results of God’s work or plan in our life. But one thing I felt reading you story was that your children are also part of your journey and witnessing such faith. I believe that once we move beyond fear we experience freedom and peace and trust in God’s plan. Faith. It’s hard. Good luck.

      • BRANDON says:

        MY WIFE AND I WERE HOMELESS BEFORE WITH THREE KIDS STAYING IN MOTEL ROOMS, BUT DURING THAT TIME I HAD THE MOST FAITH IN GOD, THAT HE WOULD COME THREW, AND HE DID. I PRAY THAT YOU WONT LOSE FAITH, I PRAY THAT THE LORD will provide for you in the name of JESUS. Please let us know how your are doing and how my wife and I can continue to pray for you.

      • wamom says:

        I am praying with you wenDy. I ask God to rescue you, in all his mercy, and restore you to wholeness and safety and peace. I pray comfort for your children. Lord, bring this family a safe shelter and hope! In Jesus’ name, I ask these things.

      • JT says:

        I suppose it also helps to have an eternal perspective. Remember Lazarus and the rich man. Lazarus went to heaven and the rich man went to hell.

        Jesus said to the rich man in hell “You received good things while Lazarus had bad things.”

      • Neja says:

        I pray that you all be encouraged and be strengthened in your faith walk with God. Keep your head up and keep confessing Jesus before men…he will surely remember you and confess you before angels. As long as you believe in the true living God Jesus will always provide. I am a baptized in Jesus Name believer and have suffered many things. Lose of place to stay..lose of jobs..lose of friends..lose of unborn child..lose of respect from others suffered abuse..negativity…surrounded by haters those wishing for my fall…but God through it all provided. I have eaten every day. Never had to beg. Jesus literally sent me food..had money given to me I never asked for. Kept me in my right mind through it all. Provided clothes and shoes for me and shelter. I too have lived in a house with holes in the floor..but God never let me fall through the floor and has promised me better. Have even had home repaired without any money of my own. Jesus is able to do more than can be imagined. Just keep the faith. Trust me your hardships should make you stronger in Christ. Remember TITHE give God ten percent and give offering of the increase he blesses you with and he promises to rebuke the devourer for you.God will show all your enemies he is with you just like he did for Joseph..just like Job. Be blessed.

      • Jack says:

        Wendy. How are things ?

      • Tiff says:

        I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles you are dealing with. I am trying to feel pity for myself, when in actuality, the storm I am going through is nothing compared to yours. I recently lost my job and I am currently 6 months pregnant with a 5 year old son and I’m trying to stay positive but it’s hard. I have already today God this would be the hardest thing for me to go through because I have been doing for myself for so long. It just hurts so much because I am not able to get my son the things he needs, let alone my unborn baby. I am married but I am totally pushing my husband away because I just want to deal with the pain and anxiety alone. But seeing your words, I feel bad for thinking I have it rough. I pray God blesses you in a mighty way for being faithful regardless of the circumstances. You are trying everything you can to stay positive for your kids and God sees it. Don’t give up on God.

    • Randy says:

      Thanks so much for the encouraging blog!

    • John says:

      God is so wonderful, he can truly take a situation that seem so devistating and turn it into a joyful event, when you have faith. Our Lord will bring peace in the middle of your storm. I have been unemployed since Aug 6, 2013, have no unemployment income and my wife doesn’t work. God is sustaining me right now. The miracles of God’s word is working. I am still looking for employment but I am depending on the word of Jesus and having faith.

      • Bill says:

        Can you provide some practical, real-life examples of how you have seen God providing? The simple statement to that effect is largely unhelpful to me without some kind of illustration. Thanks.

        • Steve Fuller says:

          Search for the blog post on this site about how God provided for my grandfather. That will give you one concrete example.

          In Christ,

          Steve Fuller

          • Stella says:


            After working in a church setting for many years(being hired out of college) I was told I could not work in same department as my husband.
            This decision has caused a lot of anguish in my marriage. I am allowed to work little projects with lower pay than folks who have no experience.
            The new boss has told me he does not want any ‘stars.’ I have a Christian education, I am qualified for any position in this department. I have tried to make the Lord a priority.
            I have tried so hard to get a new job in commercial and in
            Church Media. It is like I am invisible. My work ethic is sound and I try to live a clean, professional lifestyle.
            My husband says that I have an unforgiving spirit. Truly, I have tried to search my motivations and my thoughts.
            My hubs says I am hindering God’s blessing.
            Help, I feel deserted by God. Intellectually, I know this is not true.
            I trained hard for the position I had. My desire is to do te same kind of work. I have worked sevral part-time, low-paying jobs that pay sub standard wages.
            I have trid not to bad-mouth anyone, or be bitter, but I am so hurt. I had great job performance reviews. The staff member that implemented this decision has moved on and it is like I do not exist.
            Churches can be weird places to work. Sometimes they call me in for projects, but it is a strange situation as I have a lot more experience than the others. I am not being prideful. I am not afraid of hard work. It just feels like God has forgotton me.
            I have applied to all kinds of production jobs.. A couple of interviews, but nothing…My hubs says that I really do not
            want to work, but I do.
            Lastly, I was promised a replacement job when this dept was shaken up, but it just did not happen.
            Please advise.

          • Steve Fuller says:

            I am so sorry about your difficulties, Stella.

            I think the best counsel I can give you is to encourage you and your husband to share your story with the elders at your church, so they can encourage you and pray for you.

            In Christ,

            Steve Fuller

        • Racquel says:

          Hello Bill I read your blog inregards to your question on some real life examples on how God has provided. 1st example: I had just recieved a new car that I had been praying for a used car but I could yet drive it because I had unpaid tickets a lisence with a hole in it no plate for it yet no insurance on it yet matter fact it wasnt even ready to be on the road yet cause it was yet registered….so all I could do was park the car after it was bought. One day I was praying to God and I said Father God I need a car bad but Im not even sure if my lisence was suspended from unpaid tickets…now sure nuff it had a hole in it because if I recall correctly not long before I was paying off all these fees that at the secretary of state that was added to my lisence and in the mist of paying them off I believe the person who was taking my money to pay some of it off they punched a hole in my lisence…I didnt even want to know why I just assumed uh oh I cant drive any more till I pay off these darn fees but I said nothing and pushed that thought out of my head and drove anyway besides no one actually said if my lisence was suspended or on hold so in my head I told my self Gods in control and just keep trying to pay everything off so I can eventually get a car. Now after while I had gotten sicker because for years I have been on and off suffering from mental illness so in certain seasons out of no where its like Im in a cryplying disablism and all of a sudden I cant work and bouts of anxiety comes over me so now I really had no income coming in to get a new car and pay off what I owed cause I had lost my job and recently crashed my old car which was why I needed another one. Me and my boyfriend were living together at the time and shared a van but he needed it all the time so I really wanted another car so I prayed and prayed for it. Oneday after doing my taxes I had a lot of other buisness to pay for and went on a dumb dumb spending spree and spent almost all of it yes it was items my home needed but it surely could have waited but remember I was still suffering from mental issues and sometimes trying to control urself with money with mental issues is harder then you think…I went crazy with the money and bought gifts for my man and my daughter because I hadnt had no money so long I was hurting for not being able to buy nice things for them as love from my heart. Then my check got down to only like $600 left oh and believe me I took care of my honey too I gave my honey some money because he always took great care of me and he also needed some things paid off and some help on bills and so forth. But like I said when I got down to the $600 I said well Id better go pay my tickets and other lisence fees so I can get a new car. Sometime a lil later I had a dream that someone was to need that $600 and I was lead by the Holy Spirit to give it to them. A while later a friend of mine called whom is also a big believer in Jesus Christ and was crying because she needed almost exactly the $600 she was loosing her house and she needed to make the rent payment that month. She never asked me for none of the money but also that was no coincidence she hadnt asked me for money since like forever. The Holy Spirit touched my heart to give it to her and I said its gonna be ok Gods leading me to give you this $600 so you can pay your rent. It felt so good to help her and what do you know later my lil girls step father whom I and my new man was buisness partners called and said to me he had just saw a car that he wanted to buy for me I was like yayy then my line clicked and my dad was on the other line and he said Racquel I wanna help get u another car. I was like Wow Praise God Hallelujah.Every body new about my last car being crashed. After I got off the phone I started praying and I said well God what to do now. Next a pic from my buisness partner of a beautiful car came in on my phone and I got excited and called my dad and showed it to him and he was like nope the parts on that type of car would be hard to get if it broke down I also told him that my buisness partner who he had also known very well had offered to help get me a car too so I decided that what ever car I get they could both go half on it. Now listen Bill I never asked neither one of them for a car even my man at the time was shocked but he couldnt get me one because he had to keep up bills rent money for food gas to keep in the one van we already had to get kids back and forth to school and for him to go to work as well as he was in school too. So like I said because of my dibilitating chronic
          mental illness which partly was chronic anxiety of being in certain situations or around certain people or certain groups unless it was something my heart deeply wanted to get into I could do which I loved to give and help people at the time that seemed to be thw only thing that made me happy. Even before I had did my taxes it took weeks that felt like months for me to get up the corage to do them I was so late because I was affraid full of fear from the anxiety to have to talk to someone but my boyfriend helped me go through with it and believe me that would have never gotten done if I had to had done it by my self. Now yayy one day me and my dad were together and we road past a nice red car and he said hmm if u want it we can buy it now but ur buissness partner gotta bring his half so I called my buisness partner and he gave me the other half the car was like $3200 but the Holy Spirit showed me $2800 in a quuck visiin that flashed and I asked the sales man could I get it for $2800 and he said yes if u have the cash now and he was happy when I said yes and so was my father and my buisness partner cause now we were all happy cause they saved money and the sales men gotvhis money right there at that moment as well as I got my car…even on my way home without a plate on it the cops didnt see me. Praise God for that right but I had already been told that to show them the title and to letvthem know that I had just bought the car that day and was just tryong to get ot home to park it. Oh I forgot to tell you with my income tax check I was lead to give a spiritual brother of mine a couple hundred dollars because I owed him $30 but I was so greatful I was lead by God to give him more back he is also a big time Warrior man of God and he just started crying he said sis oh my God I needed this so bad for him and his family. My man and my buisness partner as well as my spiritual brother are all great friends too but when Im not ill I am like super mom and superwomen and a real help to my man and my family and friends and a great buisness partner in certain buisness deals but when Im down Jesus has my back and I just Prause God all the time for all the Garce and Favor. I hope this testimony sumes up for you on a real life situation where God provided oh and I forgot to add that the car that I had mistakenly crashed was also a free car gift thr o ugh my buisness partner that he had found for a stupid great deal like I think it was $900 and called me and gave it to me. My man use to wonder about this buisness partner but once they became close friends he understood that back in the day I helped him with grand jobs and brought in grand money that he kept and would give me little of or none but I was still greatful but when God knows your heart He will place on someone elses heart to give back to those in true need besides my buisness partner makes bookoo money and blows hundreds of thousands at the casino does not serve God but he does believe in Him and helps boats of people because He has a great heart deep down. Hes not into church but I have preached much to him but he goes about it his way. He doesnt believe in the Holy Spirit he doesnt believe that Jesus is working through people today but He does believe that Jesus once was here so God is still working on him. Now look at this one day I was lead by the Holy spirit to take his hand and pray for him because he laughs and thinks its a joke when I tell him about the miracles of Jesus that I have seen people been healed and all kinds of stuff and he says well why aint you healed and I tell him I am but in the Spirit and that in the natural it just hasnt fully manifested yet only God knows why and he says whatever blah blah blah and thinks Im delusional but one day after praying for him he called me and was saying hey I seen a nice preacher on tv name Joel Olsteen and that he thought that preacher was cool. I say wow way to go Jesus look how fast Jesus moves to start working on His people on getting them closer to him. God Bless you Bill hooe this blog inspired you….ill continue on the next blog on more real life examples on how God provides.I know also it all sounds crazy with my ex involved but God will work miracles sometimes through those who have abused you hurt you used you and make good out of it. Me and my buisness partner stopped dating due to my illness he hated when I would get sick he thought I was just trying to be lazy he was use to super women thats who I am when Im in great health to help him and his buisnesses but through all the hollering at me and mean accusations my heart had to leave him to try to get my self some help and rest some where else and one day God sent my daughter in the bed room of our home when we use to be together and she said mommy we have to leave or dadys gonna make u die. It was as if she could feel all the mental pain I was also suffering from as well as his words were crushing me even more and he had never ever been like that till I gotten sick. So I had to leave for the sake of my health but later God blessed me with my great man I have now and when I tell u more on our story on how God made me and him stop shacking and in the mist we stopped then God blessed us both with new homes out of obedience and now we are on our way to being married. We look at the Word on tv all the time together we have been to church plenty times together and read the Bible together and pray together. All we do is keep people lifted up in prayer and hope that they get in a closer walk with Jesus Christ. Now my ex calls him all the time and they always doing favors for one another he has been preachung a nit to my ex our buisness partner a lil is going in and out but God is working his moracles we found out my ex is lead by money and tries to control people with money because thats all he has ever known yes he gives a lot away but I have seen him control people with it too and God does not like that but none of us are perfect God is working through all of us and I believe I am still learning a lesson he is still learning a lesson and so forth. Whats crazy is he offered to pay for our wedding to my man and my man said heck no. We are praying that God touches his heart and helps him find a new love because hes even being mean to my daughter now but I have realized through my homeopathic doctor that he is sick but doesnt realize it and that we both suffer from mental illness so as ill be treated soon to get my self healed and bacl in balance he will then see the niracle of Gods plants working through me as the Bible says God gives you the plants and the seeds of the earth and when he sees all my happiness and super women skills come back he will see that God has healed me and ot will take him even closer and only God knows what happens from there. God Blesses him all the time but he doesnt realize its God he thinks its his self and his money but once he starts acknowledging God to the fullest and reading his word and truelly understand who Jesus is. He is gonna be one beyond Blessed man. I just cant wait to see the full manifestation. Ill keep u posted.My homeopathic doctor says that due to speaking with him and getting terribly cursed out by him because of his tempermental issues that I got some of my mental disease from him when I was with him. Bill keep me in prayer as well as ill do the same for you as we see Gods greatest works come to past for all of us. Oh O just havnt been treated yet because me and my man our saving the money up for what I have to take thrpugh my homeopathic doctor since my assesment that I recently got and its a pretty penny. Oh I also wanted to let you know I tith all the time out of any money I recieve because all money is Gods and we are to gove back to him His 10% and I give offering as well. God Bless you. I know I had a lot to say but once my mind starts its hard to stop lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      your blog really bless me, I have been struggling with unemployment for very long, and I eventually went for an interview, got call back for the second phase and I am believing and trusting God for the job..

      honesty I am not sure of my performance in the interview, but one thing I know for sure is that I can perfectly do the job and I have been holding on to God for favour because I believe that He is more than able to get me the job regardless of how I performed in the interview

      is 2wks now and I am expecting to get a positive response, in the process of looking for answers from God regarding Divine intervention that I saw your blog.

      thank you, it helped and I am still expecting because with Him all things are possible

      pls pray along with me

      • Austin says:

        Dear All,
        I read your comments with tears in my eyes.
        I am struggling with not getting a job, not paying my rent and depts and my lovely wife is working all the hours God sents.
        I feel so low, useless, angry and ashamed.
        I do belief in my Father and always love MY Jesus but I feel i am getting no response from all my hard praying, it all feels so difficult just now and I want to give up.
        I have had interview and really thought God was speaking to me but now I feel that he sets me up for more falls. Is this faith? or am I being stupid and listening to someoen else in my head.
        Lord..please, please help others and Me in the positions we are in and struggling through this life.Bless me to bless others.
        I hope our Lord answers our prayers very soon.

        • monica says:

          Yes, God will always make up your losses. Have faith.

        • ntombi says:

          God is watching you my brother, in fact He is with you jus hang in there, He is faithful and is in His nature to be faithful. Continue to pray until something happens.

        • anoynomous says:

          Oh my God just stumbled across this website and I can share one story out of many about ten years ago I husband job started getting really slow as in he was only working three days well we didn’t qualify for public assistance one income and we don’t qualify yes that is what they said there were three people in the house God blessed my husband to get a part time weekend job where he was putting in more hours at the part time job than the full time years later the PT job is now his FT of twelve years the family that prays together stay together Hold God to his word this website is awesome

    • Edward says:

      I lost my job when my boss told me to fire one of my people because they were gay and I refused. Several people in HR supported me and they too were let go. I’ve now been out of work for almost 1 year with a family of 5 to support and no other income. We’ve already lost a home to foreclosure and have seen a BK attorney. I look every day for work, Saturdays and Sundays and have come very close several times. This period has been extremely difficult on me and both my wife and I have struggled with our faith – we have both cried on our hands and knees for God’s grace. Often times we feel as though life has passed us by and that somehow God has forgotten us. It is very lonely, and although hardly anyone knows of our true struggles, my wife and I are standing on the edge of our cliff. I asked friends to pray for us and we both pray every day – but after awhile we feel like we are living the modern-day version of the book of Job. Most people, christians or not couldn’t care less about you as most people are consumed in their own problems. If God delivers us from this we will certainly praise his name but the promise doesn’t look so good right now.

      • Priscilla says:

        My heart hurts for you and your family. I can feel the desperation in your words. I am praying that the Lord will enourage you in this trial of faith that he has given you.

        Your last sentence troubles me a bit. “If God delivers us from this we will certainly praise his name, but….” I know it’s hard to praise His name from the bottom of the pit, but this is what we must do. Find something to praise and thank him for now. In your current circumstances. Are you healthy? Are your children healthy? Do all of them have shoes? Do you have clothing? Were you able to eat today?

        I’m actually also unemployed right now. I’ve been looking for a teaching job for about 4 years now. I have substitute taught all that time. Last year, I was blessed to have a long term sub position in a school district, so I got a taste of what full time employment is like…but the position ended in June. I was certain that I would get a full time position somewhere after what I had last year. I had such great recommendations from my principal…but I was still passed up at every job interview I had last summer. I have felt such despair…but God has been teaching me to trust him even in the depths. I have what I NEED…not necessarily what I want…but what I need. We are healthy. Thank you. Lord. We had just enough money to pay our mortgage. Thank you, Lord. All of us were fed today and we have food in the cupboard too. Thank you, Lord. I live in the northeastern part of the USA and temperatures have been brutal. This morning the thermometer said -8! My house is small and the back porch is rotting off…but I am thanking the Lord for this shelter! I am warm and protected from the elements. Thank you, Lord.

        Do you see? There is always something to thank and praise God for…now. Even in our most desperate of circumstances.

        I am saying a prayer for you and your family now. God bless.

        • Lady J says:

          Priscilla, I have been unemployed 1 year. Exception seasonal holiday work. It is not easy. As you stated,wisdom let’s you recognize that we must always give thanks for what we have.I have shelter,clothes,never been hungry. Honestly,my finances are depleted! Rent due,bills due and overdue etc… I continue to search,seek,pray,and be thankful.I know that God has a plan for me. I have learned how to adjust and do the best with what I have. So when God pours down favour on me. I will have the wisdom and understanding to use wisely. Mediate,seek and live God’s way. We shall be victorious in this season. I am ready,willing,and able. Thank you Lord.

        • BRANDON says:


        • Anonymous says:


          You are very wise woman. God bless you for your insight.

          I am also like many here on this site. Both my husband and I lost employment in 2013. He was diagnosed with a very serious illness and had to come home on disability after 38 years of service. I had 16 years at the time of my layoff — as all attest here, it has been financially devastating. My husband can’t go back to work and I’ve still not found employment of any kind.

          But I read your post and the Lord reminded me of the thought I had just just today, which is from Matthew 6:11, The Lord’s Prayer. It says, “Give us this day our DAILY BREAD”. God is faithful to meet our daily needs, and you are right Miss Priscilla, those are the things we can be thankful for.

          It has been a tremendous testing of faith being in this situation, because like so many here, we too have experienced financial destruction — it has NOT been easy. But God has shown up in so many ways in the little things and once I realized that, I couldn’t do anything other than to praise Him and say thank you Jesus!

          We are humans, and believe what we want is best for us, but, and I’m especially speaking to myself here, God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts; He is the Master Planner in all of our lives.

          Does any of this feel good? Do I like it? Heck no. But, I would strongly suspect that He is at work, doing something greater than I can imagine, and, I may not even see that reward until heaven, but that too is part of the faith journey.

          As humans we “love our comforts in life”, and we want nothing to mess that up. Did we deserve our job losses? No. But, we also know that God didn’t do it. There are days I get SO discouraged, and despite that God will show up and do something to bless me…..He gives me my “daily bread”, and for that I can be thankful.

          God bless each and every one of you here, I will keep you in my heart’s prayers.

      • Priscilla says:


        Just want you to know that I’ve been praying for you all week.

      • maggie says:

        Dear Edward
        My family is experiencing exactly what you have described–five children and no income. We have not paid our mortgage for four months. Tragedy after tragedy has come upon us, and it came to the point that words of encouragement became platitudes that frustrated us. I understand you completely and I want you to know that my family is praying fervently for yours. Only those who have been there understand the depths of anguish in this trial;it hurts like white steel being shoved into a wound, doesn’t it? I know; we have felt the terror. We must stand on faith–on God’s promises for our lives here on earth. God is maturing us for His glory here, and I needed to learn to genuinely praise Him for all that my family has been blessed with. Will I trust him with my salvation but not believe him for my everyday needs? He has promised to provide for us! Please believe this and thank Him that He is working for you even though you cannot see it. My suffering has led me to you, and I am able to pray for you because I know your anguish. God brings His own together in affliction. I pray now by the blood of Jesus that the Lord frees you from this trial,Edward, and that He has accomplished His goal through it. Praise God in the midst of the fiery furnace–seek to learn who He is. Please don’t miss this. Read James 1:4. Press on to know that your joy comes from our savior, and not through our circumstances. I am believing that God is helping both of our families grow in faith. May God abundantly bless your family and hold you up.

        • lori says:

          My husband an I left a job we needed because there were things not right there in many forms I asked god to clean it up an clear it out the ones that left were the ones that got fired for wrong doing on the job an also people who were honest an truthful an would do their work the business still has a lot of people you carried to work there that had the same job as you there was fraud found there an a lot of other things we are unemployed. now an can not pay bills we help a lady with food shelf just for food we never had lust for items we try to live right I just feel life is trying to beat us.

      • Richard says:

        I feel your pain Edward. We will get through this trial together! I will pray for you and your family.

      • Diane says:

        Dear Edward:
        I have been reading all these comments and yours hit me hard! My husband lost a very good job for the second time because he was downsized. I am disabled and I thank God for this check because it pays our house payment. My husband is a good man and he doesn’the deserve this. We have prayed and prayed and thanked God for our blessings. I try to keep my faith but it is so hard when I see people happy and working and not a care in the world. If he doesn’t get a job soon we will have to sell our home. I feel so alone and abandoned. We just rebuilt our credit from him losing the last job. I am so miserable and I feel like every one is happy except us. I read all the scriptures but they just don’t seem to comfort me. Please please pray for us! We have worked so hard to have what we have and believe me we are just middle class people trying to live our lives in an evil and selfish world. I am almost at the end of my rope. I just feel so helpless and my husband is so sad he is drinking more. Why did this have to happen? Why?

        • Melissa says:

          Diane, I hear how challenging this has been for you and your husband. I’m so sorry that it’s been so hard. You didn’t mention where you live. I wonder if your husband could take a stop gap job to make ends meet while pursuing a new professional job? I recently left a toxic work environment with no safety net. While I apply for new jobs, I’m working as an independent contractor working for 2 courier companies. The money isn’t lucrative, but it does help pay the bills. And you can pick up hours when need be… It’s allowed me flexibility to interview for professional jobs while still getting most of my bills paid. These jobs are normally advertised on Craigslist and you just need a car and drivers license. I’m praying for you guys and I hope that he’s found something by this writing. If not, I hope this was helpful. Stay strong in Him. As an aside, encourage husband to get help for his drinking. If he feels hopeful, he may be up to going to meetings and getting a sponsor. Check with his doctor to see if he needs more intensive treatment or needs help to detox. God bless!

        • carol says:

          dear diane

          i understand. i am divorced and have lost everything. sometimes i feel like giving up too. but i read the scriptures out loud and call on the name of jesus and satan flees. don’t give up in despair jesus loves u and is taking care of you.

    • Dora says:

      Two weeks after my first post and while a couple of good things have worked out for my son in school, my husband’s still without a job. Several more carrots dangled “You’re perfect for the job!” and “Hang in there, we’re almost done!” and whatnot. Still here waiting. Meanwhile, friends posting or telling me how “blessed” they are to go on vacation, get a new job, whatever. Me, I’m still sitting here watching things break that I can’t afford to fix. It’s really just unfair, and I refuse to believe that I am so messed up or have more things to ‘learn’ than those other people. Two of my “blessed” friends are unfaithful in their marriage…I’m doing my best to be supportive to mine and cheating just isn’t our thing, but I feel like being ‘good’ really isn’t rewarded. And I’m not asking for a literal reward, but we’re just asking for a job, not a million dollars or something impossible. It makes you want to turn off social media and stay in your house. People have moved on, they want to go out and do things and we can’t even afford to host dinner. Prospective employers take forever and no one seems to care when they lead people on. This is our lives we’re talking about, not a manicure. I’m so bitter some days. I can’t deal with the “blessed” or “that just means God’s got something better for you around the corner” comments. God created the world, he can make a job happen faster if he wanted to. Are we supposed to be learning something here? What? How I can work more because my husband can’t find a job? I work all day to pay the bills then I work at night/weekends on my business to afford fun things and outings for the kids. (I work in press so we get fun opps but I have to work to make them happen.) It just seems so neverending, and we’re heading into the holidays with four kids. The holidays are my favorite time of year and I don’t even know right now how I’ll be able to afford the baking I normally do or the Halloween open house. Yes, I’m thinking far in advance, but hope is waning. It’s been 2.5 months now. It was easy to have hope before, but as time goes on and the WHY is never revealed…I just don’t know what to say anymore. I work hard to keep the stress away from the kids, but they’re smart. I’m just done with hearing the “blessed” excuse, which to me is God favoring people over others. It’s not enough to know there will be rewards in Heaven; I have bills now and my kids deserve better. Now I’m blathering. I used to think prayer worked. Now, eh….

      • Sara says:

        I agree with you Dora when you said: “It’s not enough to know there will be rewards in Heaven; I have bills now”

        I have said similar things to people and no one can ever really answer it. It is a really good point though. People have bills to pay for now. How is knowing that there are rewards in Heaven helping with those bills? It doesn’t.

      • Rea says:

        I dont know what your situation is like now, but I’m praying that it gets better everyday. Please dont lose hope in God. God is able to do exactly what he promised. Your friends will seem happy but you dont know what they go through behind closed doors. They may seem happy and they may be going through something that you yourself can’t handle and vice versa. God loves you so he places you in situations that he believes you can handle. I know it is hard to not look towards earthly possessions especially in times of need. However, God’s ultimate purpose is greater than our own. He sees and feels your pain more so than you can imagine and he wants what is best for us. Trust me things will get better in time, believe that it will and trust that God will bring you through. Look towards him and his word and trust me, he will provide all that he has promised. Dont lose hope and keep on fighting. Paul endured soo much in order to spread the gospel. What we endure is nothing compared to what Christ did for us on the cross. Keep hope and trust in him!!

      • C says:

        You sound very hard working Dora all credit to you, I pray your husband received a job soon. I’m searching hard for a job and found one 1.5 hours away… thank god for any work to feed family

    • gerald says:

      i am very low in faith spirit and wiil at this time of my life i am working but am totally un happy i only earn such a little salary i am constantly sad i pray but nothing happens i think god has forsaken me i dont feel him or his spirit any more i am low sad help me please help me i need change in my life i work hard but i dont get recognized help me help me

      • Steve Fuller says:

        I’m so sorry for the struggle you are having.

        I would encourage you to find some godly men in your church who can pray with and for you and encourage you with God’s promises.

        God is faithful, he has a beautiful plan for you, and he will comfort and strengthen your faith in the meantime.

    • Chrysana says:

      Mike, thank you for your post, maybe God is not giving me a job because I have things I need to learn.

      After analyzing myself, I feel that I want to have a job because I want to please the world. My parents will be proud of me; my relatives and neighbors will also have a good opinion about me; I can start tithing at the church and not feel like a poor person who cannot give anything; people at church will start liking me because I will have job; I can start making friends again because I can go out and pay; I do not have to feel guilty for not not working and doing nothing all day. What I do for a living doesn’t really bother me, it’s what others think I do for a living does. I do not mind if I work at a fast food restaurant or mop the floors, but will the world view me as less?

      I don’t really know what my problem is. God, please show me what I did wrong.

    • Pauline steindl says:

      Thank you for inspiring words and it is Jesus speaking directly to my heart I love my Lord and Savior and am so very thankful and pray for increase in faith and for wisdom on exactly where my God wants me

    • Tiffany says:

      Mike you’ve Blessed me in a mighty way!!! Little did I know that from your post…. I’ve realized as well that I’ve placed my value on my employment positions. I’ve never used them in the work place as I don’t believe in any Boss but God but I’ve realized that in my own mind and heart my position significantly filled a personal insecure void and not feeling good enough…. You’ve Blessed me a thousand time 5 years later with your message. God Bless and prayerfully our scripture and his word is still our purpose today.

  2. Anna says:

    Thank you for posting this! As a woman that has gone through about a year of unemployment and now underemployment, it has been a constant challenge to remember that my identity and value is in Christ.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      You are so welcome, Anna. Thanks for letting me know that it was helpful — I really appreciate it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi, My Name Is Terry,
        First, I Love Jesus Christ, With All My Heart & Soul, Im 55 Yrs Old, I’ve Been Disable Since 6-25-2000. I Use To Build Houses And Do Storm Damage Repair. I Can Fix Just About Anything You Put In Front Of Me. I Have Since Lost My Wife To Another Man, They Are Now Married And Doing Well. I Myself Have Been In The Worse Depression I’ve Ever Heard Of. I Have Been So Close To Dead To Mean Times To Count? I Live Now Day By Day,…I Live With So Much Pain! My Body Has A Pump Inside, That Goes To My Back Spine, It Does Help Some, But My Pain Get Out Of Control Some Times, But Thats Because, I Stop Taken All Those Pain Pills! God Has Helped Me Day By Day With This Depression, And I Have Good And Bad Days, No Lies Here,..But I Know Im Going To Be Better, With Time,..After All,…I Left Out A Lot Of Things As Im Sure You All Know What Im Talking About? Here’s What Im Wanting To Say,….First, Yes,..It Hurts,.. So Badly,..For Things To Work Out The Way They Did,..And Yes,…It Really Hard Now,..I Live In A Broken Down House With A Leaky Roof That I Can Not Get Up To Fix,…It Gets Cold In The Winter Time,..It An Old House, Small 1500 Sq. Ft. …I Thank Father God, For What I Have Today,..At A Time That So Many Are Lossing Everything, Jobs Are Hard To Come By,…Im So Thankful For My Little House With Its Leaky Roof,.Why,..Because, I Turely Am Bless! Hard, Yes It’s Hard,..But I Get up Each Day And Try My Best,…Asking God To Let Me Grow In His Love, And To Give Me Peace,..And To Think, It All Started, With My Faith In Jesus,….Im Very Thankful For What I Have Been Given,..But My Best Part Of Life For Me,…Is When I Go To Church, And I Get Down On My Knees,…And My Father God Comes To Me,.I Cry With So Much Joy,..He Listen To Every Word I Have To Speak And Holds Me In Away,..I Never New I Could Be.,…….People,..Im Talken About,…Gods Wonderful,.. Power!.. I Mean POWER,. I Can Not Understand, How People Go To Church,.. And Do Not,..Go Down And Kneel Down And Have Some One On One Time,..After A Week In This Old World With Out Him?…..I’ve Had People Come To Me And Say,..You Shouldn’t Do That,.. So Much,..In Front Of All The Church,.. Like That,..You Know, It’s O.K. to Do It For A Few Min. but Then Get Back To Your Set! I Just Smile, Back At Them With All My Tears,..And Tell Them, Maybe You Are Getting Up To Fast? ,….The One Part About Being A Beleiver,..The Lost In The World,Seems To always, Want To Tell You What You Shoud Be Doing,..When They Are Missing It, And It’s Right In Front Of Your Face? Gods Here, We Are The Ones Hinding,…I Just Can’t Wait To Go Home And Be Out Of All this Pain,..But Until Then,..There Is A World Out There, That Needs To Know, It’s O,K, For Men To Cry! Women To Cry! Kids To Cry! …..Cry Out With All Your Soul,…After All,..You Have A Voice And As Long As You Are On Earth,..You Can Beat,..Someone Is Listening To What You Have To Share,…Make It About Jesus,..A Good Place To Start!

        • Steve Fuller says:

          Thank you for sharing your story, Terry. It sounds like you have fervent love for Jesus Christ, and are earnest in seeking and meeting Him. That’s beautiful.

          And I am very sorry about how much you have suffered. All I know is that God is faithful, and He will use all these trials to give you even more joy in Him — and He will meet all your needs in the meantime.

          I will pray for you right now — and there’s many others who read these comments and will be praying as well.

          In Christ,

          Steve Fuller

        • Scott Laffin says:


          Great testimony and I know the Lord Jesus Christ will be your deliverer. All things belong to him. I will pray for his will for your life.

        • wamom says:

          Thank you so much for this post Terry. Your heart encouraged me so much. May god bless you. I continue to pray for your complete healing, and remember to thank God now for what I have. May much love come to you. In Jesus’ name.

  3. Stephen says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for this post. Its an encouragement to me (before I left uni, I looked for a job for almost a year till I got one a few months after graduating) and struggled to have faith in God’s promises, although I knew them well. In hindsight, I’ve been foolish and I should have seen things from God’s eternal perspective.

    I’m trying to find contentment in my job, and at the same time pray / encourage my brothers and sisters from uni who are going through the same thing I did.

    Your post is a really big encouragement for me, and I pray that it encourages my friends as well as others who are going through unemployment.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, Stephen. I’m so glad you found this post encouraging, and are sharing it with friends. Blessings, Steve

    • nkoyo says:

      this relates to my situation, thou am still unemployed. its 3yrs plus now since i have been unemployed. i just couldn’t get why upon all my job applications, i never got called for a job. I began looking at how my fellow colleagues where advancing and i felt so forgotten by God. All my so called friends, cut me off. i got so depressed. i just bumped into this site while looking for words of consolation. your tale cut my attention. now am trying to see if i can hold unto God.I don’t feel love in the church i attend, rather tribalism and the likes. i need prayers too.

  4. Peter says:

    What a great article. I have a person in my congregation who I am going to send it to today. It will also go into my files for future reference. I am looking forward to browsing your other articles.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Peter —
      Thank you for stopping by, and for letting me know that this article was helpful. I appreciate the encouragement —

  5. Deborah says:

    I shed tears as I read this article. My wonderful husband lost his broadcasting job with a major Christian ministry after 33 years of excellent service. The reason? Budget cuts. It has been 14 months and still no sign of a job. We have had to daily and even at times minute-by-minute remind ourselves of the promises of God. When one of us is downcast (usually me), the other one reminds us to focus on Psalm 34:1. “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Thank you for your article. Sometimes I feel very alone, but in God’s kindness to me today, I read your article. It really helps.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your story, Deborah. I am going to write what I am praying for you and your husband —

      “Father, I pray that today you would pour out even more of Your grace upon Deborah and her husband. Strengthen their faith through the Word. Help them see You ruling over all this for their great joy in You. Comfort them. Secure them. Fill and satisfy them. Provide for their every need. Guide them and give them wisdom. Today show them a sign for good — and quickly bring job offers. In Jesus’ name and for His glory, Amen.”

  6. Dwight McKissic says:

    Love this article.

    What are the differences between what you are arguing here and the “prosperity gospel”?

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Good question, Dwight. Thanks for asking.

      What I’m saying is different from prosperity theology in at least two ways.

      One — I do not believe God promises that if we have enough faith, we are guaranteed more and more income or better and better jobs. If we seek God’s kingdom first, we will have all we need — which might mean having far less than we have had in the past (2Cor 6:5; 1Tim 6:6-10).

      So how is that good news? That’s the second difference — my all-satisfying Treasure is Jesus Christ, and not money or possessions (Hab 3:17-19; Phil 1:21). God is in control over employment, income, and possessions — and will give me exactly what I need in order to have the greatest joy in Him.

      I hope that helps — and thanks again for asking.


  7. Cliff Pearce says:

    I found your link through Justin Taylor’s blog. I have been unemployed for 18 months and my unemployment benefits run out in two weeks. Thank you for this encouragement. Proverbs 21:1 mentioned above has been one of my favorite verses throughout this time.
    I have good days and bad, and then horrible days as far as my trust in the Lord goes. Here are some verses that have encouraged me greatly:
    “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10
    “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” I Thessalonians 5:16-18
    “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18
    Fighting bitterness with and wishing ill for the company that let me go: “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles.” Proverbs 24:17
    The day I get a job: “It will be said on that day,’Behold, this is our God; we have waited for Him, that He might save us. This is the Lord, we have waited on Him; let us be glad and rejoice in His salvation.'” Isaiah 25:9

  8. Aliah says:

    Wow,thank you for sharing this. This is another bit of cement to my foundation. I am currently unemployed and have been for a few months. The day I was “let go” I have been blessed with peace, grace, forgiveness…I have become more reliant upon God than I have ever been. I am OK with letting go of possessions. I have put my faith in God and it has been proven that I will be taken care of. I now realize what I NEED and that is nothing money can buy. I have been blessed with the ability to hand over my life to the care of God – THIS has brought me peace and serenity. Humbled and thankful, Aliah

    • paul says:

      Aliah, so thankful to see your growth in faith. We seem to learn more in the hard times than in the times of ease. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “I have learned to be content while having an abundance and while in need”. That’s because his focus of faith was on Christ. Truly, Jesus is the answer. Faith is the key. Faith in Him though, not faith in the thought or in the word “faith”. Faith needs an object or focus. Jesus is the one true and eternal focus of all we have, all we need and all we should seek. Proud of you!

  9. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for your article. It helps and brings some hope. My husband has been unemployed for over a year and there seems to be little hope. He has a great education and had excellent reviews at his previous job but it came down to a restructuring. I could be laid off as well in the next year. We have four children and the stress feels so overwhelming at times. I feel sad most days. I will reflect on what you have said in your article and continue to faithfully cry out to the Lord. God bless. Kathleen

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Kathleen —

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts. Here’s what I am praying for you and your husband and your four children —

      “Father, in Jesus’ name I ask that today, in a powerful way, You would strengthen Kathleen and her husband’s faith. Comfort them. Pour Your love into their hearts. Help them feel the truth that You are doing great good for them through every detail of this season. Bless them with even greater dependence on You, reliance on You, closeness with You. Draw them together as a family in prayer and the Word. Provide an excellent job for her husband. Don’t have her be laid-off. We ask that You would fulfill Your promises to them — providing for them (Phil 4:19), giving them all they need (Mat 6:33), delivering them from this difficult time (Psa 50:15). In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

      One other thought — are you part of a small group of believers who could pray with and for you? God can work powerfully through other brothers and sisters as we open our hearts, share our burdens, and pray for each other.

      I will continue to pray. Let us know what God does.


  10. Kathleen says:

    Thank you very much, Steve, for replying to my post. How kind of you and I will ask God to bless you in a special way for such life giving ministry. You asked if we are part of a group of believers who can pray for us and we sure are and we appreciate our friends who pray with us and for us. My husband is ordained as a deacon (but there is no remuneration in this – it is volunteer ministry) and I work full time in Catholic ministry. In fact, two years prior to my husband being ordained (he was ordained in 2010) we were hit with 10 to 12 significant and challenging trials while completing our studies at the seminary. I will keep seeking God but it certainly has been overwhelming. Thanks again for your ministry. It is deeply appreciated and I can’t thank you enough for the prayer you prayed! I will certainly let you know what God does. God bless you abundantly! Kathleen

  11. John says:

    Hi There! Happened upon your site. Thank You for reminding me of what is truly important. I am at the most darkest times in my life. I survived the 911 attacks from ground zero. My first experience with being unemployed. I was closely walking with the Lord back then. I started a contracting business at 40 years old. God blessed that business for many years. I relocated it to another state to help out family. Big mistake. I took a maintenance job at my kids Christian school. I got my wife a job there. Two years ago my wife informs me she does not love me and wants a divorce. She feel in love with the Headmaster. Knowing God’s law on marriage, I pleaded to her to work things out, no avail. She divorced me, lost my house, business filed chapter 7, lost my maintenance job at the school. I have been unemployed since July 2011. Homeless, living with a friend. Three children, whom I miss daily. I am learning through this process that God is in control. As I read and study scripture I find comfort knowing God chastens the ones He loves. Please pray for my family.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi John,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. I will pray for you right now —

      Father, I ask that You would meet Mike in a special way. Strengthen his faith in Your precious promises.

      Help him see Jesus ruling over this entire situation with great love and compassion. Thank You that what others might mean for evil, you mean for good (Psa 50:20).

      In this time of tragic pain and heart-break, give Mike sweet times of nearness with you. Satisfy his heart with Your love. Comfort him in Your sovereignty.

      Give him a taste of the eternal weight of Your glory that He will know in eternity — and console him that his trials now are producing for him even more joy in Your glory forever (2Cor 4:16-18).

      And Father, I plead with You to provide him a job — quickly. Display Your love and power and goodness by providing for him.

      In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      And Mike, do you have a small group of believers who are praying with you and encouraging you through this? I know that when I’ve had low times God has used brothers in the faith to hold up my weak arms and strengthen my failing faith. If you don’t, I will pray that you can find a small group like this.

      Standing with you, in Christ, Steve

    • carol says:

      dearest john

      I lost everything in 2012. my marriage of 30 years, home and my ex tried to take my daughter away in court. i had no money, job or home. it was dark for me. But i trusted in the Lord Jesus. i won back my child full custody. But i am still unemployed but i have my daughter and God has blessed me in ways i cannot imagine. i have a job waiting for me in my field but i have an evaluation to pass before I can get a license and start work. don’t give up Jesus loves you. I don’t know how things are going for you now but I know Jesus is working to give us what is for our best. love and prayers to you.

  12. Julian says:


    The Lord has given you a gift of Wisdom.

    I’ve been mighty ticked off for months. I had been working Food service and retail jobs for 10 years, and God led me to a masters degree in govt administration. I graduated from a highly ranked program recently, which also meant job loss (I was employed through a co-op). Governments won’t hire me (experience) and I’m not having any better fortune with retail, labor, or restaurants (don’t know why, overqualified, which I think is a bunch of rubbish). It seems like there are critics and micromanagers everywhere in my family. I’ve lost my father’s respect. I have excellent reviews from previous jobs and had a stellar gpa in school.

    For a while now, I’ve felt as if Jesus led me into a trap. 50000 in debt for school, 5000 remaining in car payments, and 600 a month in rent and utilities. I Had a job offer, but turned it down because it would have involved deceptive sales practices. I was believing to get married to my sweetheart and have a family. Recently, I’ve been reduced to accepting donated groceries. It seems so nonsensical. I feel that I have much to offer any employer, and God has blessed me with a great work ethic.

    God has drawn me closer to the young men in my church, and been using me in worship and evangelism. I am thankful for that. I love God and his character, but I’m drowning in bills. My prayers for provision have been faithfully answered as a farmer from church has taken me on as a temporary hand. However, the money is not a live able wage with my expense situation. Ive gone over my donation history, and don’t believe I’ve held off on financially blessing others. I’m puzzled as to why this occurred.

    Recently, I’ve been dealing with a swirl of emotion. There are days that I praise God and love just like before. And there are others that I can’t get out of bed. I thank you for your time, the article was encouraging. I hope sincerely that I can come back with a testimony to encourage this board’s readers.

    In Christ,

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us, Julian.

      I am so glad the article on God’s promises was encouraging to you, and I pray that the Father will strengthen you, comfort you, provide for you, and guide you.

      And please do let us know how God ends up showing His faithfulness to you.

      Your brother in Christ,

  13. Agnes says:

    Thanks Steve for the sharing. Pray for me that God will bless me a job soon. Meantime, I will spend more time praying and discern His plan for me.

    God Bless,

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your need, Agnes.

      “Father, I come to you in Jesus name, and plead with you to help Agnes. Thank You for Psalm 50:15 — where you invite us to call upon you in the day of trouble, and you promise that You WILL deliver us, and then we will glorify you.” So do for Agnes what You have promised. As she calls upon You, deliver her. Bring her a job. Fill her with peace in You in the meantime. Give her times of joy unspeakable and full of glory in beholding and trusting Jesus Christ. And give her wisdom — give her next steps to take — guide her into Your perfect will. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      Please keep me posted on what the Father does.

      In Christ,


      • Agnes says:

        Hi Steve,

        Thank you for the beautiful prayer. I thought I would reply to update you once the prayer is answered, but I decided to reply now to encourage Michael. I am in similar situation as him. There are plenty of jobs that I could fit in, but I am just not getting noticed. But I believe in God, who is Jehovah Jireh, in His faithfulness and His steadfast love to provide, as He always has been throughout my life. And I want to echo what Jesus has taught us, to pray fervently at all times.

        “Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks.”– 1Th 5:16-17

        • Steve Fuller says:

          Thanks for encouraging Michael, Agnes. And I love your firm confidence that God is the Provider.

          And it sounds like your situation has not yet been resolved —

          “So Father, I life up Agnes, in Jesus’ name, and ask you to pour Your comfort upon her, strengthen her confidence in You even more, and fill her with the peace that surpasses understanding.

          “Give her wisdom for any steps she could take to get noticed. Guide her steps. Give her even more confidence in You.

          “You are her loving Father, she is Your daughter — adopted through faith in Christ. So — as her loving Father — care for her, meet her need, relieve her, for the glory of Your name. Amen.”

          And please keep us posted on what God does.

          Thanks again for stopping by and writing.

        • Michael says:

          Agnes, thank you for replying to Steve and thank you for thinking of me and for your encouragement, Michael

  14. Michael says:

    I just typed in “struggling with unemployment” on google and your site came top of the list which I have saved to my favourites.

    I’m really struggling mentally with my predicament. There are loads of jobs in my field of work but I cant seem to get through to the recruiters, I feel there is a blockage somehow? I don’t understand why God would want me in this predicament, I feel desperate, alone and God is silent. I know He wants to show me ‘something’ but holding on to my ‘soundness of mind’ is becoming harder. Thanks for posting the article and I don’t think I came here by accident, Michael.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      It is so encouraging to hear how the Father brought you to this site, Michael. Thank you for sharing it.

      I will take some time right now to ask the Father to meet you, encourage you, and deliver you (Psa 50:15).

      “Father, I come to you in Jesus’ name, and ask that You would help Michael today. Strengthen his faith as he prays over Your Word. Calm his feelings of desperation. Let Him sense Your nearness, love, and power. Thank You that through faith in Jesus He is reconciled to You — and with Christ You will give Him everything he needs (Rom 8:32).

      “You promised that as we seek first Your kingdom and righteousness You would give us everything we need financially. So I ask for a breakthrough to the recruiters in the next few days. Give him wisdom and guidance. Open doors for him. Guard his heart and mind in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:6-7). In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

      One other thing. Are you part of a Bible-believing, Jesus-trusting church family? I know that having brother and sisters around me is so crucial — to encourage and speak truth to me. Share your heart with fellow-believers and let them pray with and for you.

      And please keep me posted on what God does for you.

      • Michael says:


        thank you for your prayer,it means alot to me that others care. In answer to your question; yes I am part of a believing church family but I also have a closer network of friends who are supporting me too. I will keep you posted on events and thank you again, Michael.

        • Anonymous says:

          hi my name is Jennifer. also desperately seeking employment. I have completed a security course and have sent out so many cv s. but have been so unlucky. My financial situation seems to be getting worst. All day long I spend my time reading my bible, praying and trusting God. please pray for me. thank you

          • Susan says:

            Hello Jennifer, my name is susan and I too am struggling with finding suitable employment. I have sent out countless resumes. I will pray for you and all the others looking for employment, and pray that they are able to stay faithful and have hope.

  15. Andrea says:

    In this period of unemployment for Kaz (due to him deciding to quit a job that would have severely limited his ability do what God has called him to) we cried out to the Lord and wondered greatly His purpose in this. I felt all along this was a mostly spiritual battle rather than a temporal one, After months of prayer, and others praying for us, today we resorted to the last spiritual tool I knew of: fasting. The offer letter that had been promised but held up for over a week showed up today! I used this wonderful blog post to focus on praying today too – thank you for writing it! Maybe you could write a blog on fasting too? Why does it help? Why do we save it for the very last resort? If anyone who reads this wants to pray, it will still be 2 months until the first paycheck will show up. I would ask prayer that we will be able to keep the house we live in as our savings are already depleted.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      What an encouraging story, Andrea! Thanks for sharing it.

      I will plan on doing a post on fasting — thanks for the suggestion. You are right that too often fasting is our last resort.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I will definitely be praying. I will also email you personally with some follow-up thoughts.

      Much love to you and your family.

  16. Diane says:

    Hello Steve,

    First of all I want to thank God for you and your online ministry. I am unemployed and have been for 16 months. I just received a letter today stating that by May 12th my benefits would be ending. I am so thankful to God for my next reaction; usually I would start fretting and worrying, but not this time I started looking for scriptures and sites that would help me with my faith walk and praise be to God, there you were. I know that God has me in a place where I can get closer to him and I am thankful to God for this time of my life. I took a moment to pray for everyone on this site that God speedily supply them with a good job, a job where they can show their light and be able to witness (God’s Timing). To God Be the Glory.

    ~Blessings to all!


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Good to hear from you, Diane. I am so glad that your first response to the bad news was to turn to Christ — and I will pray that His grace and comfort strengthens and sustains you — AND that He will quickly provide work for you.

      “Father, in Jesus’ name I plead with you on behalf of Diane. Thank you that she is turning to You. Thank You that she is trusting You. Thank You for her heart to pray for others.

      “Thank You, Father, that You are in control of every job in existence. And thank You that You are a loving and compassionate Father. So I pray that You would quickly provide Diane with the job she needs.

      “And in the meantime, keep her content in You, surrendered to You, fully satisfied in You.

      “In Jesus, name, Amen.”

  17. ms.gadson says:

    Hello, looks like most of these posts are a few months old but I will post anyway asking for prayer. I have been unemployed since 2/2009 and in the process of being laid off, I became a single mother. Unemployment long since ran out, have been living on savings/little state assistance. State help is over and savings is down to a couple of months. I know that God has sustained me and will rescue me from my situation (Isaiah 46:4) yet there are days where I really struggle. I am in a situation which only God can turn around(family/friend support located in other state). Recently, I became so frustrated/full of anguish that I just stopped sending resumes, etc. I feel as though God is waiting on me to do something(???), but instead I am waiting on Him to open doors. At times, I am really confused as to what I should be doing. With that said…my story is too long and complicated so I will just ask for prayer.

    • Michael says:

      Dear ms Gadson. I am going through something very similar and I am still looking for work. I will pray for you now. Heavenly Father, please look after ms Gadson and bring your peace to her now. You are a good Dad and want only the best for your children and ms Gadson is one of your precious children. Please meet her needs right now, help her to find a job that is suited to her and please help her to prosper, in Jesus name I ask this for her, Amen.:)

      • Steve Fuller says:

        Thanks for stopping by, and for praying for ms.gadson, Michael.

        “Father, I also want to pray for Michael. Thank You that You have never broken a promise. Thank You that You have ordained every second of this season in Michael’s life as a time to give Him even more nearness to You.

        “So as He seeks You — open up the heavens, pour out Your Spirit, flood his soul with Your love, show Him your glory.

        “And — provide him with the job he needs. Give him wisdom about steps to take. Open the right doors. And keep him strong and encouraged in the meantime.

        “In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hello ms.gadson — and thank you for stopping by and sharing your story.

      I will join Michael (above) in praying for you —

      “Father, thank You for your love for ms.gadson. Thank You that you love her so much that you were willing to deliver up Your own Son to pay for her sins. Thank You that the Cross proves that you love her, care for her, and are committed to helping her.

      “Please, Father, meet her now. Strengthen her faith. Pour Your love into her heart. Let this time of need become holy ground — full of Your glorious presence.

      “Let her rest in Your promises — and take action to follow Your guidance. Give her fellow-believers who can pray, support, and encourage her. And provide for her every need — as You promise to do.

      “In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

  18. ms.gadson says:

    Michael, thank you for your prayer. Today is a better day and I know that change is coming soon. I will post a message of praise when my situation changes.
    Heavenly Father, I pray that you will open up the windows of heaven and not just bless all those on this blog but bless them beyond anything thing they could dream or imagine.(Ephesians 3:20)in Jesus name.

    • Agnes says:

      Dear Ms Gadson & everyone else who need assurance:
      Psalm 18:6
      In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried out to my God; He heard my voice from His temple, and my cry came before Him, even to His ears.

      Hebrews 4:16
      Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

      May God meet your needs soon,

      • Steve Fuller says:

        Thank you, Agnes, for stopping by and taking the time to share these encouraging Scriptures.

        SO helpful — and SO encouraging.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ms Gadson and for all who need encouragement at this point of time:

    Psalm 18:6
    In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried out to my God; He heard my voice from His temple, and my cry came before Him, even to His ears.

    Hebrews 4:16
    Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

    May God meet your needs soon,

  20. Michael says:

    I lost the plot yesterday as it has been nearly six months unemployed now and I am still reeling from my stupid actions.

    I chewed out my wife (all is better now though) shouted and screamed at God about why he won’t help me and the only jobs that seem to be on offer for interviews are hundreds of miles away from home. It would mean I would be separated from my home, family and friends living in digs unable to visit because of distance.

    I also feel tremendous guilt because I shouted and screamed at God.

    I know my identity is in Christ and not in a job but I feel so useless, unemployment is an evil scourge on our society.


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Michael — I am sorry to hear about how hard things have been. My heart goes out to you and your tough situation.

      If I was there in person we could talk and I could listen more and we could pray.

      But since I’m not — the best thing I can do is point you to Jesus Christ. He loves you. He calls you to come to Him as you are — He will welcome you, help you, love you, forgive you, and give you everything you need.

      Then fight the fight of faith until you can see more clearly and feel more deeply all that God promises to be to you in Jesus Christ.

      Maybe do this with some trusted brothers in the faith.

      I will pray for you right now — and if you can, keep me posted on what the Father does.

      • Michael says:

        Thank you so much for responding Steve. I will keep you posted I promise. I will look to Jesus and I will go to him as I am. I have been avoiding prayer because of guilt but your words have encouraged me to do so. Thank you,


        • Agnes says:

          Dear Michael,

          This is what God promised to those who trust in Him, even in times of unemployment:

          Jeremiah 17:
          7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

          8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.

          Continue to pray fervently, He promise to provide and He will renew your strength!

          • Michael says:

            Agnes, thank you for showing me this scripture I will hang on to it. Tomorrow I travel hundreds of miles for a job interview. If I get the job then I will be away from my home, family & friends for approximately 6 months. It’s hard not to have a heavy heart but I have to go for it as many of you will understand. I have however set myself to fully trust God in this endeavor but it is difficult for me. I do appreciate everyone’s support on here, thank you all, Steve, Agnes, Ms Gadson & anyone else who has prayed.


  21. ms.gadson says:

    Michael, I am sorry to hear about your incident. But glad to hear that you have turned back to God. HE is a forgiving God. In whatever you do, keep Him close. Whatever the outcome of your interview/travel, remember who is in charge and that He can make a way out of noway. I am still holding on and expecting change. My favorite passage that has gotten me through month after month is Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. God bless all those on this site for your prayers and caring words.

  22. Steve Fuller says:

    Thanks Agnes, Ms Gadson, and Anonymous for the encouragement you’re giving here.

    I’m praying for you as you travel for the interview today.

  23. Michael says:

    I must say that I am feeling much better at the moment since I stopped fighting the circumstances. Things went very well on Friday and I am now back at home. I also found out that the chap interviewing me was a Christian too.

    What I have not mentioned on here (as I thought it irrelevant) is that I am also the singer/front man of a progressive rock band. All members are Christians and share the same vision for reaching the lost in the music circles in which we work. Recent times have witnessed God moving on our behalf to bring us to a place of favour within the industry and we are on the precipice of something big. All members and support crew have jobs locally (except for me) and if I have to move away then this scuppers things to a degree. I have waited nearly 30 years for these times and now it looks like I might have to miss out.

    I received yet another rejection from my local council who wouldn’t even interview me for a building surveying post which I could eat for breakfast and was also well qualified for in terms of qualifications and experience.

    You all may understand that as I went for the interview on Friday, I felt somewhat like Abraham when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac. I just felt that the whole thing was sooo crazy! I was thinking that if I get this job how can anything work? I have applied for jobs in my area and the doors just slam shut! The doors that are opening are hundreds of miles away, this is just nuts!

    I have just accepted the circumstances and thrown my cares on God as I can’t handle any of it any more. It brings peace somehow when you stop struggling. I will keep you all informed of how things progress and I would like to thank you all again for your prayer and support here,

    • Agnes says:

      Dear Michael,

      Praise the Lord for His enlightenment and for renewing your spirit. Remember His promise:
      Jeremiah 29:11
      “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

      Although many times, I am confounded but I hang onto His promises and His steadfast love. I have lost my business (to a business partner, who is a Christian) and I am in a family of non believers. But I believe He will restore my career and the situation in my family. Our Gracious God has restored my health and gave salvation to my father before he passed away. So, I strongly believe only He is in control. Continue to do our part but also rest in His love.

      May God continue to guide you on the path that He wants to take.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks for the update, Michael.

      I am glad you are feeling more encouraged — and I will continue to pray that the Father works in such a beautiful way that you look back stunned at His goodness and wisdom.

      You are not alone in having a season of darkness. Joseph had years in a dungeon. Abraham had years of childlessness. David had years running from Saul.

      And in each case God brought about amazing good.

      He will also do the same for you. He has promised.

      Standing with you in prayer,


    • Steve Fuller says:

      And you might find this article helpful, Michael —



    • sherry says:

      I am ready to throw the towel in with God. My life has gotten worse since I go to church. I know people who don’t go to church and live awsome lives. If God wants us to prosper, why does He make live so difficult

    • sherry says:

      I am ready to throw the towel in with God. My life has gotten worse since I go to church. I know people who don’t go to church and live awsome lives. If God wants us to prosper, why does He make live so difficult

  24. David says:

    Lovely! Just what I need right now. Thanks.

  25. David says:

    I meant the original post….

  26. Steve Fuller says:

    So glad you found this helpful, David. Thank you for letting me know.

  27. Greg Cannonie says:

    I am a Christian who has been unemployed for 3 1/2 years.
    I have been looking but have not yet found anything.
    I keep asking the Lord to lead me to a job and ask for wisdom, guidance, and direction. So far nothing yet.
    I’m still trusting Him but He sure doesn’t make it easy to do.
    What am I doing wrong?
    In Christ,

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Greg,

      Man, I’m sorry to hear about how long you’ve been without work. And you’ve kept trusting Him through this time — I’m sure that’s been a major battle.

      All I can say is what I see God saying in His Word. He will give you the wisdom you need (James 1:5), the finances / job you need (Mat 6:33), the strength you need (Phil 4:19), and most important the heart-satisfaction you need in Him (John 6:35).

      You ask if you are doing something wrong. It sounds like you are sincerely seeking the Lord — and that He has not revealed anything to you that you are doing wrong. If that’s the case, then I’d assume you are doing nothing wrong.

      So why hasn’t He brought you a job? All I can say is that it’s because of His love for you, His care for you, and His desire to bless you with even more of His nearness during this painful time. He WILL provide all you need to fulfill His call on your life.

      Are you part of a community of believers who can pray with and for you? I find that crucial to keep fighting the fight of faith.

      I’m praying for you right now. Keep me posted.

      In Christ,


  28. Michael says:

    Hi Greg,
    like you I am still unemployed after 6 months even though there is a great demand for my skill set. A close friend of mine keeps telling me that the Lord wants his people out of the world’s system of finance, that God is our source and not our job.

    In this world peoples entire existence and self worth is in their job, e.g. “I’m this or that..” and then everything comes from your job e.g. big job = big car, big house etc. Take away the job and their whole life implodes.

    I’m not saying we should not work, I believe that God has made us to be productive but I think the key is that God wants us to recognize Him as our source and not our jobs.

    Its tough going I know but I will pray for you now,

    Kindest Regards

  29. Melanie says:

    Hi, I have been recently let go due to being off work for a while with a health condition, I was writing a blog about living in faith so I googled it and it came up with your blog! The one thing that has struck me most is the part where you say that God has a plan for every day that I am unemployed, I have never thought about it like this before and have recently been wasting my days away. But from now on I will seek God in the morning and ask for wisdom as to what He wants me to do with the day He has given me.

    Thank you.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      It’s good to meet you, Melanie. I’m sorry to hear about your health and work problems — but I’m encouraged that this post brought you some encouragement.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your encouraging words.

      I will pray right now for your work and health — keep us posted on what the Father does.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  30. Michael says:

    Just to let you all know that I got knocked back for the job I went for. Strange really when I think how well we got on in the interview and that the chap was so impressed with my previous experience. We also found out that we were both believers. I’m trusting that he prayed about his decision and that God had spoken to him about the situation.


  31. Michael says:

    I have another interview in Birmingham tomorrow. That’s England by the way not Alabama hehe 🙂

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks for the update, Michael. I’ll pray for tomorrow’s interview right now. How far is Birmingham from where you live?

  32. Michael says:

    Hi Steve, thank you. Birmingham is about two and half hours from where I live. The job however is based in East Anglia (Cambridge/Peterborough)which is about four and half hours away. I will have to live away during the week but should be able to make it home for weekends 🙂

    Ironically it is the company and the same office building where they made me redundant in 2009??


  33. Vicki says:

    Thank you for this post. My husband has been laid off twice in the past year — both times due to budget cuts — the first layoff came after 19 years on his job with 8 months of unemployment. Then he received a new job, which laid him off after just under one month — also because of budget cuts. During the period of time he had the second job, he turned down a job he had waited to hear from for over five months because he had just taken that second job, only to have that one lay him off (again, in just under a month of worth there). My own job will end in five and a half months. It’s hard sometimes to hang on when you feel so worried and fretful about finances. My husband gets lots of interviews and has come very close to another job or two recently — he just needs to have faith to hang on until God blesses him with the right opportunity at just the perfect time. Thank you for giving us the faith and strength to continue to hold on as we both seek jobs. Blessings to all.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Vicki. There’s many prayer warriors who read the comments on this post and start praying. I’ll join them.

      I’m preaching tomorrow on Matt 6:25-34 — on 7 reasons why we don’t need to be anxious about money. Studying and praying over this passage has reminded me that God PROMISES to provide our every financial need.

      I will pray right now for God to pour strength and comfort upon you and your husband — and for God to provide your husband a new job quickly.

      And again — thanks for stopping by and sharing your heart.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

      • Vicki says:

        Thank you so much for the words of God’s comfort and assurance. I will be sure to keep you updated on both of our job searches, and I would love to hear more of your message and your preaching.

        Blessings and mercy to you.

        • Steve Fuller says:

          You are so welcome, Vicki. And the sermons usually get posted on the church website by Wednesday — that’s

          He is worth it all!


          • Vicki says:

            Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. My husband did eventually get another job — in a completely different field. He is only making about half of what he did previously, but it’s such a blessing that he now even has a job to go to, particularly since his unemployment had run out.

            I now find myself without a job (my boss retired so all of us lost our jobs as a result). I at least will have a pension coming at some point, although I will still need to work in order to recover from my husband’s previous long unemployment. I know that God will, in His perfect timing, provide me with the job in which he wants to place me — and I want to continue to trust in His will for my life and to be an encouragement to others who are also looking for their next job. I will continue to pray for all who have shared their stories here, as I have been doing; and I am so uplifted when I hear that jobs and financial mercies from God are being shared through this site. God is, indeed, worth all of our love, trust, and faith. Blessings to all.

  34. Michael says:

    Hi Steve,

    will there be a podcast available of your teaching?

    I am in Chichester at the moment working on a five week contract. Its too far from home to go back at weekends so I am having to stay for the whole period. Went to a great church this morning where they prayed for me to get work nearer to home. I’m missing my wife,family and friends but needs must and I must trust God that He knows what He is doing. I will be looking for work again in 4 weeks.

    Thank you for your site

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Good to hear from you, Michael. Usually the sermons get posted by Wednesday — it will be at

      And I’m so glad you were able to get prayer at church this morning — and you are right — God knows exactly what He is doing.

      May He pour His grace out upon you — comfort you and your family — and provide you a job closer to home.

      In Christ,


  35. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the encouragement you give, it means alot. Î have been unemployed from when I cleared school (a few months). Ðuring this period, God has been faithful and provided a temporary job to provide for food and rent. My worry is that I don’t know which GPA I will attain on graduation, and I have been trusting God to provide me with a great job before then. There are bad days like today when I wished I would die rather than go through this suffering,thank God for ministries like yours, they are indeed life giving. I will write down all those scriptures and read them everyday starting today. Thank you Steve.

  36. Hannah says:

    lve just cleared school awaiting graduation, I have been jobless for a couple of months. There have been bad days like today that I just wanted to die….there are good days when I remember God’s promises. Thank you for your ministry….it is truly life giving. I will write down the scriptures quoted in this blog and read them everyday.please pray for me.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      It’s good to meet you Hannah. Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      I, too, find that what makes or break a day for me is whether or not I remember and trust God’s promises.

      I will pray for you right now — please keep us posted on what the Father does for you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  37. learning every day says:

    hello, i just stumbled upon this blog on google and wanted to express some thankfulness that i found it after so many months and feel compelled to share a small but significant experience i’ve had with God that i’m writing in a hope of being useful to someone who may be reading down the comments as i did.
    I’ve been unemployed over two years now and sometimes I can get lonely and feel slightly abandoned by people around me because i don’t have money to do anything with them or to go anyway. One day not so long ago I was having a hard time and felt completely abandoned by God because i felt as though my prayers were going ignored and unanswered. I cried very hard to the point of nearly falling asleep when i was awoken by a very loud thought in my head saying ‘(my name) God has helped you out of hard times before, he will help you again, come on get up,’
    It made me smile i apologised to my father but thanked him also that sad times are strengthening and learning times when i know that really in life i just want to be closer to him.
    God does not abandon you so please hold tight and don’t abandon him. He may be busy working on what it is you need =) x

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi “Learning Every Day” —

      I’m so glad you found this blog and that it was encouraging to you.

      Thank you for sharing your story — it’s very encouraging to see the different ways God meets us when we cry out to Him. Truly — He never leaves us or forsakes us!

      Keep us posted on what the Father does in your life.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  38. Michael says:

    Hi “Learning Every Day” thanks for sharing your experience, it was very encouraging.

    Steve, I’m still here in Chichester and will be until December and beyond until God intervenes. My wife and I met up in Gloucester about 10 days ago as it was a half way house for us both. It was nice to see each other again as absence does make the heart grow stronger 🙂 I have started to notice however that God is doing something in me. I remember reading something that TD Jakes wrote about once talking about God working on the left hand side where we can’t see what He is doing. This is what has come to mind of late. Thanks again everyone for the prayer and support here,
    Michael 🙂

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I’m so glad you were able to get some time with your wife, Michael — and that you can see ways God is working in your life. That is very encouraging.

      I am rejoicing at how God has given you grace to persevere in faith. Keep fighting the fight, brother — and keep us posted as the Lord works.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  39. Adam says:

    I think that if God’s will for someone is unemployment then it makes a mockery of the scripture ‘anyone who does not work should not eat’ (especially after three years of unemployment). I am disappointed with God’s so called ability to rescue his people in difficult times and I cannot understand why he wills his people to suffer when he wills the wicked to prosper. What an unjust God he is. He should favour his people, yet all I see is the righteous being trampled by the wicked and arrogant and God does nothing to stop it or even lift a finger to help his ‘people.’ What a corrupt and dying world we live in. There is no justice anywhere and truth lies fallen dead in the streets. If God’s will is for christians to continue to be trampled on by the world then I must say that he is deluded if he thinks his ‘people’ will submit to such a pointless existence.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Adam,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      I will give a more detailed response when I get back from vacation — but maybe others can share their thoughts in the meantime.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Agnes says:

      Dear Adam,

      I can understand but God works in mysterious but perfect ways all the time and in His time. You only need faith the size of a mustard seed to trust that He will bless and provide for you. I came from a poverty and hopeless family, so I could testified to His love and power. Even as I am struggling to land a job now, and witness people around me (even those who worship other gods) getting blessed with jobs, I continue to persevere till He brings His will to pass. In the meantime, I occupy myself with His work at church and His online community. I pray for you that God will give you the grace and strength during this difficult period.

    • learning every day says:

      I understand your thoughts. I used to think them too but now I can accept that I will never understand God, ever (unless he wants to tell me his thoughts) but i believe, or want to believe if you’d prefer, that God does not keep someone in unemployment for the sake of it.
      Every shred of life on this planet and beyond are ‘his people’ whether they accept him or not. It is not favouritism, it is just their own path in the world. A parent and a friend cannot promise you that your journey will easy because they know that other people’s choices will effect you, choices they can not control. An employer’s choice to throw away your application is not God’s fault, its just the consequence of another choice of another person. A natural domino effect of freewill. However, those that love you will always be there to comfort you, a promise that you are not alone to endure, your favourite song on the radio, a tub ice cream you didnt know you had, getting a little closer to a mother you never really seemed to get along with, a dream of the warmth of someone holding your hand. These little things that i can say oh thats just coincidence, i truly believe are the comforts that i am given when i get rejected again and it gives me a little hope to get me up the next morning. They are there if I trust him enough to see them.
      I don’t think that my reply is enough to give you an answer you can be satisfied with because again, i don’t know much either, but that is what happens to me when i find it hard to cope when things are so wrong in the world but i do hope you find what you are looking for.

      • Steve Fuller says:

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Learning Every Day.

        I appreciate your humble heart, and your obvious concern for Adam.

        As I have studied God’s Word I have seen over and over again that while people make authentic choices for which they are clearly responsible (like laying someone off at work) — at the same time God is described as sovereign over all those choices.

        I see that, for example, in Gen 50:20 (Joseph’s brothers meant their actions for evil, but God meant their actions for good).

        When it comes to Adam’s unemployment, this means God is in sovereign, loving, kind control of Adam’s job situation. God has purposefully allowed him to be unemployed now (Eph 1:11) — and promises to use this trial to bring Adam great good (Rom 8:28). AND God has promised to provide everything Adam needs (Mat 6:33).

        So great comfort can be found in seeing God’s sovereign hand behind every action taken by people around us.

        Does that sound right to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

        In Christ,

        Steve Fuller

        • learning every day says:

          Yes of course it does and thank you for taking the time to reply.

          Only Adam knows what his situation is, but i am also on my third year now of unemployment and in that time, i have gained a deep interest in creative writing. That’s good enough for me as a reason for a lengthy wait but i realize i didnt say that but that was the main direction i was coming from in my reply. That there is always a positive if we are willing to find it.

          I guess I never like to say that someone’s suffering is God’s choice, especially when they are already angry with him because I feel as though that gives another reason for them to be angry.
          In my own experience, I can only liken it to being a child and crying and screaming at my mother because she’s making me do something i don’t want to do or something she’s not letting me do and her reply is ‘i’m doing it for you’re own good’ or ‘you have to be cruel to be kind’. As a child, I never listened to that, I heard but i didn’t understand it. All i could focus on was how angry she was making me and how upset I was in that moment. So in the same way, to imagine I am still a child and God is in my mother’s place, it’s still hard to swallow because I can only focus on what i’m suffering and I interrupted Adam’s comment the same way. I just hoped i could give him something or make him focus on what there was to be hopeful about instead of the bad.

          There’s an innocent part of me that doesn’t want to be sure of God sometimes. Even when I’m working for him I still make mistakes or say the wrong thing or can’t make myself clear in his defence but I do know that God is usually right behind me with a brush and sweeper to clear the mess i’m eternally making and I wanted Adam to see that. That cruel things do happen and whether or not it was decided by God long before us, I was hoping Adam would focus more on where to find God’s comfort whomever’s choice he is on the receiving end of because so often they are little things that we take for granted or miss entirely.

          I’m sorry if I offended anyone and I hope my reply was more clear.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Adam,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I’ve been away on vacation — but am now back so I can respond.

      You mention that you’ve been unemployed for 3 years, and I am very sorry to hear that. I have not experienced anything like that, but my heart goes out to you.

      And to give you some comfort — I’d like to point you towards Psalm 73. Not to give you easy answers — but to give you a framework from which to see your situation.

      In Psa 73 the author is struggling with why the wicked prosper (vv.3-12) and why he himself has suffered (vv.13-14). He feels like his faith in God has been in vain (v.13).

      But then he “went into the sanctuary of God” (v.17) — that might mean he went to the temple, or that he had some time alone with God. Either way — God showed Him three crucial truths —

      First, that the wicked who continue in rebellion against God will end up destroyed (vv.18-20).

      Second, that his own bitterness and unbelief was sin against God (vv.21-22).

      And third, that even when he goes through trials, God is being good to him (v.1), God is continually with him holding his right hand (v.23), God will guide and counsel him (v.24), and God will use every trial to bring him to the glory of being near God forever (vv.24-28).

      I am praying for you, Adam. I hope this helps some, and would welcome any response, feedback, or questions.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

      • luanne says:

        hey i read the testimonies and im encourage i am unemployed for a few months i send out cv and i pray nothing is happening i feel frustrated by Gods grace i still have a bed at nite and something to eat each day He still provide in my needs i need u to trust and intercede with me

    • Alvin says:

      Dear Adam,

      May I know what did you do during that 3-year period of unemployment to keep yourself engaged?

      I am now unemployed for 6 months and I really need wisdom to keep myself meaningfully occupied till the day when there is a job offer. It can be really dreadful when I wake up each day not knowing what I can do other than sending resume. I am just too used to the hectic routine at work that even a holiday can be a pain for me.


  40. Matthew says:

    Hello, I lost my job four weeks ago and it came as a complete shock.

    However, my wife and I have been at peace since the decision was made to terminate my employment.

    Please pray for the following:

    1) continued peace and that I would learn to ‘rest and trust the Lord’
    2) divine direction and providence
    3) that favor would surround me ‘as a shield’ during any future interviews – I’ve had four interviews for the past week and a half but haven’t heard anything further.
    4) that God would show Himself faithful and this would be a powerful testimony to our two teenage sons

    Thanks in advance for your prayers!


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Matthew —

      Thanks for sharing your situation and asking for prayer. I will pray right now — and please keep us posted.

      There’s lots of prayer warriors here!


      • carol says:

        hi steve

        i have a job waiting for me but i have a neuropsych eval to complete. i know god has kept this job waiting for me for over 8 months. i have had several interviews and the administrators want me desperately. please pray and the viewing audience please pray for my success. thank you.

  41. Matthew says:


    Thanks for the prompt response and support.

    The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.


  42. Michael says:

    Hi Adam,

    The scripture you refer to is from 2 Thessalonians 3 vs 10 but it says;

    Even while we were with you, we gave you this command: “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.” (New Living Translation (©2007))

    It does not refer in my opinion to people that want to work like yourself.

    However I understand how you feel and similar thoughts have gone through my own mind during times of unemployment. I now have temporary contract work but I am separated from my wife and family. Take heart Adam, sometimes life deals us hard blows. If you can get this word from Paul in your heart it can lighten the load you carry;

    2 Corinthians 4:16-18 That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.

    Kindest Regards


  43. Michael says:

    Hi Steve

    I have been listening to your “Sermon on the Mount” podcast and I have found them very encouraging. In particular I was always troubled by the passage in Mathew 7 vs 21 – 23, but you have cleared this up for me now, thank you

    Kind Regards

  44. Alvin says:

    I thank you for this encouraging article as I am now in-between jobs for almost 6 months. My last employer made me redundant in April this year. This came to me as a shock because prior to this, I was told my contract would be extended.

    Despite attending many interviews since April, at least once a week, I did not get any offers.I was discouraged when God did not respond despite my prayers and cries for my employment.

    With faith, I have just invested a bulk of my savings for a part-time masters program and other programs that may help in my employability.

    I hope you can pray with/for me that I can get a job offer soon by next month if possible. My savings are finite and I have 2 old parents to take care.

    Thank you,

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I’m glad you found this article encouraging, Alv. Thanks for letting me know.

      I will pray — and there are others who visit this page on the blog who will pray as well.

      Please keep us posted on what God does — and keep fighting to trust His precious promises.

      Because of Jesus, the Father loves you and is rejoicing to do you good with all His heart and soul (Jer 32:40f). He will be faithful to care for you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  45. David says:


    Thank you for the blog. I recently graduated from graduate school a couple months ago, but have had difficulty finding a position in my field – education – or in finding even temporary work. I’ve had a couple of interviews for some work, but every time the opportunity was not to be. Yet, it’s more frustrating to not hear from a place than to hear in the negative – and these past months have been a resounding silence to most of my applications and resumes. I’m recently waiting on another interview, though.

    I left for graduate school with the specific intention of using the time to become closer to Jesus – I had overworked myself during my undergrad days and did not prioritize Christ the way I should’ve. Through much grace, God humbled me in graduate school by introducing me to wonderful Christian friends and an equally wonderful church, all of which helped me grow in my faith. I am incredibly grateful God led me down this path before my unemployment.

    God has blessed me with so much – my friends, my family, my significant other, my faith – that I constantly remind myself of the need to be grateful for being so undeservingly prosperous.

    Your post helped me collect my thoughts during these trying times, and I want to say, Thank you. And I pray for your ministry and for those who, like me, are currently unemployed.

    God bless.


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Good to meet you, David. Thanks for sharing your story, and for letting me know that the post was helpful.

      And it is good to hear how God strengthened you in Christ during graduate school — so you are more equipped to deal with the trial of not finding a job. He is so wise and good.

      I’ll pray that this recent interview results in a job offer. Please keep us posted.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

      • sherry says:

        I love this site. I have been unemployed for six months, and then two weeks ago my savings and checking account got garnished from a long ago bill of 12 years ago. I have no money, but I have a lot of peace so far . I sent off a very nice resume today, and I am feeling good about this position..that all will be well. Don’t think I don’t get scared, but I love to read Psalm 23, it comforts me so much. When this happened I just shook a lot because I was so afraid. I asked God to give me peace one night, and in a few seconds I was so peaceful. I just keep reading the psalm when I get scared and it works. I am going to a healing session at my church tonight and I am going to be prayed over for a job and some type of money, because I have two dollars left. When I get home I plan on reading Matt. 6:25-34. I feel that God is really speaking to me a lot, and I love what He is saying.

  46. Matthew says:


    I had a second interview today with a local employer for a job in my field.

    I was interviewed by four people and the interview seemed to go very well. Please pray for favor and direction.

    Blessings to you,


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Matthew —

      Great news about the second interview. So glad you felt like it went well. I’m praying right now for a job offer, and for wisdom for you.

      Thanks for keeping us posted!


  47. Matthew says:


    I am going to be interviewed for a different position later this week at a university near my home – the job description appears to have been uniquely written for me.

    The job appears to be ideal, but the starting salary is rather low. (Zech. 4:10) I believe that this may be the direction that God is leading me, however.

    I’m learning to trust Him more and more each day and to take one step at a time in faith.

    Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks so much for the update, Matthew. I’m praying right now for this job to come through — and for the Father to strengthen you, encourage you, and fully meet your needs.


  48. Greg says:

    Thank you for your article. My problem is that I have been laid off twice in the past three years. I struggle with thoughts about God. I sometime wonder if he is so full of compassion, why does he see my tears and anguish and not make a way for me to get a job. Yes, he has been providing, but he leaves me in this state of unemployment. He promises peace and joy, but all I have is heartache and dissappointment. Where is he in all this mess. I just can’t see God as Full of compassion when he sits by watching me suffer. What father would watch his child suffer and not do something about it. I could see being unemployed for several months, but I’m losing hope. I just don’t see God as kind and loving as some people say he is. I just don’ know anymore.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Greg,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your story. It’s clear that you have been going through a very difficult time — and my heart goes out to you.

      And even though you see very little evidence of this in your circumstances, I want to encourage you that God does love you and is full of compassion.

      As you know, the Bible does not say that the more God loves us, the fewer trials we will have. In fact, God promises that His beloved children WILL have many trials — but God also promises that His loving purpose in every trial is to bring us even more closeness with Him.

      That’s one reason why Lam 3:22-25 is so powerful — “the Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, and His compassions never fail.” It can look like they have ceased and failed — but they have not.

      I promise you — based on God’s Word — that God has a beautifully wise and loving purpose for this season of unemployment. Fight the fight of faith to believe this. Check out some of the other articles on this site — under both the “Need Immediate Help?” and the “Want a Quick Overview?” sections. I think you might find them helpful.

      And feel free to follow-up with comments or questions — and keep me posted on your situation.

      I will be praying for you — and there are other prayer warriors who read the comments on this page who will pray as well.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  49. Matthew says:


    After 49 days of unemployment, I just received a call with an employment offer. I have fasted and prayed over the past three weeks and asked the Lord some very specific things all of which were granted. My new boss was even able to offer me more money than was budgeted because she was so impressed with my credentials.

    I prayed for favor and grace yesterday before my interview and actually had several ‘divine appointments’ on my way to the interview. God is amazing and oh, so faithful!

    Thank you for praying for me and for this wonderful website. Finding your website was such an encouragement and the things which you’ve included on the site were inspired by the Holy Spirit and thank you, Steve, for praying for me! You don’t know what an encouragement it was to receive your replies!

    Thank you to any prayer warriors out there who prayed for me. I am eternally grateful to you!

    For those of you who are unemployed and reading this blog, be encouraged. The God of Heaven and Earth hears your cries and will never leave or forsake you! Encourage yourself in the Lord by reading His Word and meditating upon scripture.

    Do not lose hope and stay in constant fellowship with other believers. I have met with the same brother for the past six weeks praying each week that God would provide me with a breakthrough.

    The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Combined with fasting is a powerful combination!

    God is still on the throne and watching over you. He will provide for you!


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Matthew,

      I’m rejoicing with you in God’s goodness and faithfulness. Thank you SO much for sharing your story — and for your encouraging words to those who are still unemployed. And I am thrilled that — by God’s grace — this blog was encouraging to you.

      With a full heart,

      Steve Fuller

  50. Shane says:

    I’ve been looking for employment everywhere since May. Nothing. And now im really concerned. In about 2 weeks my family will be without money, no place to live, (already been using savings) and no prospects. So, i have been praying and proclaiming. And at this point im just disappointed. I feel that im really alone and was delusional to believe.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Shane,

      I am sorry to hear about your lengthy unemployment, and the deadlines you are facing.

      With love and urgency — I want to plead with you to fight to keep trusting God.

      I imagine things look pretty bleak right now. But what helps me when I’m deeply discouraged is truths like Rom 8:32 — that if God would do the EXTREMELY hard thing of delivering His own Son up for you — then SURELY He won’t neglect the much easier task of caring for you now.

      He doesn’t guarantee that you will get a job in any particular time-frame. But He does promise to orchestrate everything to bring you the greatest closeness to Him (2Cor 4:17). He is the prize. And He will take care of your finances in whatever way He chooses in the meantime (Mat 6:33).

      You probably aren’t feeling the power of those truths now. But you can turn to Jesus just as you are, trusting Him to help you, comfort you, and strengthen your faith. Then open God’s Word and fight the fight of faith — with prayer — to trust what He says.

      Use Psalm 50:15; Psalm 40:1-3; Psalm 42:5; Psalm 55:22; Romans 8:32; Habakkuk 3:17-19; Philippians 4:19.

      As you do that — preaching the truth to yourself, praying for the work of the Spirit, and fighting to trust God’s Word — He will meet you, help you, strengthen you, and fill you with His all-satisfying presence.

      Then in that strength, keep praying for a job, keep networking, looking, doing whatever you possibly can. AND keep fighting off unbelief — and fighting to trust His precious promises.

      I am praying for you right now. And there are prayer warriors who pray for those posting comments on this unemployment page. (Thank you, prayer warriors!)

      Please keep us posted on what the Father does in your heart — and in your situation.

      Your brother in Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  51. Stephanie says:

    Just this past Friday I was fired from my account assistant job I only had for 8 months. I loved this job and because of a error I was let go. Prior to this job I was unemployed for a year and half due to a lay off at my last place of employment. I am totally blindsided because I did not see this coming at all. I am currently in state of shock, embarrassment, and anger. I’m asking God how could this have happened again. Just as I was collecting myself financially again from my last job. I’m seriously lost…I haven’t told anyone close to me because I fear they will look at me as a loser. I only have my insurance (which was free by the way) till the end of this month. My place of employment does not have the COBRA act because the company has only 20 people. On top of that the next time I get paid the majority of that check will go to rent. I’m really scared…I’m at a lost. I’m trying so hard to remind myself God is in control and he won’t let me down…but its so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The thought of going back out there and filling out apps, then playing the waiting game is disheartening. I need prayer to go on….because right now I feel I can’t go on.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for sharing your story. To be unemployed for a year and a half, then get a job, but then lose it after eight months — wow. Plus the financial pressures, and fear of how others will look at you. I am really sorry to hear what’s going on.

      I will definitely pray for you — and there’s others who read the comments on this blog post regularly and pray as well. We’ve seen God work in some powerful ways.

      Do you have any believing friends you could talk and pray with? Are you part of a Bible-believing church that has small groups? It’s important to have prayer support at a time like this.

      And even more important — know that God promises to give you everything you need to sustain, comfort, guide, and provide for you through this trial. EVERYTHING. Pray over promises like 2 Corinthians 9:8; Psalm 50:15; Philippians 4:13 and 4:19; Matthew 6 (second half on not being anxious about money).

      Read the post on how to fight the fight of faith — and let us know what you experience the Holy Spirit doing in your heart. Also check out the posts under the “Need Immediate Help?” section — you might find them encouraging.

      And again — thank you for sharing your story with us.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  52. Greg says:

    I’m so sorry for your situation. I can relate to what you are going through. I have been laid off twice in the past three years. The organization I worked for laid me off after almost 8 years due to the county budget crisis. After 18 months of unemployment, I finally got another job that paid less than half of what I was making. But, I was glad to be employed again and felt like maybe my life would get back to normal. Then out of the blue, on a Friday, my boss called me into his office and gave me the bad news that I was being let go. This was only 90 days into my new job. It was a complete SHOCK especially when I was told I was doing such a good job. It’s now been 16 months since my second layoff with no sight of employment at all. On the 29th of September it will be a total of 3 year of unemployment with the exception of the 90 short days I worked. I am so discouraged and sometimes angry at God that he would allow such heartache. So, I know what you are facing and going through. We will have to pray for each others and many more that are Unemployed. God Bless you and may He meet all your needs according to His Riches in Glory.

  53. Matthew says:


    I will be praying for you that God provides a way for you to find gainful employment.

    If you are physically able, I would encourage you to consider fasting. I conducted a partial fast for three weeks (little to no food during the day) and prayed during meal times. God met with me, spoke to me through His Word, and provided a job with benefits.

    I have been through four periods of unemployment in my twenty year career and I can speak from experience: God is faithful. He will never leave or forsake you.

    Please stay in fellowship with other believers. I prayed every week with the same brother and he encouraged me by calling me, e-mailing me, etc. One of the pastors at my church prayed with my wife twice during this period of unemployment and e-mailed me every week to check up on me.

    The enemy will want to condemn you for losing your job – but there is NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. God has a plan for you and He will rescue you and provide you with a job. He knows your needs.

    Trusting when you can’t see the road before you can be difficult. Read the Word daily to see the promises of God and pray them back to the Lord. His Word will not return void.

    You can trust Him.


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Greetings, Michael —

      It is so good to have this coming from someone who has experienced God’s faithfulness during times of unemployment.

      Your testimony of God’s faithfulness, and you wise, practical counsel are very helpful.

      Thank you for taking the time to bring this encouragement.


  54. Greg says:

    Hi Pastor Steve:

    Thanks for this website and thanks for listening to us who are unemployed.
    Michael is right about having fellowship with other believers. I was reading through a book by Tina Zahn. She is a believer who almost committed suicide but was saved by the police. She was going through physical pain and other problems but sisters were praying for her. See what the power of prayer through beloved brothers and sisters in Christ can do (James 5:16).
    In Christ,

  55. Stephanie says:

    Steve, Greg, and Matthew,

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I actually cried it out with God today. I had been holding it in trying to put on a happy face for my family since Saturday was the day of my mothers wedding. Some of the load has been lifted but I’m still feeling a bit of heaviness concerning my financial situation, but I know some way…some how God will see me through. He didn’t bring me to the big city just to leave me in these times. Please continue to pray for us who is going through this thing called unemployment.

  56. Cass says:

    I have always been hired at the ‘bottom of the ladder’ so to speak, but each time I was quickly moved to higher levels of management. I was totally blessed, and from my point of view, solely because I used good common sense and had a good moral upbringing in the church. I did not, however, stop to thank God for the blessings he’d been lavishing on me. One of the positions I held, I went from being storefront, to being in quality, to being lead of quality, to manager of operations within an 8 month period. I wasn’t qualified for this position though, and took guidance from one of the owner’s which ended up with my totally disrespecting an employee. I felt horrible. I didn’t think it through, but complied with my employer and displayed everything but Jesus’ love. Since that time I have had a very hard time finding gainful employment. As I said the last position I held laid me off in 2009. By this time I’d repented and asked God to help me change and I really felt him asking me to go back to school. I did and was very successful in my studies. I graduated just before Christmas this past year. Just after Christmas my husband physically abused me and we had to separate. My 15-year-old son was really affected by this and began acting out. I spent 4 months working with my son and I believe he is on the right path now, turning to God and trusting Him. I have applied for more than 500 jobs, that I am qualified for, and have only had 4 interviews. I have been turned down for each position, but each interviewer has told me they felt I was totally qualified for the position and I did everything perfect, but they needed someone who already lived in the area, or I just needed a little bit more experience, or too qualified etc. It’s difficult to live this way, the least of my issues is financial. The difficult thing is that you spend 6 to 8 hours a day searching for employment, 4 hours a day with God (up until a month ago), asking for direction, guidance, asking for confirmation that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing and hearing only silence. I live in a very secluded area and have no one nearby to lean on for support. My family have been great, and have asked me to turn down a specific position, should it be offered me because they feel it would be like my saying I either don’t believe in God or that He doesn’t believe in me. It’s wonderful knowing your family believes God has a specific plan set out for your life, but I have to admit to being angry with God because he hasn’t given me the response I want yet. I never realized I was angry with God until just recently, I have since repented of that and have resumed spending time with Him, in His word, etc. If you could pray with me that God would reveal Himself to me anew and give me a sense of refreshment during this low season I would appreciate it. I know with all my heart that He has something in store, I also feel I need the breath of life breathed into my life to help me to continue fighting. It’s like needing the breath to be blown on the dry bones. Sorry I’m so longwinded!

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I am praying right now, Cass, and there are many prayer warriors who check this page regularly who will also be praying.

      And are you part of a church where you can have a few trusted sisters you can pray with? Fellowship is crucial for fighting the fight of faith.

      And I am so glad that you have resumed spending time seeking the Lord. It’s clear that you are going through a very difficult time, and God promises to comfort, strengthen, guide and provide — that’s what I’m praying for you right now.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  57. Kevin says:

    At least God supplied a car that I can live in and use to stay out of the rain after losing a place to live because there was no job and no income for the rent. And God supplied the food stamps to keep me from starving. The job? well, that’s something else.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I’ve not experienced what you are going through — but I am going to pray for you right now

      And I do want to say that because you are trusting Jesus Christ — God will keep every promise in His Word. The Bible doesn’t say believers avoid suffering. Far from it. But we can be confident that God is orchestrating everything to bring us even more nearness to Him — and that He will take care of every other need as well.

      Let us know what happens —

      Steve Fuller

  58. Shan says:

    Please pray for me. I have been unemployed for 10 months. Been on interview after interview no job. Getting unemployment but I am fighting feelings of depression because I feel like I did something wrong to God because of this. I was working as a teacher and was let go because of some unjust things. Please pray for me. I am not praying for a job anymore but now I want to be in God’s perfect will in my life. For the right career and other things.


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Shan,

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your story. I can tell you are going through a tough time, and will pray for you right now. There are others who check on this page regularly who will pray as well.

      Do you have some fellow-believers you can talk and pray with about this? Fellowship is crucial when times are hard.

      Let us know what God does in your life — He surely will be faithful to all of His promises to you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  59. Alvin says:

    I want to thank all readers who have prayed for me.

    On 28 Aug I posted an entry on how I was made redundant in April this year. On 29 Aug, I was called to attend an interview for a temp job on 30 Aug. On 5 Sep I started my first day and signed for a 1-month temp contract.

    Within 2 weeks, I was offered another month of temp contract. I don’t know how my career is going to work out from here but I thank God for some source of income.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for the encouraging update, Alvin. I’m thankful that you’ve got some income — and will pray that the Father strengthens you, guides you, provides for you, and satisfies you in Himself.

  60. Matthew says:

    I want to encourage anyone right now who is unemployed with sharing a few things that I learned during my season of unemployment this year.

    1) God knows your situation and hears your cries – “All my longings lie open before you, O Lord; my sighing is not hidden from you.” (Psalm 38:9)

    2) Our God is a God who hears our prayers. “O you who hear prayer, to you all men will come.” Psalm 65:2. Find another believer who will pray with you on a regular basis. You need the encouragement and this will uplift your spirit.

    3) Prayer is powerful. “O you who hear prayer, to you all men will come.” James 5:16

    4) Do not succumb to the temptation of stop going to church and fellowshipping with other believers.

    5) Wait expectantly upon the Lord – even if it appears that there is nothing on the horizon ‘job-wise’ for you at this point in time.

    “In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” Psalm 5:3

    6) Keep in mind that your unemployment is only a season – while it seems like an eternity to you, it is only for a defined period of time.

    “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” Ecc 3:1

    7) Your season of unemployment can be a test of your faith and shake you to your core. However, God wants us to have an ‘overcoming’ attitude of joy in the midst of this trial. This can only happen if we have eyes of faith that our Heavenly Father is a loving God and provider.

    “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.” James 1:2

    God is also molding us and shaping our character during a season of unemployment – He puts us through the ‘furnace of affliction’ to purify us.

    Having been unemployed before, I know that this is not an enjoyable process to go through. There is a ‘pruning’ process that occurs so that we can bear more fruit for the kingdom.

    8) You have NOT been forsaken during this time. There were times that I felt so alone during the day when my wife was at work and my sons in school. I reminded myself that I was not truly alone and that God was right there with me in this trial. I read the story about Daniel and how the ‘Son of Man’ was with him in the fiery furnace. Also note that Daniel was also in good company – there were others with him in the very same trial. God had not left him completely alone.

    “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Deut. 31:8

    9) Your steps are ordered of God and it can seem awfully confusing when you are trying to make sense of how you ended up unemployed. However, we must trust that God is our Shepherd who leads and guides us.

    “A man’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way?” This verse ministered to me on several occasions when I was wondering how I had ended up unemployed after being so successful with my job. God had other other plans for me.

    “I am the Lord your God who teaches you what is best for you; who directs you in the way you should go.”

    Pray that God would ‘make straight your path’ and that you wouldn’t be applying for jobs that may not be right for you.’ I prayed through this verse many times and God did make my path very straight and He led me to the right job for me.

    10) God will provide for you. “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” One time when I was out of work, I had two young children and a wife to provide for. Through God’s providence, I found a temporary job that lasted for six months. This same employer actually created a job for me and I worked there for several years.

    11) Take care of your temple (your body). Be sure to exercise even if you’re only taking a walk in the neighborhood. This is a good way to manage your stress.

    12) Meditate on the Word of God – you need to read and re-read the scriptures for encouragement and strength.

    13) Finally, God WILL make a way where there seems to be no way. Right now, you may feel that you are in a desert with no road signs whatsoever to guide you forward. God will sustain you during this season and will guide you onto the path that leads you out of the desert. He will be your guide.


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you SO much for sharing these insights, Matthew. Practical, wise, helpful. I hope everyone struggling with unemployment reads this!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Matthew,

      Thank you for your sharing and testimony. I read it many times, to give me strength and guide to prayer, for a job again.

      May God continue to bless and keep you,

  61. Kevin says:

    It’s become very clear that God’s decision in my case is that I’m better off unemployed and homeless.

    I’ve prayed that I want God to show me the right path to take. So far I’ve gotten no direction of the path to take and I’m still living in my car. It looks like all of the people who claim prayers are answered, don’t acknowledge that the answer may be “It’s time to be a failure because that will make you a better person.”

    I have several obstacles to being hired. I’ve run out of money and had to leave the room where I was living and am living in my car, so I have no address at which to receive anything. The lack of money also meant my cell phone was disconnected. So a potential employer can reach me only by e-mail when I’m at a library branch. And I’m 57 years old which means I’m in the least likely age range to be hired. It looks as if I’m completely unemployable.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      It’s clear that you are going through extreme difficulty, Kevin. My heart goes out to you — and I am praying for you right now.

      Please, brother, keep humbly trusting Jesus Christ. Yes, up to this point His will is that you be unemployed and hopeless.

      But Paul said that believers will face famine and nakedness — but even then they are not separated from Christ’s love (Rom 8:35).

      Let me encourage you to find some believing men who can gather around you to pray for and encourage you.

      Fight the fight of faith to keep trusting God’s promises.

      He is being faithful to you now — and will continue to be — as you keep trusting Christ.

      Keep us posted on how you are doing — there are prayer warriors who pray for those who comment on this page.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • learning every day says:

      Your comment made me cry and perhaps i am too over-sensitive and naive for this world sometimes but i just wanted to send some love.

      i’m 23 and still live with parents so i can in no way compare my dark hours to yours and i dont mean to but when i do feel low, i will always hear the words ‘have courage, i am with you’
      it’s a cold, concrete world that passes on bitterness from one heart to another and that’s when i always think of that song ‘hands’ by jewel? ‘poverty stole your golden shoes, it didn’t steal your laughter’ and ‘I will gather myself around my faith, For light does the darkness most fear’

      i’m sorry, i don’t mean to quote songs to you but i always feel like that songs a bit of blanket for me and wanted to share.

      I’m sending a little hope and love up to God for you and may he hand it to you.

    • carol says:

      Oh kevin

      this was written several years ago. how are you. have you found anything yet? where are you. i am 56 years old recently divorced and trying to work again after being an at home mom for 13 years. please let us know how you are doing.

  62. Greg says:

    Hi Kevin;

    You are NOT a failure!! I’m almost in the same boat you are in. I’ve been unemployed for almost 3 years. I live with my sister in the same house and she gets on my back b/c I’m jobless. I am on welfare and food stamps but I haven’t seen a dime yet. I’m almost out of money except for change. Do you have friends? Do you go to a church where brothers and sisters in Christ can help you? Can you get help from welfare? Can you get any assistance at all? I am a Christian and I, too, have my struggles with the Lord about being jobless. There are times when I blame Him for the jobless situation. I’m telling you this to let you know that you are not alone. I care brother and so does the Lord. Please stay in touch.
    In Christ,

  63. Kevin says:

    We’ll learn next Tuesday, if the job offer that came from an unexpected source will work out. Prayers are appreciated. Perhaps things are truly darkest just before the light of the hopeful new day.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I am praying right now — please do let us know.

      And may God strengthen you, comfort you, provide for you, give you a job, and satisfy your heart in Himself in the meantime.


  64. Michael says:

    Hi Steve, Agnes, Ms Gadson and all who have prayed.

    I have secured a contract working a 3 day week based at at home. The contract is rolling for 3 months and then a further 3 months with a strong possibility of it going full time as the business is growing all the time. Many of the full time employees have taken the same route as I am taking.

    Its been a long and hard road since my redundancy 3 years ago but I feel this chapter in my life is now closing and God is leading me onto a new place. Thank you for the support I have had from this community and thank you Jesus for not letting me go under,

    Kindest Regards

  65. Kevin says:

    Nothing good to report here. In fact, things have gotten worse. I had one job interview on Tuesday, and spent all of the money I had left to buy gasoline to get to the interview. I have extensive experience in the area where the opening was, and the opening exists right now and needs to be filled, but I was told that the hiring manager needs to review my resume and wants to interview more people; a clear way of saying “you aren’t good enough.” Then this morning I tried to get food stamp benefits renewed, and was rejected for expedited benefits, allegedly for not putting a single zero in one space on a computer form. On the way away from the food stamp office an angry woman honked the horn of her SUV when I wasn’t driving fast enough in front of her: her SUV had an “In God We Trust” license plate on the back. In a time when I needed help and was praying for assistance, the answers have been “you’re not good enough” and “God wants you to get out of the way.” I’ve never encountered such unquestionable and definitive proof that, despite I was taught as an impressionable child, that God is not love, that God is vindictive hate. I see almost reason I should exist other than to give God another hopeless pawn that he can laugh at.

    • Greg says:

      Hi Kevin:

      I understand where you are coming from. I, too, am unemployed and looking for work. My sister had to pay 2 bills this morning and she was upset about it. Right now, I understand that you are angry with God. I’ve been angry with Him too for the same reasons you are. All I can say is that in spite of the rotten circumstances, God loves you and He will use these bad things to help you. Please don’t give up hope man! Jesus loves you and so do I! Please look to him my brother.

      In Christ,

    • Greg says:

      Hi Kevin:

      There have been times when I’ve been out of money and close to it but the Lord came through for me! Please keep on trusting Him. He will come through for you.
      If He doesn’t help you, then He would go back on His Word and He wont’ do that.
      Two tough areas about being a Christian are: waiting on God’s timing and forgiving people (especially Christians) who should know better.
      Hang in there from one has been there brother: the Lord will come through for you.
      In Christ,

    • Greg says:

      Hi Kevin: Here is something I found on Facebook and it applies to you brother:

      Some of you TODAY, and for MANY YEARS, are NOT only carrying the weight of your pain and baggage on your shoulders, but carrying other people’s PROBLEMS and BAGGAGE on your shoulders as well, I feel this strongly in my heart, TODAY is the DAY, YOU WILL BE FREE! Whoever is holding onto OLD BAGGAGE and OTHER people’s problems and baggage, today is the DAY you NEED to humble yourself and GIVE it to the LORD! No MORE Carrying it around and making yourself tired, sick and weak! You can’t fight the good fight of faith, weighed down to the floor! Release it to the LORD, God said,”Cast all your cares onto me.” Not just one, two or three, but ALL!! All things that CONCERN YOU! GIVE IT TO THE KING! NO MORE CARRYING the weight of your past, or what others have done to you! You can not help anybody by making their problems yours! BUT you can PRAY for them and SHOW them THERE IS HOPE and that HOPE is JESUS!!! Nothing else will relieve that pain, Nothing else will satisfy those needs, Nothing else will fill every void in your life!!!! Come to JESUS, Give it all to JESUS, Love in JESUS! Today in YOUR DAY to BREAK FREE! For whoever is in CHRIST, is a NEW creature and the OLD is GONE and the NEW has COME!! Today is your day my brother, Today is your day my brother!!!! Let GO and let GOD! #Hallelujah! ♥

    • learning every day says:

      hello Kevin, i’m sorry to hear that things haven’t picked up for you and i’ve been sitting here for a while wondering how to reply. Words feel meaningless for something like this and i’ve been re-reading your post trying to make sense of it and then I was reminded of something.

      I listen to music so often that God will usually reply with music to me in some way so i’m sorry to quote another song to you, forgive me for that. But a couple of months ago I was out for a walk with music playing in one ear and God in the other and I was so caught in the worry that I no longer heard the music, when i realised this, the very first line I heard was ‘what if what i want makes you sad at me?’
      and promptly stopped me in my tracks.

      It’s a song called ‘what if’ by a band, safetysuit, and now everytime i hear it, its a reminder that even though our prayers start with ‘our heavenly father’ and just like the story ‘footprints in the sand’ he’s a friend that’s always there, never faltering, in all this love and forgiveness and comfort, we forget that he’s also a King.
      I think most christians will always say that God never promised you smooth sailing, ‘you shall walk through fire but you will not be burned’. Yes, that may be true but in that moment, I realised that what was more important, was God wanted to know if I’d still be holding his hand at the end of it?

      I was taught bible stories from I was knee height and I remember hearing the story of Abraham for the first time and being a little scared. I thought, wow, this God person is really scary. One day he tells Abraham, yes i’m finally going to grant your prayers and give you the child you ask for and then a few years later, just as out of the blue says, now i want you to sacrifice him to me…..I think I can guess Abraham’s reaction to that. But he still does it. And God suddenly takes on a whole new persona in my mind and I can see this King on this throne with his crown and getting the ultimate proof that Abraham loved him more than his own child.

      I realise that i’m rambling now for someone who didnt have anything to say but Steve has commented here calling us ‘prayer warriors’ and i always get this beautiful image of shields of light radiating out your fingertips and i will continue to pray for the relief of your suffering but maybe this time, just once, God just wants to know where he stands with you?

      Please keep yourself safe and know that I care about you and have only replied in such a way as to be useful and not to fan the flames of your anger more.

  66. Michael says:

    Kevin, I have felt exactly like you have and poured out my frustration in ways not becoming of what the church might call ‘christian’. God did not say you are ‘not good enough’ and neither did He say ‘get out of my way’, people did that! You are going through a dark time probably very similar to the one I am just coming out of which has lasted three and a half years. Times where I have had no money and been separated from my family for long periods of time just to make ends meet. This time has to a degree taught me not to rely on the ‘Mammon’ systems of this world as we are all geared that way from childhood. God is preparing you for something bigger than just surviving till you go home. Hang in there and hang on! Its not easy but you will come through this and I’m sorry if I sound patronizing, I don’t mean to, I just want you to make it through because there is something better for you at the end of this.

    God Bless you and strengthen you,
    Michael, (UK)

  67. Kevin says:

    I spent my last change to make a 50-cent call at a pay phone hoping to speak to a recruiter and reached only voice mail. The car where I’ve been living started running out of fuel on the way to the library and I barely got there. With no money there will be no fuel and no way to go from place to place, and I’m not even sure I can get away from the library and back to the abandoned parking lot where I’ve been staying. Even if there is another job offer there will be no way to get there,with no money and no fuel. Unless there’s some sort of miracle,this is the end of any hopes I had.All of the prayers have been answered with messages of failure. This is where we have learned what God really wants.

  68. Kevin says:

    Wow, have things turned around in the last 24 hours. I mentioned my plight on a Facebook posting, and that led to a spontaneous fund-raisihg drive that collected far more than I need to get backon my feet, so much that I’llbe able to pass some of it along to an area agency that helps the homeless. As always, I was wrong andadmit it.

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Hi Kevin,
      I chanced upon this website and read all the comments and testimonies. Your testimony was so moving and as I kept reading all your comments leading to the blessing that Jesus provided you, even though you had given up hope in Him, it helped reassure me that Jesus will do the same for each of his Sheep that have either gone astray or is just listening for his voice. God bless you and may your testimony provide the reassurance of God’s timing and blessing to each person who visit’s this site seeking answers to their troubles, especially unemployment. God Bless you and also Steve Fuller for faithfully ministering to each person who wants to be comforted by Jesus. Please pray that God may end my period of unemployment and thereby make my testimony a blessing to many!

      • Steve Fuller says:

        Thanks for your encouragement to Kevin, Waiting On The Lord. I’m sure it is helpful to him and others that read these comments.

        I will pray right now for your unemployment to end, and for the Father to satisfy, strengthen, guide, and provide for you in the meantime.

        In Christ,

        Steve Fuller

  69. Jesus says:

    I turned 21 on July 2nd and I’ve never worked a day in my life because of being really insecure and fear of failure. Its affecting me really greatly now. I’ve been applying from place to place now and the only thing I get are interviews but because I have no job experience, one of the interviewers brought me down very low. I cant provide for my family. We recieved an eviction a week ago, three months behind on the rent, and the papers were sent to court. God I dont really know what you are doing but I trust in you. You are all powerful and all knowing. I wont complain. Let your will be done.

    • Jesus says:

      Even though I’m trusting in God, I’ve had suicidal thoughts. But I know thats not the way out. Just when I’m about to lose all hope, Jesus is there to lift me up. Its hard…. this walk with Christ. I’m always being attakced by the enemy. Not one day when he wont leave me alone. But greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. Like I posted before, I’m leaving it in my Fathers hands. amen

      • Steve Fuller says:

        Sounds like you’ve been through a lot, and my heart goes out to you.

        And I am so glad you are trusting the Father — it’s His love and comfort in Jesus Christ that will sustain you — and ultimately deliver you.

        Are you part of a Bible-believing-and-living church community with some trusted men you can share and pray with? That would be so helpful at a time like this.

        And please keep us posted on how you are doing — there are some prayer warriors who regularly read these comments and pray earnestly for those who post here.

        In Christ,

        Steve Fuller

        • Jesus says:

          Yeah, I go to a penecostal church here in indio, ca. I’ve been through alot along with my family but God has gotten us through everything. I dont really trust many of the people in the church though cause have said lies about me in the past but I still have to love them either way. Just like Jesus loved me enough to die for me. But I can’t trust them. But I trust our Lord and saviour. He’s faithful. amen. :]

  70. Anonymous says:

    Very encouraging words for the unemployed. Just knowing everything in our lives that happens is in God’s plan….I love it!

  71. Mary anne says:

    Hi, I am a single mother with a 5month old daughter, I just learned that the agency I am working now will no longer renew my contract. I am devastated till now and would really like to have counseling on how should i let go of my own needs and just have faith in God Plans for me and my daughter. I wish you could help me. it will be really great help. I don,t know how i will provide the needs of daughter

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Mary anne,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am so sorry to hear about your contract not being renewed. I will pray right not that Jesus Christ strengthens you, comforts you, and provides for you.

      Are you part of a Bible-believing-and-living church — with some loving sisters in Christ that you could share and pray with? Fellowship is crucial at times like this.

      And please keep us posted. There are prayer warriors who read these comments and pray regularly.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  72. Mary Anne says:

    thank you for replying sir, i am not part of any fellowship, i just attend christian worship every Sunday. honestly, i am ashamed and scared of my situation. All I do now is pray that God strengthen may faith and have the confidence to face the future. thank you so much sir. Somehow I feel bless having someone to talk to. God bless.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      You are so welcome, Mary Anne. Keep trusting Jesus Christ to guide, comfort, strengthen, and provide for you. And do all you can to connect with other sisters in the faith. Like I said — fellowship is crucial at times like this.

      And do keep us posted on how you are doing.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  73. Michael says:

    There are many times when we are taken to the very edge of the precipice and think that we are about to fall over it when suddenly God shows up and rescues you. This has happened many times to me and even in my most recent trial which lasted for over three years. I think God tests our metal in these circumstances. He also girds us in ‘trust’ and ‘faith’ which changes your thinking and opens you eyes to the spirit realm and the brevity of life on this earth, even if you live to be a 100 years old, its brief!

    Our world is changing where some things are being shaken to their very core and have been found wanting and the biggest of these I believe is mammon and its systems. God is calling us out of these systems and wants us to look to him. If you are struggling in the financial realm then I believe God wants to show you something of his provision and wants your reliance to be on him. I’m not there yet but I’ve left.

    You must keep going Mary Anne, Kevin and others who are struggling on here. It’s a hard walk sometimes but listen to what Paul Says:

    2 Corinthians 4:16-18 That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.

    That is a great scripture guys!

    God Bless you all

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for your encouraging words, Michael.

      And I totally agree about how powerful 2Cor 4:16-18 is.

      May the Father continue to strengthen and satisfy you in Christ.

      Steve Fuller

  74. Mary Anne says:

    yesterday, I had a job interview.. it all didn’t get well though. However, I believe that God has a plan that is why he let me experience what happened yesterday. Somehow i feel great today knowing that God will continue to help me. Even if i don’t get the job. there is always a next time as written in the Bible (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

    I know that God has plan for me it could be that he wants me to trust him with all my heart.

    Michael, thank you for such a great verse. I now learn that life is a struggle but in Jesus and God everything is just a test that will bring me closer THEM. thank you.

  75. Debbie says:

    I am so beaten down. Every day I expect something good from God but it gets worse and worse. I don’t see a door, a way out or help. I am at the point even if a job did come along I don’t think I could get thru an interview or be able to be successful in a new job. At some point the trial gets to be too much and you start to lose hope. I see no profit in this, it’s abusive. One does not feel loved when they keep getting kicked.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I am so sorry for what you are going through, Debbie. I am sorry for the delayed reply here — your comment sort of got lost in the shuffle.

      But I will pray for you right now — please let us know what God is going for you.

      And keep fighting for hope — Scriptures I use for this are Psa 42:5 and Rom 15:13.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  76. am says:

    I have had a hard road lost my neice to breast cancer after six weeks of diagnoses april 2011, lost my job to relocation in September 2011 and lost my sister in law compilation to breast cancer in December 2011. I am still unemployed in 2012 14, months later. I have applied on hundreds of jobs still no luck. I am losing hope, faith and my sanity. Please keep me in your prayers.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I will pray for you right now, am. Thank you for stopping by, sharing your story, and asking for prayer.

      And there are other prayer warriors who read this section and pray regularly. And do keep us posted on how you are doing.

      Are you part of a church at which you could find some fellow believers to pray with? That’s crucial for when we go through times of great trial.

      And most important — God will be faithful to you — to fulfill everything He has promised to be to you in Christ Jesus.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  77. Debbie says:

    I wanted to give an update. My circumstances haven’t changed a whole lot. I’m still unemployed, at risk of losing my home.

    I do see the work He is doing in me though. I have grown closer to Him and growing in faith. I remind myself of how He has taken care of me all my life. All I can do is trust He will provide a way.

    At least there have been some doors that are opening and some closing, so I’m more encouraged. I am grateful for the little things like a roof over my head, the lights and heat are still on, water hasn’t been shut off.

    I guess the best thing to do is take one day at a time. I pray for Him to guide my steps everyday. I don’t understand why I don’t hear from Him when I want to and need to. It seems other people hear God telling them what to do. Sometimes I think the O.T. people had it easier. At least an angel appeared and told them what God wanted or what He was doing.

    Thanks for the encouragement I have come back to help me through this difficult time. I’m praying for all those who are trying to find a job. It does make me want to do something for others who are going through the same thing.

    I have a lot of people praying for me. Next time I post, I hope to have a good testimony of how God is glorified in my situation.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for the update. I am so sorry you are still unemployed, but I am encouraged to hear that you are seeing His work in your heart.

      I will pray right now that you will be encouraged with a sense of direction from Him — and that in the meantime He will strengthen your faith and satisfy your heart even more in Himself. AND that He will quickly provide a job for you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  78. learning every day says:

    (sorry this is a bit long but I wanted to say it)

    As an update – I was offered part time but permanent work this morning finally after 2 1/2 years of unemployment and on my way home, i seen a sign for the church saying ‘through God, all miracles are possible’.
    That was great to see in such a moment and I felt very elevated and thankful, as you do given the circumstances.
    When I got home, I got silence, an awkward conversation about money and a ‘its only part time’.
    What a world we live in. So unfair. Continuously, non stop, repeat no matter what it is, over and over and over.

    You are never good enough.

    I often dream of God in various places. I’m often talking to him throughout my waking state, so it makes sense to me that I just continue the conversing in my sleep. But about 2 months ago, I was troubled by something very close to my heart and I was rhyming off to him all the doubt my waking life leaves me in. I was asking things like, Is it something you would have me do? Am I good enough for it? Could I cope? Am I worth the time and energy?
    I asked him if he would speak to me in my sleep and I knew he would.
    At first I thought I had woken up because I was still lying in my bed. But God’s presence filled the room and it always does no matter where i feel spirited away to. He stood beside me, at my feet, everywhere, his entire being fills every particle in the air. I could feel warmth on my hand and he spoke to me. He said ‘do what you want, i am with you’.

    It’s always a hard thing to remember when your troubled. If God has so planned these past few years as they have been, just to bring me to now, so be it. ‘Follow me’ has no secret meaning only the wise can understand but unfortunately, our world turns on materials and we don’t have a choice but to run after it instead. That’s how we survive.
    I am thankful for that small fragment of bone I’ve clasped hold off for now, even if I’m the only one but something internally knows that I have something else to work on. Something very important to me that I hadn’t realised before.

    So I don’t celebrate this as a triumph over the world. I celebrate this as God’s triumph over mine.

    In Christ, I am happily defeated lol

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hello Learning Every Day —

      I am so glad that the Father provided you with employment, even if it’s only part-time.

      And you are so wise in observing how God is triumphing over you and helping you surrender. I find that the key issue is surrendering to Him the other things I am seeking for heart-satisfaction, and receiving Him afresh as my all in all.

      May the Father bless you in this job, provide full-time work, and richly satisfy you in Himself.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  79. Rizza says:

    Hi everyone!My situation is just the same like you guys. I’ve been unemployed for a long time now. As in really long time! I’d been go to some interviews but it seems that the credentials that they are looking for is not suitable to mine. I’m a registered nurse by the way. My hope to be a nurse fell down. I started to apply in different position but still, no work. There is a point in my life that instead of my faith grows more due to circumstances, I questioned God about His promises that I had been holding for a long time. Of course I’m not proud of that. But during those time I was deeply hurt, depressed and hopeless. Everytime I go out I feel inferior and ashamed.
    But God have mercy on me and help me to stand up again. He help me to realized things and told me not to believe the lie of the enemy. He is with me and forever be with me. God never leave His children. He loves them so much. I praise Him for being faithful and being my hope once again. Right now, my time of being unemployed, I use it to know Him more. Brothers and sisters, let us use this time to glorify Him! Seek Him first, and all our needs will be provided by our Yahweh-Yireh.. God bless us all!!!

    • Steve Fuller says:

      It’s a joy to meet you, Rizza.

      And I give praise to God for the ways He is enabling you to persevere through hard times — and see them as opportunities to trust and glorify Him.

      Keep fighting the fight of faith, and keep us posted on how He satisfies and provides for you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  80. aty says:

    hi steve,
    i was feeling really depressed and i went online to search for some encourageement through God’s word and he brought me to your site.i’ve been out of work through my own mistake for 19months and here where i am there are no severance i’ve been through it all,doubted,rebelled,repented again just name it.but the lord has kept me and i’m learning each day to rely on him and hold on to his promises andtrust me…..thats tough.the topic and the comments were just what i needed.thanks so much for letting yourself be used of the lord and remeber me in ur prayers.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hello aty,

      I’m so glad this was helpful to you. I will pray for you right now — and there are others who read the comments on this post who will pray.

      Please keep us posted about what the Father does. And keep fighting the fight to trust all that God promises to be to you in Christ Jesus.

      In Him,

      Steve Fuller

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Aty,
      As a fellow unemployed believer, I would like to encourage you to continue to hold on to God’s promises as you have been faithfully doing so, and praying that your job is just around the corner. God is in control and he will provide for you, for he loves to give good things to his children. Be strong and wait on the Lord! May He will strengthen your heart, soul and spirit in the meantime, till he reveals his plans for you.
      God Bless.

  81. Fiona says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am from HK. I was feeling very upset and I went online to search for some encourageement. Luckily, I was brought to your blog. I was encouraged by your articles about unemployment. Thank you very much for your sharing here.

    I have been unemployed since 1st September, 2012. Though it is not a really long period, I cant help feeling hopeless and doubt where God is. I keep on asking why God has placed me in this desperate situation. There are very few job vacancies in these 2 weeks and I cannot send out any job applications. I started to regret rejecting an offer 2 weeks ago as the employment terms were too mean. I am blaming myself for being silly.

    PLease keep me in your prayers.

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Hi Fiona,
      I will pray that God gives you your much awaited job soon. Pray also for others who are unemployed and are seeking God to intervene and grant them jobs as well.
      God Bless.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Fiona,

      I am so glad you found this article encouraging. I will pray for you right now — that the Father will comfort you, strengthen you with His promises, satisfy you in Himself, and provide for you.

      I’m not so sure you were being silly to reject the previous offer. But the good news of God’s mercy is that even if you should have taken that job, God is merciful to us and will help us even when we’ve made mistakes and even when we’ve sinned — when we call upon Him.

      Please keep us posted on what He does for you —

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  82. Greg says:

    Hi Pastor Steve:

    I’m going through a tough time again. This time it’s my car. It broke down b/c of the altenator. I was driving without car insurance, registration, and suspended license. Please pray for God’s help and for Him to set me free of laziness. Please.

    In Christ,

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Greg,
      As you have been honest about your laziness, submit this also into God’s hands, and he will help you overcome this in the new year!
      God Bless.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I’m praying, brother. Thanks again for letting me know. And please continue to keep us posted.

      Your brother in Christ,


  83. Kavita says:

    I thank you for this blog. I have just finished my university studies, I have struggled for a while in many jobs, injustice etc. Now I am a bit worried as to where my life is going…. I am trying to be patient, looking for a job, but keep getting denials. I am getting married in a month’s time, I don’t have a job, all my savings running out, and I am just not sure what I am suppose to be doing, I know I need a job to carry on etc.

    Please pray that god will bless me, with a teaching position. Help me seek god, so I can draw near and see god’s plans and that what he our father has planned for me is not delayed anymore.

    Bless the Lord.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Kavita,

      Thank you for sharing your story. Be comforted — God will surely be faithful to fulfill all that He promises to be to you in Christ.

      I will pray for you right now — for wisdom, for a job, and for outpourings of joy and peace and strength in the meantime.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Kavita,
      I pray that as you approach marriage, that God will show you kindness and grant you a teaching job. As you seek His kingdom and His righteousness, may he also provide you all the other things that you need.
      God Bless.

  84. Rick says:


    I only recently discovered this website and this post and wanted to thank you for the reminder of God’s promises. I am especially grateful for your thoughts on God’s promise to repair what we ourselves have damaged. I left a job over 2 years ago because the atmosphere there was damaging to both my spirit and my Christian witness. I have struggled since then to find a job and, with each rejection letter or failure to get beyond an initial interview, I have had to fight feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy as the provider/leader of my family. Your reminder that when we humble ourselves before God and confess the part we have played in our circumstances He will redeem them was much needed and encouraged me greatly.

    I also very much appreciated the thoughts regarding each day of unemployment being a part of God’s will and plan for the time being. In a culture that expects and demands that men provide for the needs of their families – including a church culture that equates a man who does not work as worse than an unbeliever – it can be hard to understand that unemployment can often be a blessing from God and serve a higher purpose.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Rick,

      I am so glad you found this post encouraging — thanks for letting me know.

      May the Father quickly provide a job for you, and strengthen your faith in the meantime.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Rick,
      I too am unemployed so can share your feelings and pain. Let’s pray for people like us, that God will listen to our prayers and give us jobs that take care of all our needs and desires.
      God Bless

  85. felshia says:

    hi everyone, i have completed biotech in campus interview got a job in IT firm. i tried my level best to learn computer programming but i could n t. from the day i have joined till date i m being screwed and i have been constantly getting shouting. i lost interest in everything. i m looking for a research job for the past 1 year but no luck. yesterday they sent a complaint about me to the senior hr stating my work is not satisfactory . he called and shouted so badly at me. till today i can t stop my tears. will god help me find a right job. i m very much depressed. please pray for me .

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Felshia,
      Sorry to learn about your difficulties at work. Submit your worries and feelings under the feet of Jesus, pray and ask that He assists you to handle each of the tough situations that the world throws at you. He will lead you to overcome each of them and you will come our praising Him for being your savior and solving all your work related problems.
      God Bless.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Felishia,

      Thank you for letting us know what’s going on. I don’t know how God is going to work, but I am sure that He will work on your behalf, as you call upon Him in Jesus’ name.

      He promises this in Psa 52:5; Isa 64:4; Matt 7:7-11, and other powerful passages.

      Please keep us posted on what God does — and keep fighting the fight of faith to trust in His promises. Don’t let weak faith keep you from Him — come to Him as you are through Christ. He will meet you where you are and help you where you are.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  86. Brandi says:

    I’ve been struggling with unemployment since March. I worked as a government contractor and the contract ended and a new company took over. I originally was picked up but then 2 days later after I filled out the paperwork and got the accepted letter I get a phone call after work telling me don’t bother coming in the next day. I’m a single mother of 2. I tried to live off unemployment but I couldn’t swing it anymore. I just moved in with my parents about 3 months ago and this is really taking a tow on me to not be on my own and be able to take care of my own kids. In addition I have been putting in many resumes and applications and not getting anything, the few interviews or potential interviews I have received, I never heard anything back. My unemployment runs out at the end of this month and I’m not sure what am I going to do to continue to pay bills. I’ve been trying to trust on the Lord but it gets very hard especially lately knowing I will have no income in another 2 weeks. I am about at wits end and dont understand why God took this job from me by no fault of my own and to not open up doors for another job. I’ve been seeking and he promises to give us the desires of our heart within his will but still nothing. I just need HIS strength and patience to get through this until HE opens up a door of employment for me. Please pray for me

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Brandi,
      I understand your pain as I am also unemployed around the same time as you are.
      Let’s continue to trust in God’s promises as he has said HE will never leave us, nor forsake us.
      I will pray that God grants you a great job so you can take care of your kids and yourself. In the meantime, Thank God for enabling your parents to help you out in these trying times.
      Keep trusting and God will surely intervene in your life and be your shepherd and provide for all your needs.
      God Bless.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Brandi,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

      I do not know exactly what God is doing — but I do know from His Word that as you trust Him in Jesus’ name — He will work everything out in such a way that you are drawn closer to Him and experience more joy in Him.

      Are you part of a church community with some sisters in Christ who could pray with and for you? That can be a crucial part of keeping strong in faith during hard times.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  87. Anonymous says:

    i read all the posts and i am really encounraged as i am unemployed for almost a year now.most of the time iam very sad but the posts on this blog have help me greatly.i am glad i came across this blog.good work & may God bless you!

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Tintamimi —

      I am so glad you found this post and the comments encouraging. May God strengthen you as you fight to trust all He promises to be to us in Christ Jesus.

      He is truly worth it all!

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      This website has been a blessing for me as well. I too am unemployed and when I read about how a lot of us are waiting on the lord, in spite of the difficulties and doubts that the world puts into our hearts, we can be sure that God IS in control, and he will provide us with great jobs in His time.
      God Bless

  88. Alexis says:

    I had recently graduated from college back in May 2012. Both of my grandparents had gotten sick before graduation and I have been helping them since. I have also been unemployed as well. I constantly feel frustrated, sad, and sometimes I feel like a failure. I went off to school in hopes that I will get a higher education and leave home. At this point, I am right back home in a town where there is nothing available. There been times where I was honestly scared that I would be stuck here. The thing that keeps me going is that I am just getting started and I have all my hopes and dreams. I just wish that God made my path a little easier.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Alexis,

      I am so sorry for the difficulties you are having. I don’t have any immediate solutions. But I do know God is good, that God is in control, and that part of what He is doing through all of this is giving you an opportunity to go even deeper in the joy of knowing Him.

      I will pray right now that He will provide you with work, and wisdom, and powerful outpourings of His presence as you fight to trust Christ as your all-satisfying Treasure.

      Keep us posted on what God does —

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Alexis,
      God will surely bless you for taking out the time to care for your grandparents.
      Trust in God to lead you to the right job and be confident in the knowledge that God is in control, and seeks only the best for all of us. He will definitely provide you all you need.
      God Bless

  89. Anonymous says:

    Hello Steve,

    This is a great thing u have going! I feel better already after reading all the posts:)I am a single mom of two boys. I am currently receiving benefits that provide me to just get by. (ssi for my son and food benefits)I feel ashamed bc I am living off benefits. But its also a blessing. I have not worked in a long while. I want to work but, have not come across the opportunity. Daycare is too expensive and is more then my whole paycheck. I have looked into other options that help low income families but it has not worked out for me. I do not have family or friends around. Its just me. I feel like I,m overwhelmed and do not know what my next step is. This website is very encouraging. I know that God has provided for me more then I could have asked for….because I’m not working..but i feel blessed to have a home and food and clothes for my children. ..and I am currently going to school for a nursing program. ..but i cannot afford to work,,,if that makes sense bc daycare is more than my paycheck a month… I have no extra money for anything other then rent. I have not found the resources so that I can work and my kids are cared for and have enough money to pay bills…its impossible. Although, i feel blessed by God to provide me with everything…I still struggle with getting by and I really feel all alone bc im at home all the time. I do not see an answer on how to fix this situation until I graduate from school and make enough money to pay for everything as an RN..(.like 2 and a half more years) .I am hoping something awesome is in store..I feel more encouraged and full of faith after reading all of the posts:) God bless you! I know my post is random and not focused on unemployment as much as it is just random-ness…but i felt I should post something and ask for prayers to stay uplifted and for God to show me what my next steps should be in life. I usually fight my own battles so to say and not very privy to putting my personal life out there..but i believe, there is power in prayer when two or more come together. And after reading this wanted to let you know that this is an awesome website and you have seemed to have reached many people thru it.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us, and for your encouraging words.

      You mention that you are all alone (apart from your children). But have you been able to find a church community with some trusted women believers who will love you and encourage you and pray with and for you? That is crucial at a time like this.

      And I will pray for you right now — please keep us posted on how God works in your heart and circumstances.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Parent,
      Thanks for finding the boldness in reaching out to fellow believers and to ask for their prayers to tide you through these difficult times.
      I too am unemployed, so I understand a little of your problems, but Jesus knows you and loves you, and He is definitely going to provide for you and give you the job you desire.
      Keep trusting in Him, and I will keep praying that God listens to our prayers as he is Jehovah Jireh – the God who Provides. He will provide us with employment in His time and He does make all things beautiful in His time. Till then let’s wait on the Lord.
      God Bless

  90. Helen says:

    Very encouraging article.
    Please pray for me. It has been 10 months of unemployment. Lots of thoughts went through my head. I lost trust on Lord and started doubting Him. But today, when I had silent time with Lord, Faith is the message He gave to me. Please pray for me to go back to Him and have time with Him and have Faith in Him. Meanwhile, ask Him to send a believe who I can lean on and keep encouraging me. Please also pray for me to have an English speaking friend with who I can practice my English and improve it. There were quite few interviews, but I didn’t feel good after interview. I don’t know when a job offer will come to me.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Helen,

      It’s so encouraging to hear that the Lord is stirring you to trust Him. Faith in Jesus Christ is surely the key, as you said.

      And I will pray that the Father will bring you some believers to encourage you. Are you part of a Bible-believing and teaching church where you have some trusted sisters who can come alongside you? If not, do all you can to find one.

      And I will pray for someone with whom you can practice English — and for God to provide a job for you. In addition, I will pray that as you trust Jesus Christ and pray and read His Word, that He will powerfully meet and satisfy you in Himself.

      Please let us know what God does —

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Helen,
      I shall add your name to my prayers so that God grants you a great job.
      I too an employed and believe we can pray for each other and Jesus will listen to our prayers and end our unemployment very soon.
      Keep trusting and know for sure that God is in control and that HE cares for us. Pray and God will also help you improve on your English communication and make you confident for interviews.
      God Bless

  91. Michael says:

    Hi Steve and everyone I have been in touch with on here. I was offered a full time position on Monday which I have accepted. It did come as a shock as I was not expecting it. I would like to thank you all again for your prayers and encouragement that I have received whilst I have been struggling. The job is home based as well so its everything I needed, Jesus is very kind and loving. There have been some dark times over the years where like all of you I have struggled to hang on. It has been a long three and half years but I believe I am now on the other side and stronger for it. I would encourage all who are still struggling here to hang on and trust Jesus, even when you think that you can’t, stand firm!

    Ephesians 6:13

    Amplified Bible (AMP)

    13 Therefore put on God’s complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day [of danger], and, having done all [the crisis demands], to stand [firmly in your place].

    kindest Regards
    Michael (UK)

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Michael,

      I am thrilled to hear about your job, and am celebrating Jesus’ faithfulness to you.

      Thank you for letting us know, and for your encouraging words to others who are still in need of work.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Anonymous says:

      Very encouraged! This gives me hope while both me and my husband are waiting for that to happen!

    • Sharmila says:

      Hi Michael,

      I’ve read all your posts about your struggle to get a job in your area and now being blessed with a job that meets your needs. What a great God we belong to! And reading the article (thank you, Steve Fuller) and your posts has encouraged me a lot in my own struggle of unemployment and believing that God will hear my prayers.

  92. Gregory says:

    I’ve been laid off twice in the last 3 years and 3 months. It’s been over 18 months since my last layoff. I seed God helping me in the storm, but I’m tired of it. I appreciate that fact that He has helped me keep paying my bills and providing. But, I am tired of being stuck in limbo. I feel like a bird trapped in a cage. Yes, I get my bird seed and water, but that’s it. I don’t get to fly anmore, I’m provided the necessities, but I’m stuck in this damn cage. When is it going to end. The Bible says, “Father’s, dont exasperate your children or they will be discouraged!” Well, I feel like this is what God the Father is doing to me. Why can’t I find a job. The God who created everything and is sovereign, can’t help me get a job. What happened to his Love, what happened to unmerited favor! Where has he gone? I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face by God and He’s taken everything away. Yet I see the wicked prosper.

    • Waiting on the Lord says:

      Dear Gregory,
      Sorry to learn that you have been unemployed for over 18 months and that it is causing a lot of pain and anguish.
      I too am currently looking out for a job and have been unemployed for over 8 months.
      If we think about our situation, it may feel like God is not looking at our situation and trying to rescue us.
      For the past few days, I have been spending time in Prayer and especially praying for the needs of other people, along with fasting, and I found it has helped my soul be at peace in the midst of my anguish.
      As I wait upon the lord to provide me a Job, I will pray for others such as yourself, so that God provides the best job for you and for each of us who are currently unemployed.

      Psalm 37:7-9 Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes. 8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret, it leads only to evildoing. 9 For evildoers will be cut off, But those who wait for the LORD, they will inherit the land.

      May Jesus provide you the job you seek soon and satisfy your heart’s desires!

      God Bless.

      • Gregory says:

        Thank You

        • Dawn says:


          You feel the same way I felt at one point. I tend to worship my job since I have no one else to count on. I am learning to consider that I now, have Jesus as well. But Jesus does not want me to have Him on a second position after my job but The First. AND HE IS RIGHT! And right now He is training me to establish that in my head as The Truth. Unil that happens, He told me, I won’t have a stable permanent employment. All people at church tell me that I am smart, hard working and talented. I am thinking He is telling you the same thing too. One time I got that He, can give me a Job, but a job, just like any other, is expendable and CANNOT give me Jesus!!!Mark 12:30 says you have to put Him first.
          You won’t believe the anguish, torment and misery I have endured. As He is the cause of my trouble, He is also the reason of the mercies I receive every day. And I think we all should put him first. I think we owe it to Him. When life storms come at us, none of the junk we think is important can do the single thing to save us. But if we are on His good side ,just by a little, it does not have to be much. He can tell The Strom to Shut Up and Hush and it willll!!!!Hallelujah!!!!!!Read Mark 4:39, that is one of my fffffaaaavorite verses!!! “””He rebuked the winds and said unto the sea ‘peace, be still’, and the winds died down and there were a great calm!!!!!!!”””……MAY YOU BE PRAISED FOR EVER MY GORGEOUS JESUS!!! just take the beating Gregory, and learn to ask Him for the strength, obedience to endure for His sake. If you do that, one of these days, He will show up, and you life will never, never, and Neeeever be the same again. He is close by, don’t be tormented. Just adjust to leaving on a little til things get better. The first time I ever fasted 9 days without any food or drink beside water. And I was not even hungry. I realized how much we eat and use that we really do not need. We are such GREEDY ABUSERS!

          Here is a telling verse or 2 that appearances are deceiving and that one should NOT count on them:

          Proverbs 3:5,6 says:
          “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, Lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all you do, and He will direct your path.” and Psalms 37:5,6 I think says the following:
          “Commit your ways to the Lord, trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, and the justice of your cause like the noon day sun!”
          …The key sentence on the first verse is “lean not on your own understanding.”.
          Job says the following in Job 13:15 “Though He slays me, I will trust in Him.”. And from what I know now about Him, I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!!
          You are going to be alright. just hang in there. And Read that Bible.
          John 1:14 says “The Word became flesh, and dwelled among us, and we begotten His glory, glory as of the only begotten of the Father, Full of grace and truth.”. Jesus exist as the Son God and as The Word of God. each time you make an attempt to read the bible, you are telling Him ” I am interested in you Lord and I want to know you and know what you have to say an what you want me to do.”. And Jesus is really overjoyed when He finds out one of those little souls He sacrificed Himself for is interested in Him and wants to be His little friend, He really ADORES that!!! ….Trust me brother, I’ve dealt long enough with Him to start knowing His likes and dislikes. Please do your best to act on what you read on this post. May He continue to guide and nurture you as His little precious sheep. Because you are MOST Precious to Him.

          • agnes says:

            Dear Gregory, Dawn

            I just want to witness to Dawn’s comment. Jesus just want to show you His beautiful ways. I have experienced them in my daily work (I am a programmer, now I am into website programming). Let go and Let Him do the beautiful things In Him, With Him and Through Him. Just call Jesus whenever you are stuck, and He will guide you out of it beautifully.
            Lucky you that He is ‘nudging’ you.

  93. Waiting on the Lord says:

    Dear Lord,
    I pray for all those who are reading this link to find consolation and your assurance, during their time of unemployment.
    As we wait on you, we pray that you will renew our strength, so that our hearts may be at peace – knowing you are a loving God and that you care for us during these times.
    I pray that you will grant each of us that is looking for a Job, and take care of all our needs and requirements.
    Let not even a single soul get disheartened, but enable us to care for and pray for each other, and may you answer our prayers in Your time, and make us rejoice when you fulfill our prayers.
    We Love You Lord!
    Thank you in advance!!! 🙂

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks for all the encouragement you have shared here, Waiting On The Lord. Your kind words and encouraging prayers are gifts from God to each who read them.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  94. Anonymous says:

    Dear Brother Greg:

    I too am out of work for over 3 years and am continuing to look for work on foot b/c of problems concerning my car. Some brothers who helped me to pay for my car’s alternator thought that I haven’t been looking hard enough b/c I spent my days in the library looking for work told me to go look on foot. Well, I did but the answers I got were: fill out an application on line or they were not hiring. The people are nice and I understand but it would be nice to work again! I am a believer who spends time with the Lord and I will trust Him to lead me to a job. It is His Will from His Word in Thessalonians to work and I am obeying!
    In Jesus Name,

    • Greg says:

      Thank you for your response. Yes, I have people tell me the same thing. They say you aren’t trying hard enough. That statement is like a dagger in the heart. Pleople don’t have any idea unless they’ve been laid off. If you haven’t looked for a job in the last five years then you don’t understand that the day of going in person and filling out a paper application is over! Everyone has gone paperless and online. They don’t want to see you and they don’t want you to call them. If you call, they all tell you the same thing. “We will review your resume/application and if WE are interested, someone will notify you!”

      • Debbie says:

        Dear Brothers,

        I was laid off in 2010. In that time I found one 3 month contract job. The company had recently been bought out and the requisition for the position was denied. It was just enough to see what it might be like to get back on my feet only to have the rug pulled out from under me. I’ve hung on WAITING, praying, hoping, trusting too. I don’t think anyone knows unless they have been there how hard it is. It cuts and hurts when people don’t think you are doing enough.

        I am at my wits end. People say God wants you to be totally dependent on Him. O.K. I’m totally dependent meanwhile my life is falling apart. I’m still left trying to figure out how to survive. I’m being torn from all ends by bill collectors. Behind on everything and matters get worse and worse. It helps a little to know I’m not the only one. But I can’t go on like this and every hour is a struggle not to give up.

        I pray that we see God move on our behalf and not let us be devoured. Here our cry and deliver us,rescue us, give us a hope for Your namesake,Your mercy’s sake remember us. Let us see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

        • Greg says:

          Hang in there. God is faithful. You may have to let go of some things, but he will keep you fed and a roof over your head. I’ve been Unemployed for 3 1/2 years. Some days are very tough and I want to give up, but then, somehow, He refreshes my soul and keeps me going another day. Ask yourself, “Give up to what?” You will have to say like Peter said. “To whom shall I go? for you have the words to Eternal Life!”

  95. Rizza says:

    My prayer for us:

    Lord God, I pray for all of us who are struggling to be employed. Right now, we need your strength. We are holding Your promise that Your strength is sufficient for us. Strengthen us so that we can endure this.

    Break this bondage of being unemployed in Jesus’ Name. Set us free and deliver us. Come Father and rescue us.

    We thank You Lord for being faithful during this time. You are our Jehovah Jireh! You provided for us day-by-day. We eat, being clothed and sheltered. You brought to us Your instruments who helped us to survived.

    Forgive us if we sometimes fail to see Your goodness and greatness. You are sovereign! You are in control! You already won this battle for us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Open our eyes to the things that You wanted us to do. Give us wisdom, sensitivity and discernment to Your plans. Let Your Spirit lead us to Your direction and move as one in Jesus’ Name.

    I declare abundance and prosperity in this year. This is the year of Your favor.

    We are blessed for Your love and mercy.
    We thank you for a breakthrough year!

    All praises, honor and glory to God!!!

    In Jesus’ Name

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Rizza,
      Thanks for praying for all the unemployed, especially those who are trusting God for a breakthrough in their jobs and careers.
      Waiting to see God working amazingly in each of our lives this year, so that we can all give our testimonies for His Glory.
      God Bless

  96. Jonathan says:

    I’m praying that God blesses me with a job. I read your post and it really encourage me.

    God Bless You!


  97. Dhiraj says:

    Dear All,

    I’m unemployed for last 7 months, I had to quit for doing the right thing.

    I pray to Lord but my inner strength is giving up. My situation is not as bad as some of my other brothers and sisters have mentioned and I pray to lord to help them find decent living or get out their debt.

    I need a job and feel like all my skills and experience is just going wasted and I question why?

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hello Dhiraj,

      I am sorry that you have been out of work so long, and that you are close to giving up.

      All I know is that we can turn to Jesus Christ as we are, weak, discouraged, whatever — and as we look to him with even weak faith he will meet us in his word, strengthen us, comfort us, satisfy us, and guide us.

      Psalm 40:1-3 is a good example of this. So please don’t give up — turn to Jesus Christ and he will help you.

      And I will pray for you right now. Let us know what God does.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Iype says:

      Dear Dhiraj,
      I have been thorugh your situation many times and have even reached the point of giving up. But every time God’s word encouraged me to go on. Remember,the faith which is not tested is not worth of anything and the Bible says there is a great reward for it(Hebrews 10:35-38). God helped me and delivered me everytime. God has a clear cut purpose for you and God is drawing you closer to him by making you partake in the suffering of Christ. Christ will be crowned and we who are partakers of His suffering also will crowned with Him(2 Timothy 2:12).
      Job said “even if He slays me I will wait for Him”. God tests all those He loves to make them better but His unchanging words promise a delivernace also. He will NOT test us beyond our strength. Be patient. Always hope in Him and he will deliver you at the right time.He is a loving father who gives all good things to His children.
      I am saying all these not from mere reading of the Word but from the experience of trusting His promises while going though fiery trails.
      May God bless you.I will also pray for you.

  98. Calvin says:

    I find this site a blessing, I have been looking for a Job for the past 6 months with no luck sometimes I feel angry I ask God what I did wrong, I have been so stressd since last year my clothing’s accounts are in arrears, phone bills, credit cards, I have a qualification in Mechanical engineering which is in high demand in my country but don’t seem to have luck finding employment, Didn’t think I could stay this long unemployed after I lost my last Job, I’m going back to school to future my studies my father is sponsoring me but it doesn’t feel right he has done so much for me and the allowance money he will give me won’t be able to pay my debts and buy me food. I was so close to getting a job, but they decide to freeze my post I really thought 2013 was my year but I still pray to God everyday to help me out of this financial mess. Please pray for me Steve, I do not want to get blacklisted, it could really hinder my chances of getting a job in my field.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for taking the time to share your story, and to ask for prayer, Calvin. I will pray for you right now. Please keep us posted about what God does for you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  99. Michael says:

    Found this word for today, I hope it encourages you all,

    Learn the secret of prayer. Do you feel lost in unfamiliar territory, uncertain as to what your next move should be? God uses such times to get your attention, call you back to Himself and encourage you to lean on Him, your unfailing source of strength and wisdom. Stop trying to figure everything out by yourself! God says, ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you…things you do not know.’ Take your problem to the Lord and ask Him for a solution; He won’t disappoint you. ‘…The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective’ (James 5:16 NIV). Fourth, you learn the power of patience. When the Holy Spirit gives you direction and puts a goal or dream in your heart, it’s easy to be quick on the trigger and want it to happen overnight. Timing is crucial. And it’s under God’s control, not yours! Waiting for God’s timing isn’t wasting time, it’s essential in developing two qualities you need-faith and hope. ‘But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently’ (Romans 8:25 NIV). While you are learning patience, God is at work arranging things on your behalf, and also producing Christ-like qualities in you. The Psalmist said that his hope was in God. What’s your hope in? Good luck? The economy? The doctor’s prognosis? As long as your hope is in anything other than God’s unfailing love and goodness, you’ll wrestle with uncertainty. What’s the answer? ‘…Their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord’ (Psalm 112:7 NIV).

    • Agnes says:


      Thank you for the message. I have faith but I have always failed because of FEAR.

      Pray for me to get a permanent job soon.

    • Debbie says:


      Thank you for the encouraging word and some of it hit home with me. I am discouraged because I am desperate for a break though. Sometimes the disappointment can be measured by the amount of faith and hope you have in Him. Hope is not paying the bills. Even when I get mad at God, I can not turn away from Him. I keep holding on to the way He has kept me all my life and remind myself of the good things He has done. Maybe it is darkest before dawn. I keep thinking maybe He is taking me to the breaking point and then a door will open.

      Anyway, a good word so thanks. If you are the Michael above who has been blessed with a job after 3 years – Congratulations!

      I had a interview yesterday that went well on a good job. It is the second interview this month that I seemed like a good possibility. I didn’t get the last one and it was a big disappointment because I felt like it was my last hope of pulling out of my financial mess but then I got this interview so I still have hope. I just really need something soon or I don’t think I’ll have a chance.

      PLEASE PRAY I GET AN OFFER BY THE END OF THE WEEK. I want to post a good testimony.

      I pray for everyone here to have a blessing that puts a song in your heart and a leap in your step.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Great wisdom here, Michael. Thanks for sharing it. (Have you thought about posting this on the Forum page under “work and employment”? If you post it there it will probably be read by many others.)

      Steve Fuller

  100. Rizza says:

    Hi everyone! I just want to share the GOODNESS and GREATNESS of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Like some of here, I’ve been unemployed for almost 4 years. Shocking right? But sad to say it is true. That was the painful and hardest years of my life. I prayed and prayed and prayed. Interviews came and got rejected. Pray again. Become hopeful. Failed again. Disappointment come and hopelessness. It is an emotional roller coaster.

    Being unemployed has a good and bad side for me. The bad side is I don’t have money. I feel helpless, inferior and doubtful of myself. But the good thing is I got closer to God! My situation becomes an opportunity to move my faith into another level.

    Before the 2012 ends, I got a sms message regarding an interview. I become hesitant of coming at first (after a long years of being unemployed my self-esteem turned down to zero). Then I prayed for His guidance that evening. An impression came to me saying that if I trust God, I should STEP OUT of my FAITH. Then the next morning (the day of the interview) I decided to go and I told God that may His will be done. Despite of my being hesitant, I also want to step out my faith.

    My first interview was conducted on December 20, 2012. I passed both the exam and the first interview. On same day, they gave me the 2nd exam and was called for the 2nd interview. After the 2nd interview, they said that they will call me on the first week of January to have my third interview with the other applicants.
    As walked out, I was so happy as I keep on praising and thanking God.

    The first week of January had come to passed but no call or text. I get sad but only a little because in my mind, I’m sure God will give my the desire of my heart. On the second week of January, our church encouraged its member to fast while praying for a breakthrough as we open the year. My family and I did this for five days. During that time we kept on praying for each other and kept our lines open for the Lord. While my mother is praying for me to have work this January (Yes, we all prayed for specific month), she envision the word TUESDAY and THURSDAY (3rd week of january). We all praised God for His specific answer. But we are bit confused why there are two days.

    The fasting ends and I’m excited and nervous for next week to come.

    On the third week of January, monday, I woke up through my phone’s ring. When I reach it, it stop. Then a message came. Without seeing it I already knew that it was an invitation for interview. As I open it—Yes! I was right. They are inviting me for a third interview on TUESDAY. HALLELUJAH!!

    After the third interview, I honestly had no clue if I impressed them or not. They told me that they will give me the answer on THURSDAY. That day I cannot discern if that was His answer or there is another invitation. I waited for the whole day and got no other invitation. Again, I feel ashamed of doubting God’s sovereignty. Am now sure, that was the answer.

    On thursday, they informed me to meet the manager along with my requirements for employment.

    And now, I already have my company’s ID.


  101. Sepi says:

    thank you so much for your words of encouragement and inspiration but most of all for sharing the word !!! it truly gives me great hope…

    this article truly inspired me …..

    Godbless you all abundantly in Jesus name.
    Overflow is what our Master is all about !!! Love u JESUS

  102. Sepi says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh RIZA



  103. Calvin says:

    Thank you for your prayers things are looking up for me and I believe its a new season in my life, I have an interview tommorrow I thank the Lord for that and please pray for me that I get the job I really need it. May the Lord bless you all.

  104. marrie says:

    I thank God I visited this blog.Its so encouraging to read testimonies of brethren. It assures me our God is moving amongst us in great ways.
    I have been jobless for one year.its not been easy.I have to cater for my basic needs,rent,etc on my own.Sometimes I shed tears because people i thought were my friends have abandoned me, they dont care what am going through.I feel so alone. Sooo alone.Pray with me that God gives me a job and also genuine friends who will stand with me in times of joy and sorrow.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us, Marrie. There are many prayer warriors who read the comments here and who will pray. You might also want to consider posting your story on the Forum page dealing with Work and Unemployment (more read the Forum pages).

      Are you part of a church community — with fellow-believers you can open your heart to and pray with?

      I will pray for you right now — keep fighting the fight of faith to trust all that God promises to be to you in Christ Jesus.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  105. Kate says:

    Thank you for this. I really needed it today. My husband has lost two jobs in the past two years. One because of budget cuts and one because low sales generation. I know that God will provide. He provided for us through my husband’s first job loss and he will this time as well. My secondary income has now become our main income and it is really hard. I used to be able to spend more time with our three children but now I am picking up as many hours as I can. There are many days I struggle with anger towards my spouse. Today was one of those bad days and I found this article. I just wanted you to know that it was the little boost I needed today. Thank you.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Kate —

      I am so glad you found this helpful; thank you for letting us know. There are many who read these comments and pray, so keep us posted about what God does.

      And it might be helpful to post something on the Forum page under “Work and Unemployment” — more people might read it there.

      I am praying for you and your husband right now.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

      • Kate says:

        Thank you Steve! I wanted to give a little update. The job search so far has not turned up much. But God is providing! We were afraid last week we were going to have to take our son out of his preschool because we still owed too much and our application for assistance was turned down. It broke my heart to think of him not being able to go. Then two days later we recieved a very unexpected check from commisions that were never paid from my husband’s last job! It was just what we needed and it made my heart sing praises for God! I know there is a plan for us and it is things like this that just make me so excited to see what He has in store for us. Thank you for your prayers!

        • Steve Fuller says:

          What an encouraging testimony of God’s faithfulness. Thank you for sharing it!

          (And would you consider posting it also on the Forums page? Many more might have a chance to read it there — thanks!)

  106. LaToya says:

    I am very glad that I came across this blog. I just lost my job today and getting ready to look for another one (With God’s guidance of course). I just got saved a couple of weeks ago and the devil has been fighting me ever since. But I will trust God with all my heart because I know that he will guide me to the right job that he has for me and I believe and trust that he will provide all of my needs. It has been said that being cut loose is a blessing in disguise and I do believe that. Thank you for this blog!

    • Steve Fuller says:

      You are so welcome, LaToya. And thank you for letting me know that this was encouraging to you.

      I will pray for you right now — that God will continue to strengthen your faith, and that he will quickly find a job for you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  107. Frank says:

    This is helpful in some ways. But I also still don’t have the answers I need, which I hope God will provide in His time. Overall, i just can’t seem to conform to being “professional” or surviving in the corporate world.

    Now I’ve been fired a lot, most of the time, justly, sometimes for (mis)behavioral things or trivial things. However, this previous time, really wasn’t my fault.

    Long story short, my most recent job I was railroaded out of for “performance reasons” really, the boss didn’t like me alot and they also moved part of the job out of state. I can prove I was winning sales and getting good feedback from customers, though they still cite performance issues…anyways (which is possibly going to cost me my next job). i never found favor with the boss despite doing well, and praying for God to win her favor.

    I can accept that, God is on His throne, and truth be told, i kinda hated that place.

    It was all God’s will, as I fought that huge battle with the boss by going deep into prayer.

    Since I got unemployed, my prayer time has decreased, sadly, as has my blogging ministries. I have considered it might be warfare, but i can’t say for sure as I have been in prayer and haven’t found victory, or conviction as to why I’m going through it.

    Also, in the last 4 months, I have received 2 job offers. 1 has taken a month to do a background check, and has come back with unfavorable results (due to termination at previous job, which I had explained to them once they asked about performance, they said it was not an issue then, now it seems to be…). We’ll see where this goes.

    I had also received an offer a couple weeks ago (while awaiting background check) and the offer was retracted the next day due to budget.

    I wonder why God is closing the doors to get me working again. what needs to get “fixed” in my life?

    The job before this, I had been at for 6 years, but the management changed, and due to alot of factors (morale from never being “good enough” so they didn’t have to give raises) I was put on a improvement plan for policy something or other, though I suspect they didn’t feel i was professional enough, which was partially true. I did learn from this, and behaved perfectly at the next job (which is the one where they moved my job out of state.)

    So, there it is.

    I know it could be God testing, God moving me, Satan attacking, everyday sinfulness/fallenness, and whatever else. I just wish I knew for sure which one, so I could at least know how to pray.

    I don’t even know how to pray my way out of this.

    Kobayashi Maru as Dr. McCoy would say.

    I’m not angry with God, I understand He’s in control, but in many ways, I feel sad, lost and devoid of purpose.

    Any suggestions?

    Please pray

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Frank,

      Agnes’ comment below has a lot of wisdom.

      And I would encourage you that God will give you the wisdom you need to understand what’s going on (James 1:5). Pray over the promises I listed above — and other promises you will find in God’s Word.

      He is faithful, and will provide everything you need.

      Are you part of a church with some mature men who could pray for you? They might be able to give you counsel on your question concerning performance or behavioral issues.

      I will pray for you right now, and please keep us posted on what God does.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  108. Agnes says:

    Dear Frank,

    I can recognize with your struggles. For each job, you are literally starting from ground zero, building the relationship, proving yourself again and again. Unfortunately, the working environment now does not give you enough time to justify yourself. But remember God’s faithfulness that He will deliver you and be with you. I will pray for you. For you, keep praying too for self transformation and ask Him to help and guide you to prepare yourself for the next job.

    May God give you strength in the meantime,

  109. tamara says:

    I know all about living on faith. I’ve been homeless, jobless, broken spirit, beat down, but through it all God has never left me nor forsaken me. Jesus carried the cross, He was beaten, He died and rose again for every trial we face in life. Jesus won’t let us fall. Faith is walking on water with him in front of us moving towards him without looking at the water but only at him. God will and is able to see us through

  110. Helen says:

    Hello Paster Steve,

    Thank you very much for your prayer.

    Now a sister is reading bible with me everyday on weekdays. A very nice girl told me that I can practice English when I have an interview. Praise Lord, HE is listening. Now I am waiting for HIS response to my prayer for a job.

    Give glory to our Lord! In Jesus Christ.


  111. Kevin says:

    Here’s an alternative look at unemployment. What if being out of work is a death sentence from God? Is it possible that people who can’t find work are out of work because God wants them to die and get out of the way? This page is full of platitudes and calls for prayers and patience and Bible quotes taken of context, but the prayers are not leading to jobs. If prayers were really answered, we’d see messages from people saying they had been touched by God, and pointing the unemployed to places where they could get jobs from those believers who had been divinely touched by the need of the unemployed. The silence is a clear signs that the believers are aware that God has ordered that some people be unemployed, and that finding jobs for those people goes against God’s will. If you’re unemployed, the best you can hope for is a clean and painless death because you’re not going to find a job if God doesn’t want that to happen.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kevin.

      But with all due respect, I have to disagree with you. It’s just not true that being out of work is a death sentence from God because God wants people out of the way.

      The God who created the universe, who delivered Israel from Egypt, who showed His love to us by sending His Son to the Cross — this God has promised to provide for all our needs, if we humble ourselves before Him and seek Him first (Mat 6:33; Phil 4:19).

      That might mean providing for our needs through a job, or through some other means — but He will provide for all our needs. He will give us wisdom to know what we are supposed to do (James 1:5). And most important, He will satisfy us deeply in Himself as we go through this process (John 6:35).

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Robin says:

      I wanted to let you know that the prayers I have received in even a short period of time (I joined the site day before yesterday) along with my prayers and all my friends around me praying, I was offered and accepted a job yesterday afternoon! I couldn’t have been more shocked or happy and was immediately down on my knees praising God and thank him for keeping his promise to provide for me.

      I just thought you’d like to know. Good luck and please, don’t lose faith.

  112. Robin says:

    I am struggling not to lose my apartment (again) and my rescued greyhound. I am daily on my knees asking God to bless me with a job (any job) just so this won’t happen again. Today the rent is due, my bills are due and I have no money and no job. I have reaffirmed my faith and put my financial situation in God’s hands but continue my daily (sometimes hourly) job search by sending out resumes, letters, and only applications. I’ve even cleaned someone’s house just to get food money so nothing is beneath me in the search for a job. Praying for God’s grace seeking out his help through prayers (pretty much constantly). I just don’t know what else to do. When I originally lost my job due to the economy, I lost my apartment and one of my rescued greyhounds. At this moment I’m terrified I’m going to lose my 9 year old greyhound. I’ve even thought about suicide but told God that I really do not want to die and continue to pray for His help. I have friends also praying for me to get a job (any job). I confess everytime I might even slip and sin I immediately pray for forgiveness. Thank you for a site like this, it’s encouraging but unfortunately, I’m out of time and I need help now. Please pray for me and my dog. . .

    • Chelley says:

      I will pray for you Robin. I’m even going to fast for you. I hope this helps.

      • Robin says:

        Thank you so much. I know the more people praying for me is better. I’m doing my best not to lose hope and finding this site and all of you has made a deep impression on me. Thank you. I too have begun fasting and continue praying and keeping my faith strong.

      • Robin says:

        I wanted to let you know that the prayers I have received in even a short period of time (I joined the site day before yesterday) along with my prayers and all my friends around me praying, I was offered and accepted a job yesterday afternoon! I couldn’t have been more shocked or happy and was immediately down on my knees praising God and thanking him for keeping his promise to provide for me and more importantly (to me anyway) my greyhound. I just don’t know what I’d do if I lost him.

        I just thought you’d like to know. Good luck and please, don’t lose faith.

    • Kate says:

      I am praying for you Robin. Don’t give up hope.

      • Robin says:

        Thank you too. I really consider myself blessed to have found this site and all you. I can use all the prayers I can get.

  113. Chelley says:

    Hi there,

    I came to this website when I typed in ‘God and unemployment’ and what a blessing it was to read the words of encouragement. I have been unemployed since December 2012, my contract was not renewed despite my my hard work.. I knew deep down it was for the best as the working environment was toxic.

    I have been looking for work and applying to no avail. I had an interview last month for an amazing job but it came down to me and one other, so I lost out. I am an education professional which is great but tricky where in live because a lot of schools have been closed down because of earthquake damage. (Christchurch, NZ). I know God will come through for me because he always does. It’s just hard staying upbeat and not blaming myself for my unemployment. If anyone out there is compelled to pray for my situation please do, I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you Steve for starting this blog. It gives hope.

  114. Robin says:

    Like you, I just found this site yesterday. I was immediately uplifted in my faith that there is hope. I will pray for you for that job. Take heart. I was at the point of losing my faith but feel better this morning. So, hang in there.

  115. Anonymous says:

    I joined this site a few months ago… when I came out of uni and was in search of employment. I got made redundant last year from the part time job I had and I didnt really look for work as I was busy studying…
    but when I finished, I got desperate and had no income, I was also due to get married, and had been using all savings up.

    I am now married and it has been a month, and I have been praying and seeking gods assistance to get a teaching job… but I have not been through yet, infact I have sent so many applications and I havent even had any interviews….

    I am very stressed and I keep seeking god….
    I found a place where I could tutor, at first they sad they could offer me at least 20 hours, now they are fluffing around with me and I am not even sure how much work they will give me… still I am seeing it as something god is putting in my plate and even though I am so sick at heart about not finding the right information, I am still going for it…

    I am really hurt and I feel I am getting distant from god, too because I keep seeking him, I keep asking, I keep praying and now because of my stress I am feeling I cant even cope with praying….all I wana do is cry because nothng is going right….

    • Chelley says:


      Don’t give up and keep praying. It’s hard when you feel distant and nothing is going right. Know that God will always come through in his perfect timing. ‘Your sun will never set again, and your moon will wane no more; the Lord will be your everlasting light, and your days of sorrow will end’ Isaiah 60:20

  116. Robin says:

    Please don’t lose faith. I was right where you are now when I found this site. I had even been planning my suicide but since I truly didn’t want to die, I typed in unemployment and God to Google and found “here”. I had been working diligently to keep my faith and not let negative thoughts intrude and once I found here, I knew it would all come together. I got offered a job (which I immediately accepted of course) and I’m so thankful and just want to reach out to let you know that God does keep his promise – keep your faith strong – believe me, I know it can be tough at times but it is worth it. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you. . .

  117. chelley says:

    Robin that is the best news! God is good!

  118. chelley says:

    To all out there who are struggling I just read the word for you today, 7th of March (on never giving up and a reason for the season) and it gave me hope..

  119. Chelley says:

    Dear All,

    I am going for a job interview this week for a position in a christian school. God has blessed me this week and I give him thanks for all the amazing things he is doing for me.

  120. Sandy says:

    Thanks, Steve, for giving your teachings as well as to all of you who are praying for each person who replies to this.

    My own unemployment situation is long and complicated. Low self-esteem coupled with a learning disability has a tendency to do that. LOL

    But Jesus has really met me in this. Before I lost my last job due to an unforseeable medication reaction, I was backslidden. I wasn’t living right, but finally doing okay. Then, a 1/10 of one percent…yep one tenth of 1% chance of a medication reaction completely floored all my progress.

    I think often of Job’s words; “As for a tree, there is hope. If it is cut down, it will sprout again. At the scent of water, it will bud and flourish”. We’ve all been cut down by God for whatever purposes. I know He’s really been using the extra free time with me to get my life back on track.

    But often, there are panicky nights and moments that unbelievably ache and hurt. Last night was one of them. You doubt everything.

    I’d really love to be released from this trial and back on my old job. I was literally being promoted just as I fell apart physically. I loved that job. However, praying for others today and having enough time and attention to do so brings a joy…and a job… of another kind. 🙂

    Prayers always appreciated, but I know in my heart that the promise has been made to take care of me. I just wish it was back to my old circumstances.

    Anyway, thanks for listening. It really does get bleak-feeling in the middle of unemployment. Very bleak. Keep your chins up & don’t be afraid to ask for prayer!

    • Agnes says:

      Dear Sandy,

      This is for you:
      Revelation 21:5, “And He who sits on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.'”

      Remember His faithfulness will see you through!

  121. Freddie says:

    My mom is struggling financially right now. She had been unemployed for a very long time (although picking up some temp jobs along the way) but has finally gotten a full-time, permanent job even though it is very low pay – even for her top skills. She has been very thankful in her prayers to let God know how much she appreciated him for keeping his promise to provide with the job. She started work this past Monday and discovered on Tuesday that she wouldn’t be getting any kind of paycheck for THREE weeks! We were really hoping for at least the one week check to tide us over. A couple of friends have come to our aid with little money (they’re almost as bad off as we are but we all believe that God had them come through with whatever help they could) but it just isn’t quite enough. Gas being what it is and all, my mom already goes without to make sure I have enough but now I just want to ask God for some financial help for us. Even if it turned out that she was to somehow get a better paying job or, I don’t know, just whatever. I know she would appreciate all prayers. Thank you

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Freddie. I will pray right now for God to provide all you and your mom need, and that He will bring you deep comfort and peace in His presence.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  122. Nona says:

    I just came upon this article and am grateful, it has truly encouraged me…i have been unemployed for over three years and am a single mother raising three teenagers…it has been a long three years…i have got a few jobs that were short term and temporary…i go on interviews but no job…these last week i have been very discouraged…Thank you

  123. Chris says:

    Thank for the encouragement. I have a job interview in 2 weeks and would really appreciate everyone’s prayers. It seems I am always under qualified or over qualified for every job I interview. Like Goldy Locks I am hoping this one is just right. Please pray for me to get this job. I feel itis perfect for me. Thank you and God Bless

  124. marrie says:

    Hi Nona,
    I am standing with you in prayer, God will make a way for you. There is power in united prayer.

  125. marrie says:

    My prayer today for all of us trusting God for jobs is that “God may stretch forth His powerful hand upon us and open mighty and extraordinary career doors for us to the glory and honor of His name”.That we may patiently endure our situation and our lips full of thanksgiving knowing that He ordained this season in our lives with a purpose.And He always has a good purpose for those who love Him and are called according to his purposes.

    “Father, in Jesus name, may you incline your ear towards us and answer our earnest prayers for its you only we look upon for help.”

  126. johnson says:

    Hi all,
    i have read each and every story in this blog and i have got my own story too, i am a software engineer but unemployed since dec 2012. i have always tried to get a job in the software field but i have not succeded, i always used to get jobs which were temporary, i have never had a real job in the software field. i had my savings and i have been un employed for a year now, but i have used up all the money, i am broke now, i used to be sober and i used to drink all day and night and i spent all my savings there, recently i met a friend of mine who said that if i connect with god then things will work right for me, its my third day that i have been praying to god, but im in desperate need of a job, i am so broke that i feel ashamed to share it with you guys.
    i read on this website that a lot of people are being employed by praying to god, i do have the faith, i keep praying to jesus, i dont know when i will get a job, i am so frustrated with life, i badly need a job, please friends pls pray for me too, i really need a job in the software field because thats always been my dream, i need that job, i believe in jesus strongly, but at times i feel so low that i cant even think that i will get a job, i feel low most of the times, i need a job……..
    i really have to start working, money has become a big part of my life now, i need to take care of my family, i really have to help them out, i want god to help me find a job……..
    guys mine is a really sad sad story……
    i have a lot of plans that i want to execute, i want to teach the kids in an orphanage, i want to buy them stuffs, i wanna spend time with them, when i see a person in need, a beggar, i want to help them, i want to do all of this, i want to be a whole new person, but im not able to do these things because i dont even have the money to fill gas to travel…….
    i want to lead a noble life and i want to help the needy, i dont have a job, i dont have the job i always wanted, i am not even getting through interviews, has god stopped loving me, doesnt god see me sitting idle, is god mad at me for my sins? i have no friends to share my problem, sometimes i feel like im a loner, i want god to help me get this software job, i really need to work, i dont know why my life is going negative…god pls help me……pls friends pray for me too, pls guys…….pray for me……pls pray that i get a job soon…pls

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us, Johnson. I am sorry for the pain and difficulty you have been through. But the friend that shared with you about Jesus Christ was right on target.

      Are you part of a church that teaches the Bible clearly and seeks to trust and follow Jesus? It would be so helpful for you to find some men who can pray with and for you at this time.

      And I will pray for you right now. Please keep us posted about what God does.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

      • johnson says:

        Hi Steve Fuller,

        thanks for the reply, your words were encouraging. yes i do go to church and i dont have people who can pray for me so i usually pray for myself. i did attend two interviews but i didnt get through….i have been sober and im still sober……i dont know whats gonna happen to me in the future… lost confused, sober…….

        • Steve Fuller says:

          Hi Johnson,

          I’m sorry to hear about the two interviews, but am glad to hear that you are still sober.

          And I’m glad to hear you are praying for yourself. Your own pursuit of God is most important. But it can also help to have others encouraging your faith. Is there a reason you haven’t found others who can pray for and with you?

          Keep fighting the fight of faith. Keep trusting Jesus Christ and all His precious promises. God is doing something beautiful in and for you through all of this — and He will make things clear in His perfect time.

          In Christ,

          Steve Fuller

          • Johnson says:

            Hi Steve,
            Thanks for replying and yes i will keep praying. why did u say that u are glad to hear that i am sober? is being sober a good thing? yes i do have faith in god, i cannot deny that god has not showered me with his blessings, there were so many miracles in my life, and i still remember each and every miracle. its just that i feel that i have sinned and now that im an adult that god has started ignoring me. and yes, i found a few people who can pray for me but when i was about to ask them to pray for me my friend gave a valid point which changed my opinion about asking someone to pray for me, he said that i should always connect to god directly instead of asking others to connect for me. i guess god is taking time to find the right job for me, so i shall wait and also steve i gotta tell u this, this portal is very nice and encouraging, your words give strength to weak people like me, and i really appreciate your work, i appreciate the fact that u take time to read each and every blog and reply to it, hats off to you, keep up the good work, im sure god will bless you. in my next blog i will share the miracles god did for me. it will certainly help people increase their faith in our only lord of lords Jesus, and yeah i miss jesus in my life more than anything else…..thanks again steve 🙂

  127. Nona says:

    I emailed last week, i believe it was a tuesday…i had been discouraged and was without permanent full time employment for over three years…a single mother of 3 teenagers…i sent in an email for prayer…and i wanted to let yous know that God did make a way for me and opened a door of employment for me…I am grateful to God for this job and for answering prayers…I am thankful for this ministry and the workers…He has given me a well paying job with benefits!…i pray that those who are seeking employment dont give up cause God hasnt given up on you and continue to thank Him in your situation and circumstances right now, thank Him for the job He is preparing for you.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I’m so glad to hear what God has done for you, Nona. Thanks for letting us know — and for the encouragement you are giving to those still looking for work.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  128. Wanda says:

    Steve, today I typed in “my faith is weak” and found your blessed blog.

    First, I ask GOD to bless each and everyone on this site. Steve Fuller you are an angel. My focus has been on the word “faith” and the words “belief/unbelief” and not on GOD.

    I have an interview on Friday, April 5th that could get me closer to my daughter, my only child.

    This is coming after I have been unemployed since December 2012, several interviews with other companies that have taken me through the roller coaster of emotions, feelings. Last night my daughter told me that on she read on Facebook something about “The Blessing in the Lesson”. And that is what this has been to me today.

    Tonight I attend Easter Vigil and as a Lector will read before our entire Catholic church about GOD parting the Red Sea. Everything about today has been a blessing, finding this website, reading the Bible with my Aunt in Virginia today and feeling more encouraged than I was on yesterday. My Mom passed away in September 2010 and I have felt more like a lost babe in the woods and even feel her love so strong today.

    This site is truly a blessing and I thank GOD that I have been reminded to focus on Him first, and all things, according to His will, will come to me, and to All who believe in and love Him.

    Easter Blessings to All,

    I thank GOD for leading me to your site today Steve. GOD Bless You, Always

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Wanda,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story (and I apologize for this delayed response).

      I will pray for your interview on April 5th. Consider sharing it also on the Forums page under the employment/unemployment section — as more people will see it there and will also pray for you.

      And thank you for letting me know that this site has been encouraging to you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  129. Paul says:

    Steve I’ve always been confused on the issue of worldly jobs.Jesus says we can’t serve two masters God and money in Matthew 6:24
    No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stand by and be devoted to the one and despise and be against the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Worldly jobs force us to spend most of our time working and devoted to them to earn money taking away from our time spent in prayer and worshiping God. Its a very difficult life giving up all the worldly pleasures that can be purchased with money- In 1 John 2:15-15 Do not love or cherish the world or the things that are in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in him.16 For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh [craving for sensual gratification] and the lust of the eyes [greedy longings of the mind] and the pride of life [assurance in one’s own resources or in the stability of earthly things]—these do not come from the Father but are from the world [itself].
    17 And the world passes away and disappears, and with it the forbidden cravings (the passionate desires, the lust) of it; but he who does the will of God and carries out His purposes in his life abides (remains) forever.
    I’ve found not working a worldly job does strengthen my spirit and gives me much more time studying my bible but going days at a time without food because I don’t have any money does greatly weaken my mind and physical body so I’ve started searching for a job again but I’m still not certain its the right thing to do but the way Satan has twisted this world it seems to be very necessary.
    I never once remember reading in the Bible where a job or money was an answer to anything in fact Jesus said Don’t store up treasures on earth! Moths and rust can destroy them, and thieves can break in and steal them. 20 Instead, store up your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and thieves cannot break in and steal them. 21 Your heart will always be where your treasure is.I tell you not to worry about your life. Don’t worry about having something to eat, drink, or wear. Isn’t life more than food or clothing? 26 Look at the birds in the sky! They don’t plant or harvest. They don’t even store grain in barns. Yet your Father in heaven takes care of them. Aren’t you worth more than birds?27 Can worry make you live longer?[e] 28 Why worry about clothes? Look how the wild flowers grow. They don’t work hard to make their clothes. 29 But I tell you that Solomon with all his wealth[f] wasn’t as well clothed as one of them. 30 God gives such beauty to everything that grows in the fields, even though it is here today and thrown into a fire tomorrow. He will surely do even more for you! Why do you have such little faith?31 Don’t worry and ask yourselves, “Will we have anything to eat? Will we have anything to drink? Will we have any clothes to wear?” 32 Only people who don’t know God are always worrying about such things. Your Father in heaven knows that you need all of these. 33 But more than anything else, put God’s work first and do what he wants. Then the other things will be yours as well.34 Don’t worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. You have enough to worry about today.
    Do you think I’m wrong for believing that worldly jobs are not the answer? How can we survive without them?

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you so much for raising this important question.

      I appreciate your desire to follow God’s Word. But the Bible does not teach that worldly jobs are wrong.

      Paul worked at making tents (Acts 18:2-3). Erastus worked as the city treasurer (Rom 16:23). Paul said both he and Barnabus worked secular jobs to support their ministries (1Cor 9:6). The Proverbs 31 woman invested in real estate (v.16) and sold clothing (v.24).

      I have worked as a pastor for many years. But I also took 4 years to work in real estate to pay the bills while planting a church. Both the ministry and real estate can be equally holy jobs.

      I hope that helps.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  130. Anonymous says:

    Thank you…

  131. JB says:

    Hello all:

    Googled “encouragement for the unemployed” and was directed to this site. I’ve been unemployed for a wee bit under 2 years now. Some days are good, some days are bad, some days are really bad, and some days I just wanna crawl under a rock.

    My benefits ran out months ago. Very thankful to have great family and friends who provide me with food and a place to stay. I know I’m very fortunate in that regard.

    I consider myself a Christian, I fall short of His Glory but I reckon we all do. I won’t say that my faith is gone, but at the moment, if faith were a gas tank…I should be headed to the gas station ASAP.

    I’ve gone on countless interviews but nothing ever seems to materialize. I get “you interview so well”, “your resume is amazing” “you are a pleasure to meet with” but haven’t gotten that “we’d like to offer you the position” yet.

    Trying to keep my head up but it’s extremely hard. I guess my post is just more of a vent. A way to put things out there to people who understand where you’re coming from. Hard to vent to people who are employed because they either 1. walk on eggshells trying not to offend you or 2. think you’re not trying hard enough to find a gig.

    Anywho, I know God hears all of our cries and I don’t think He gets any joy out of seeing us suffer. Long story short fellow commenters…keep that chin up. It can’t rain forever.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks for sharing your story with us, JB. There are saints who read the comments on this post and pray regularly. I will pray for you right now. Keep us posted on what God does.

      • JB says:

        Thanks Steve. Just a quick praise report…today I accepted a new job! It’s a contract position (at the moment) but I know if I do great work with a great attitude, it will turn permanent.

        To everyone out there: please don’t give up. I know some days are rough, but keep holding the rope that is God’s unchanging hand. While you wait for your blessing, go out and volunteer, exercise, whatever it takes to keep peace and sanity.

        Praying and believing for everyone on this blog. Be blessed.

  132. Steve Fuller says:

    Hi Johnson,

    I’m replying down here because we ran out of room above :).

    When you said you were sober, I assumed that meant you were no longer using alcohol to overcome your heart-pain. If that’s what you meant, then I’m glad because it could mean you are turning to Christ more than alcohol.

    But if you meant something else, then I apologize for misunderstanding.

    And it’s true that we should go directly to God through Jesus, and that we don’t need to go through others. But Jesus talks about praying with other people, and the early church regularly prayed together, so prayer with others is also a good thing.

    Thanks also for your encouraging words, and we will keep praying for a job for you.

    In Christ,

    Steve Fuller

  133. Kevin says:

    Does God want me to be a homeless failure? It looks more and more like that’s my irreversible fate. I probably won’t have the money to pay the rent. I don’t have the money because I can’t get a job. I was just rejected for two jobs on the same day. I’ve been looking for work for more than a year, I’m close to being homeless and living in my car for the second time. Now, I’ve been actively looking for work for the last year. I’ve contacted so called friends and had no luck in getting work and gotten nothing but meaningless sympathy.
    Now, I think this is an important point that can’t be easily explained with the typical excuses. So-called Christians like to say that God can “do anything.” If that’s the case, then what does it mean when you’re rejected for two jobs on the same day? To me, it’s obvious that God’s plan for me is failure and there’s no way out.

    • Wanda says:

      Hello Kevin,

      I do not speak for GOD, but I BELIEVE that the GOD I serve wants you to succeed. PLEASE hold on and do not lose hope as you walk in faith that our Abba, Father and GOD will provide somehow, some way.

      I will say a special prayer for you. We are all in the same boat and must look to JESUS, perhaps in tears, but always in confidence. We are like Peter, we are out here distracted by every imaginable emotion, thought and feeling. We must keep our eyes, hearts and minds on Him.

      And even in the midst of it all, we are blessed with Steve’s blog. When our faith is weak, we know we only need faith the size of a mustard seed (although I have never seen one, I imagine it to be extremely small). And at the same, time, we share our faith over the vast world-wide-web on this website.

      Are you able to go to your church or reach out to a family member for help, at least to get money for another month’s rent? Can you let your landlord know how hard you are looking and to perhaps work with you?

      I will share my faith and trust GOD for and with you.

      GOD Bless You, Always

      Although we are all strangers on the site, I feel we must encourage and pray for one another.

      • Steve Fuller says:

        Well said, Wanda. And Kevin, as grim as things look, you can know with certainty that God will be faithful to His promises as you come to Him through Christ.

        Are you part of a church body who can pray with you and encourage you through this tough time? I find that crucial.

        I will pray for you right now — please keep us posted as to what God does.

        In Christ,

        Steve Fuller

  134. marrie says:

    I am not new on this site but have posted a few comments previously.
    As I write today, i am in tears. It happens to be one of those days am just down.As each day dawns, I can only patiently look up to my God and wait for the day of my breakthrough. I am reflecting ahead and just wonder how I am going to survive. No source of income. Good people, please back me up in prayer that I may get a job soon. May the power of God move in and overtake the spirit of shame that is waiting to see me go back to mothers house because i cant pay my rent and basic needs.May i progress ahead in life and not stagnate or move backwards.

    I agree with Wanda, that we should encourage and pray for one another.
    God bless you all

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I will pray for you right now, Marrie. Thank you so much for giving us an update. And feel free to post your prayer needs on the Forum page having to do with work and unemployment — even more people might see that and pray for you.

      God will be faithful. Every minute of this delay is part of His wise and loving goodness to you — planned to bring you even more nearness to Him. So press in, trust Him, keep doing what you can do, and patiently wait for Him to work. He will.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Wanda says:


      Your note touched my heart as I lifted you in prayer.

      Just hold on, and believe “GOD’s got It!”… whatever “It” is…which means He has your new job, your rent, your family, your days and your nights, and He has You, Always

      And that is the same for each of us on this site.

      GOD Loves Us, we are His daughters and sons and He has gifted Steve and everyone on this site to us as we go through this experience of deliverance together. We are being delivered, and we just have to go through, and best of all, we are not alone. GOD is with us, Always

      GOD will provide, we just have to hold on and trust Him. This site is a real example of how He also provides. For when are weak and our faith and belief wavers, GOD’s got it! This site is the gentle reminder that He is strong and His grace is sufficient for us. No, it is not always easy, some days are tougher than others, but we will make it through.

      In the Confidence of Jesus, and Sisterly

  135. Natasha says:

    Thank you for the article. I needed to read this, although I am still struggling to hold on to my faith. I am a recent graduate searching for full-time employment in my profession and finding it difficult to handle all the rejection letters I have received. But, I will continue praying to get closer to God and receive whatever blessing(s) He has in store for me.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      You are so welcome, Natasha. And I am thankful that you are continuing to fight to trust God. It IS a fight, not because God isn’t very trustworthy, but because our unbelief and Satan’s lies cloud our understanding. So keep fighting, sister. And keep us posted as to what God does.

  136. Johnson says:

    Hi Steve,
    Things have not changed in my story, its still the same, im broke and i dont see money flowing from no where, my family abandoned me and so did my mother, they hate me so much that the other day my brother said that i should kill myself, i even tried that by sleeping on a railway track, but dint have the guts to do that, no job, no family, no love from no where, i see that my life is going to drain, a mother who treats her kids partially, my mom doesnt treat me well, she has all the love on earth for my elder brother but when it comes to me she hates me sincerely and truely from the bottom of her heart. love love love, i keep asking for love from my mother and brother but they keep hating me, my brother has hated me since my birth and my mother likes whatever my elder brother likes, she bleeds when my brother is a little sad, but when it comes to me she doesnt even like to see my face, what i dont understand is that how can a mother be partial to her own kids, how how????? i keep talking to god, no use because he has seen me cry and beg for things to change but it has not……and now that i have been jobless for way too long….i think sooner or later either my mother or my brother will poison me to death….and guess what…..i ain’t scared of dying….coz atleast after death i will have eternal life like jesus promised. i have lost all hopes on life and i dont even feel like living these days……i dont feel like sharing my story to anyone because it might sound like a tea time story to them…..i dont know steve, but i still have hope, i keep reading the bible, i have faith in jesus, i still believe that he will save me, its just that i am waiting for his miracle in my life, i need a miracle badly now……i dont know what else to do…i dont know steve….thanks for reading my sad story again…….

  137. Rosie says:

    Please pray for me. I am looking for a job and get phone calls from people who viewed my resume and then complete silence. They don’t reply to my calls and emails.

    Please pray the I find favour with a recruiter even for a temporary position. I am losing my faith very fast as God seem to be deaf to my prayers and blind to my predicaments. Sometime I trust another I rebel and turn away. I feel guilty but also let down.

  138. Kevin says:

    Steve, what I need is a full time job that pays a living wage. Will I get that if I hang out at a church? I went to a church that has what they laughably call an employment assistance program, and all they had was the same useless advice and platitudes that have failed for the last year.If your claim of going to a church being “crucial” was true, I’d be employed by now. Sorry, but unemployment is a irreversible death sentence from God, and all the prayer and platitudes will not save you. The only solution is a job, and no one, especially pastors knows how to get emplpyment.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Kevin,

      The reason I encouraged you to find a church was more so that you could have some brothers in Christ who could pray with and for you. You might also be able to receive some financial assistance.

      But I disagree that unemployment is an irreversible death sentence from God. God is in control of everything. He provides and withholds jobs according to His wise and loving purposes. Through Christ He will forgive you, help you, love you, provide for you, and most important deeply satisfy you in Himself.

      I will pray that you can meet Him and receive all He promises to be to you in Christ.

      Steve Fuller

  139. William says:

    I stumbled into this article because I am in a really dark place in my life. I had a government job that I finally admit was my fault but there was injustice involved. I do not want to compare my situation with coworkers that did far worse and still kept their job, but I am on my final appeal and I really need my job back. I cannot take care of my family. I keep volunteering for military duty as a source of income and that is going to dry up. My current patterns is volunteer for a military assignment overseas, come home and collect unemployment then look for another assignment. I cannot keep going on like this. My misfortune even extends to my military career since I was passed over for promotion. I am really trying to keep my faith. My daughter is growing up without a father in her life if I keep leaving but since sequestration, she will have an unemployed father if things keep going this way. That is her lot in life, a father that is either gone or home unemployed. I keep praying to God to give me my job back. My lawyer says I have a good case but it is a longshot since Federal Appeals rarely side against the government. Lighting does strike and miracles do come true. I am praying every day that this goes well because I can’t keep going on like this.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi William,

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your story. What I come back to again and again is that no matter how bad the circumstances, God will certainly be faithful to keep His promises to you in Christ. He will comfort you, guide you, provide for you, help you, and satisfy you in Himself.

      Are you part of a church fellowship with some trusted brothers who can pray with and for you? I find that crucial when I go through trials.

      I will pray for you right now. Please keep us posted as to what God does.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • William says:

      It has been a long road since I posted my situation in 2013. I will make a long story short: I got my job back!!!!

      After my last post, things went from bad to worse. All my court appeals were denied, I was passed over for a second promotion and with that second pass, was told that my military service was done by the end of the year. I was in a real bad way and all I had was my faith and the willpower not to quit.

      While I finished my last ever deployment overseas, I found support. I had a friend ask my if I could just reapply off the street as a new hire to my old job. When I got home, that is exactly what I did, and it worked!!!

      While I was at home reapplying, I get a call from a Prior Service Recruiter asking me if I wanted to continue my service and he informs me that the two pass over for promotions never made it into my records and that I can continue to serve! So since 2013 I have been steadily serving on active duty and reapplying for my old federal job. I just passed my background investigation and received a firm offer of employment at a better location.

      Faith and prayer does work. I am proof of it.

      God Bless you all.

  140. Greg says:

    Hi Pastor Steve:

    I am speaking out of my frustration with fellow believers.
    It seems that on Sunday morn, we go to praise the Lord, pair off in our cliques, and then depart. Not even being concerned to ask about those in need.
    I am tired of pastors who hang around with their friends after service and don’t ask about anyone else.
    I think judgment will fall on the church in America for the sins of lack of love toward those in need and indifference.

    In Christ,

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Greg,

      You are right, that’s not how the Body of Christ should function. Can you humbly share your concerns with the church Elders, and maybe ask if there’s anything you can do from your side?

      I hope this helps, and I’m so thankful for your new job.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  141. Johnson says:

    Hi Steve,

    you dint even reply to my comment 🙁 i was expecting atleast a few words from you but u dint 🙁 i have been waiting since 19th of april for you to reply to my comment!!!!

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Johnson,

      My sincere apologies for not commenting sooner. Somehow I overlooked your (and one other) April 19th comment, until I just received an email of the comment you just posted.

      Your situation sounds horrible, and I am very sorry for what you are going through. All I can say is that as you are trusting Jesus Christ you can know for sure that God is in control of all of this, and that His purpose for all of it is to bring you into even more joy and pleasure in closeness to Him.

      He will give you wisdom as to what you should do. And I always ask — are you part of a church which has some Jesus-loving men who could pray with and for you? That is so crucial — God gives us His people to encourage us to keep fighting the fight of faith.

      I will pray for you right now — and please keep me posted as to what God does and how you are doing.

      And again, my apologies for overlooking your comment.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  142. Anonymous says:

    I thank God for leading me to this article. My faith has been increased. Currently Im unemployed and it appears in the natural that I have hit rock bottom. My faith in God is strong I believe God is getting ready to do a new thing in my life. This time being unemployed (going on 3 1/2 weeks) has given allowed me to trust and seek God as never before.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hello Anonymous,

      Thank you for stopping by, and for sharing your story. And please keep us posted as to how God keeps His wonderful promises to you in Christ.

      Steve Fuller

  143. Anonymous says:

    I came across your blog because I was searching for answers how come God has not answered my prayers for a job even though I have waited on Him and trusted His promises. Thank you for reminding me that God is in control of employment. I needed to read that.
    I have been unemployed for almost a year. And there have good and bad days when I struggle to live by faith. I lost sight that my joy and satisfaction should be in God and not in a job.
    Please pray for me that I will be victorious in my struggle.

  144. Johnson says:

    Hi Steve,

    thanks for the reply, and no im not a part of any church and there is no one who can pray for me, so i will connect with god directly and this way im comfortable too, i like to talk to god directly and i dont think that anyone should spend their valuable time in praying for me and i feel that it is selfish to ask someone to pray for me when i myself can pray and talk to god. actually steve i want to be a part of some church and i really cant be paying for gas to travel to a church, as i am unemployed i am left with few options and yes i would love to go to the church on a regular basis but for now i need a job, after i get a job im sure things will fall in place……i just need a breakthrough…..i dont know why jesus is making me wait this long, usually he answers my prayers soon but this time its really been a long time, a very long time.
    All that i am thinking of right now is a job a job that i like, a job that will fix all of my issues, just that, just that…..only that…….
    and steve dont worry about you replying late to me……its just that i was waiting for your reply and i dint get it , so i thought may be u are avoiding me on your blog as my story sounds totally brutal and insanely painful….well, my bad…i misunderstood,….thats okay now, i got my head straight……thanks for the support steve.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Johnson,

      I’ll pray for you again right now, brother. And you are right that you can talk to God through Jesus without anyone else. But it’s not selfish to ask someone else to pray for you, since God will totally bless both them and you as you pray together. So if you get the chance to have someone pray with and for you — take it 🙂

      Is there a chance that you could call a church and let them know that you need a ride? One reason I push church is because you are a part of a Body — so without that connection it’s like you are a foot that’s been cut off. There is some Body of believers who you need and who also need you.

      Keep us posted as to how God meets you day by day, as you fight the fight of faith to trust His promises.

      In Christ,


      • Johnson says:

        Hi Steve,

        In today’s generation i dont think you can find anyone who is really doing god’s work in the church, but yes there are people who truly believe in god and do his work as his wish but its hard to find such people. so my faith has decreased when it comes to church.
        Jesus said “lift a stone, and you will find me” , “split a piece of wood, and you will find me,” he also said that the body is the kingdom of god……..the real kingdom of god lies within us, so we dont have to look outside to find god, he rests within us, if your prayers are working then please pray for me, because once im employed i wanna help the poor, did i tell you that i used to teach the orphans for sometime, now that i cant afford to travel i have stopped teaching………if u can pray for me, i really need a miracle….
        if only god had a portal like this, then i would have commented day-in and day-out.. 🙂

        thanks for the support,

        • Steve Fuller says:

          Hi Johnson,

          My apologies for not responding sooner. It was not intentional. I did not see that you had responded to my comment until just now when I received an email alerting me to your most recent comment. Please forgive me.

          With all due respect, I do not believe Jesus said lift a stone and you will find me. I believe that might be taken from the Gospel of Thomas, which most scholars agree was not written by Thomas or any of the original disciples.

          But we can turn to God at any time through Jesus, as He is revealed in the Bible, and have immediate access to God. Through faith in Jesus we are completely forgiven and clothed with Jesus’ perfect righteousness — and we can know that God will fulfill every promise He’s made to us.

          I will again pray for you right now.

          In Christ, Steve Fuller

  145. Florina says:

    I’ve been on the site once before to reply to a post but read the comments nearly everyday. As mentioned in my reply before, my husband has been laid off work twice since last year, one was a permanent job and the other a contract. None the less, despite not have any benefits or pension, our Faith helped us through and we are thankful that God has been blessing us. No matter how small, a blessing is a blessing and we are thankful for them.
    We have our good days and our bad and today is one of those bad days. We feel so helpless because just when you think you’ve overcome one stumble block, another is pushed in your path. I am trying very hard not to be angry and have prayed for strength in faith this morning and wisdom and guidance but it’s very difficult. I need to completely hand over to God and trust Him and believe that he will help us survive but how do I do that without worrying in the back of my mind that things won’t work out? We’re only human and it’sn natural to feel this way but in my heart I know that we need to stop intervening and let God do his work but it really is very difficult. How do we keep our Faith strong and alive?


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Florina,

      My heart goes out to you and your husband, and I will pray for you again right now.

      You ask a really important question — about how do keep our faith strong and alive? Take a look at the categories listed under “Check Here For More Help” — and look at the posts under “Strengthening Your Faith.” That’s where I’ve tried to answer your question.

      And please keep us posted as to how God meets you as you seek Him, and about what He does in providing for you and your husband.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  146. Wanda says:

    Good Morning Florina,

    Your post was heart-touching. In our moments of desperation and despair, and in answer to your question “How do we keep our Faith strong and alive?”, I have learned that the answer is in not how little “we” keeps our faith, belief and trust alive, it is truly in how our LORD GOD, through the saving grace of the Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit does this for us. I am reminded of the verse in Mark 9:24 “Lord I believe, help my unbelief”. We have to pray for EVERYTHING including strength in belief and faith.

    You and your family are in my prayers. I share a powerful thought that I turn to that whatever it is, “GOD’s Got It!”

    The Peace of Jesus, and Blessings, Always

  147. Michael Chandler says:

    This website is so refreshing and such a blessing of encouragement. I am currently unemployed and have felt lonesome and unsure of finding a decent job again. I need your prayers, and I will also pray for those in need of employment.

  148. Ms Marcia says:

    I came here thanks to my daughter who saw me upset earlier and felt that I was defeated, as she said “you’re letting the devil win with that negative talk Mum!” Being correct by my 20 year old meant being humbled enough to shut up and listen to hear her instantly quote God’s word – in effect her rebuke it was on point.

    This week in particular has been more than turbulent in more ways than one and my current job status reads as ‘It’s complicated’ like you see on social networking sites.

    Anyway, after reading through your very positive and practical blog here I’m again encouraged and reminded that I am an overcomer, a winner – I can [and will] do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and will walk with my head tall, remaining in optimism because I know that the Lord God has a plan for me – to give me a hope and future in Him.

    Thank you for being a vessel of honour; available always, clearly being a good servant of God’s work.

    May his grace and favour be with you always.

    God bless you Steve.

  149. King_of_Convenience says:

    I’ve been unemployed for almost 3 years. However, I’ve reached a point where bible verses or a brothers/sisters encouragement (in Christ) is redundant. I finished graduate school but rarely land an interview.

    I have prayed, pleaded, wept, etc. I’ve examined my life and the bible’s verses. I am saved, but I can’t seem to find anymore comfort knowing I have to face another day of failed applications or job prospects.

    Recently, I was turned down for a job by a renowned Christian university. I also have to lie about the 3 year employment gap. I put down that I work for a friends business that is 2,000 miles away from me. I fabricate my position and life in another city just to get an employer to offer me an interview.

    Best Regards,

    King of Convenience

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your story. I have not experienced the level of difficulty you are facing, but do feel sorrow for how hard it must be.

      I would encourage you to keep looking to God’s promises. God has not promised a life free from trials. But He has promised to use every trial to draw us closer to Him, if we will trust Him.

      I would also encourage you to stick to the truth in applications. Jesus calls us to have our yes be yes and our no be no, trusting that God will work His perfect will as we speak the truth.

      But above all, fight to see God as He promises to be to you in Christ — loving, forgiving, sovereign, good, and all-satisfying.

      One more thing. Don’t neglect the encouragement of brothers and sisters. God will work through His people — as weak and imperfect as we can be — to strengthen and encourage you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  150. Rick says:

    Thanks for these meaningful words of wisdom. I have my own business as an IT/Consultant for over 20 years. Business plummeted about 4 years ago so I took on a second job for my family at Aldi which I still hold today and I thank God for that job. Satan attacks me and everyone with worry sometimes and once he gets hold of you it’s difficult to crawl out unless your faith is strong. My faith was weakened but I’m seeking God’s guidance and came to this website. After reading your words I remember the countless miracles God has granted me. I’m telling you and whoever else reads this that our Lord Jesus Christ will help you and continue helping me. Turning our lives, our entire lives over to Him, and doing what He will end up telling us or guiding us to do without hesitation is the answer… The solution. I have testimony that will dazzle you in amazement. Let me know if you want to hear more. I promise my testimony is very encouraging. He has and is doing great things for me and He will do the same for you if you will believe He will and be patient and engulfed in his word. God is good and does good all the time!

  151. Richard says:

    This post was very encouraging.

    I’m 28, unemployed, and the father of two young children. After splitting up with their mother (I was never married) and fully dedicating my life to Christ, I have struggled financially. I have only recently become unemployed, but it was a job that wasn’t doing much but paying my bills – but still I am thankful. I’ve really been praying that God provides me a job which will allow me to move out of my current living situation and afford me the ability to have my own place. I don’t feel like much of a man having to stay with family – especially because I’ve been on my own for a while.

    I made a connection with someone who I feel God has put in my life, and this man is trying to help me get a state job. It would be everything I need and more – God knows I love to give. I’m just trying my best to not just ask for this door to open, but to thank God for it, because it’s already done. And I will lift up His holy name.

    This issue has weighed heavy on me, and I think about it every day. It has even brought me to a level of depression where suicidal thoughts enter my mind – but I’d never leave my children, nor forsake the Lord’s call upon my life. I just can’t take living in the same house with family, particularly one’s that are unbelievers. But I’m declaring right now that this connection is divine appoint and this job opportunity is mine. It’s only a matter of when my state posts it.

    I’ve been in this position before – a potential career-type job right in front of me, but to no avail. Though it’s a struggle waiting, I feel like this is different. I feel as if this mountain has been moved, it’s just a matter of timing. Keep me in prayer, as I will keep all of these other posters in prayer.

    In Christ,


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you for sharing your story, and your offer to pray for others who post their stories here.

      I will pray for you right now, and I know others are praying for you as well.

      God is working everything out to bring you the greatest joy in His Holy Son now and forever — and to take care of your every need as well.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  152. Ronald says:


    My name is Ronald and I have happened to see these posts as I was searching for answers to my trials.

    I have lost my last job 8 months ago. Been trying to get work and finally god answered and I got hired… I do not know what happened. I turned down the offer after 3 days because I felt the pay was to less compared to the work that was needed to be done.

    After turning down the offer I realized my mistake and I called back to take the offer up but I was turned down and not given the offer….

    I am not sure why this happened I decided to even work for less but I really can’t understand why I turned the offer down…

    I am going through a lot of depression because of this decision I had made…. I need a job to survive and I don’t have one I have lost all the peace I had and I regret every single minute why did i make this mistake….

    Please pray for me to come out of this guilt feeling and please pray that I get blessed with a job soon..



    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Ronald,

      I am so sorry for what you are going through. You are not alone in this.

      We all have times when our sin or unwise choices brings us problems. The passage I use when I am in that situation is 1 Samuel 12:20-22. The bottom line is that even after we sin or make unwise choices, as we continue to trust Christ we can be confident that He will not leave or forsake us. He will still be to us all He has promised to be.

      I will pray for you right now, brother.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  153. King_of_Convenience says:


    Thank you for getting back to me. In regards to letting my yes be yes, and no be no, I find it hard to replace my “fake” job. In fact, HR will automatically throw away the resume once they see a gap. It’s a desperate move and I understand the ramifications. I’m in a real struggle mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I feel for the terrible pressure you feel. But God is not limited by HR policies (Prov 21:1). God calls us to speak the truth, and He will honor that.

      You have every reason to trust Him, and with gentleness and love and humility I want to urge you that’s it’s sin not to trust Him.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

      • Dawn says:

        Thank you so much for that verse Mr. Fuller. What A beautiful Truth! Though I have never read it b4, I have just experienced its very quickening. I have been offered a part time job with a restaurant while I am still waiting for my security license to be re-issued. I started working yesterday. And the manager is such humble pure hearted man. It’s like Jesus knew who to send me to. I’ve dealt with Christ on a personal level long enough and often enough to know when it’s Him.

        May you be showered with more of His Blessings and Graces.

        • agnes says:

          Dear Dawn,

          Alleluia, Praise the Lord. May God continue to bless you for the rest of your life.

          Happy for you,

          • Dawn says:

            Thank you so much Agnes, I am ecstatic. May you also be lifted up and honored by Him in the most beautiful Amazing way. And Jesus is Always Amazing. Amen.

  154. Wanda says:

    Steve is so very correct!

    My background is in HR. Trust GOD to do what GOD does best. He will deliver you. His promise is never broken. GOD is not like us, GOD works miracles and can fix the mind, heart and spirit of every HR recruiter who screens applicants to not throw away the resume for the job that is ‘For You’! What GOD has for you is for you. Trust the Lord’s Yes,not anyone in HR’s no.

    What HR looks for is “relevant experience” in terms of skills and potential fit. Please consider the following suggestions: 1) If you have not worked in 3 years, list your jobs without the “from – to” dates. 2) List the company name and job title (in bold lettering) and location. 3) Highlight your major duties/responsibilities and projects you have worked on. 4) Minimize accomplishments’ details because sometimes they sound so lofty. 5) Do not put any year (graduation date) on your resume.

    I was led to this website just like everyone else. It has been a blessing in so many ways. I have been humbled by my own situation as well as reading the posts of others. GOD knew that I needed a break and rest, and he used my time of unemployment to allow me to “rest in Him”.

    At this point, I am trusting GOD to direct my path and teach me every day His way so that I know where to go and what to do and which job He wants for me.

    This week I had two interviews. On Monday afternoon, I flew to the first company for interviews with several corporate directors, including the Hiring Manager and Site Manager on Tuesday morning. They told me to allow 3 days for them to make a decision. It took 1 day! I got a call on Wednesday morning that they want me to fly me out for a site visit this weekend.

    On Thursday morning (yesterday), I flew out for another interview with a different company where the Hiring Manager told me that if I get another offer to let him know so that they can match or better his company’s offer. The highlight of my panel interviews was that the Holy Spirit set the tone, place and space for everyone I met on yesterday. I started both days with a special prayer to GOD about the interview that included praying for the people I would be talking to. With that I was able to walk in the buildngs with the confidence of Jesus walking with me and believing the Holy Spirit to “speak” for me.

    On yesterday, the energy was so postive with everyone I met from the time the limo driver picked me up from the airport, to the two strangers on the elevator I rode up with, and with everyone I met as I moved from office to office. After my first interview with the VP of HR, we walked into the hall and she high-5’d a guy with both hands walking towards her. So I high-5’d him too — just one hand though (LOL!) — and said good morning. It was the most natural reflex as I was feeling so comfortable in that moment in time. Later as I was being walked to my 3rd interview on the schedule, the VP of HR popped in the office to let me know that the guy I high-5’d was the President of the entire company and he said he liked “that”. “That” high-5 was how GOD does what He does best! He walks with us, He talks for us, He moves in us, He moves through us, and tells us all that we are His own. Even at lunch, one of the HR Directors started getting emotional as she was telling me about her young disabled sons. It was amazing because I could share a story I had just read the day before about a young man featured in our statewide Catholic magazine who was “living” with his cerebral palsey.

    So now, I have 2 very different companies before me, and both are great companies. But more important, I am determined to “wait on GOD” to lead me to where He wants me to go. It is not my will, but His will for me that I want more than a job. This is been the greatest lesson in the blessing of being unemployed for me. Not my will, but GOD’s will be done.

    GOD has brought you to this website that He has gifted Steve to put so much head, heart and energy into. There is a “lesson in the blessing of being unemployed”. Might you consider, pondering what the lesson is for you. If you find it “convenient”, ask GOD to reveal it to you, if you do not readily discern it.

    Soon you too will share your testimony of how good GOD is and how He has delivered you. Please, Trust Him in spite of you — your mental, emotional or spiritual state. Believe that GOD is greater than your situation, your thoughts, feelings, and all your emotions ;-).

    Commit your way to the Lord and Rest in GOD, Always

    Of GOD, I am in Christ Jesus and you and Steve and everyone on this site are in my prayers

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Wanda,

      Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom regarding resumes, and for sharing your encouraging story!

      Very, very encouraging!

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  155. Florina says:

    Hi Wanda,
    Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. It just so happens that my husband has an interview on Monday. I showed him your post and it is so encouraging. We realise that we should let God take the lead and control the direction of the interview instead of my husband doing it. Unemployment in a household with children is difficult but when you leave your life and situation in God’s hands, it does get better. Thank you for your inspiration. God Bless. Florina

  156. Wanda says:


    GOD blesses us to be a blessing to others. That is why Steve’s blog is such a sweet respite and waystation for us all as GOD transitions us on our journey in committing and submission to Him. It is in this blessed and sweet surrender that we are able to truly “rest” in GOD. The Holy Spirit graced me with this “interview prayer” and now I know even more that the Kingdom of GOD is glorified through lovingkindness towards others in prayer. So I share this prayer with you and your husband, and others. To GOD Be The Glory, Always

    Father God,

    I’m about to face a challenging interview for a new job. First, thank you for this opportunity. Thank you that you care about providing for my needs, and fitting me in the right employment situation is something you yourself are working to complete. I know I have you on my side in this matter. You are looking out for my best interest and I know you have a perfect job fit for me. If this is that perfect fit, then make it perfectly clear to me and to those who are making the hiring decision. Begin now to prepare the time and place where we will meet. Set the tone in the room. I know that first impressions matter a great deal, so help me to be the natural “me” that you have created, so that they can see through my nervousness and anxiety to the person you have created me to be. Give me a peaceful and sharp mind. Bring to my memory all the knowledge and wisdom that is already there. Let your joy and contentment flow out through my words. And whatever the result, let this process be a blessing to those who review my case, and also to me and my family along the way. Lord, right now I receive your “shalom” peace. I trust you to work in and through this interview process. I trust you to provide for all my needs. And if this is your perfect fit, then let nothing stand in the way. If it is not right, then close the door and lead me quickly to the right next step. In your name I bless those who will be conducting this interview. Give them wisdom, peace and rest as well. I receive now, ahead of time, your promise – ” I will never leave you or forsake you!” I believe this and oh, do I need it. I don’t go into this interview alone. You are with me. And with that confidence, I am at peace. Help me now to feel that peace. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

  157. Susan says:

    I am 34yrs old, have an 11yr old daughter. I am epileptic and have a shunt in my brain. I have been unemployed since January 2013 and I really don’t know what to do anymore.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Susan,

      My heart goes out to you, dear sister. Thank you for sharing your need here. There are many who read the comments on this page and pray. I will pray for you right now. God will surely be faithful to you in Christ.

      Steve Fuller

  158. King_of_Convenience says:

    Hi Wanda,

    Thank you for sharing your story and pointers. Praise the Lord you are able to get two interviews within a few days of each other. Honestly, I’ve just about had it with the “have faith” or “stay strong” commentary from my closest friends and family. It is only putting a band-aid on a gushing wound. This is simple for them to say especially given the circumstance that they are in; one that is 180 degrees different from mine.

    Our Nation is in financial crisis because of mismanagement and war-for-profit or better yet, war under the guise of neo-crusading. Just look at how many individuals control the wealth of our nation. It is alarming, no? What does this mean for the nation’s middle class (and even the working class)?

    Honestly, I don’t know why HR or managers don’t bring me in for an interview, but it hurts me. As of late, I wasn’t invited to interview for an entry-level position in a department I spent two years interning for. I was literally in tears – I lost it. Peers and colleagues have seen my resume and cover letter, commenting how professional it is. I apply for entry-level positions and I get a generic response that someone more closely aligned with what was being recruited for was hired. I’ve even applied for internships and yet again my efforts are squashed. I have saved every cover letter and resume submitted, no exaggeration, I’m creeping up on at least 350 resumes and cover letters. I am 1 month away from my 3 year anniversary of no work. Mind you, I’ve been in prayer regarding this matter for the duration of this ordeal.

    I’m drained and depressed, and my parents are aware. I get envious and jealous of my friends who are living and succeeded their lives while I’m waiting on an answer. Nevertheless, I will continue to update on my status.

  159. Wanda says:

    Often I believe the state of our nation is a reflection of our own state of mind. The nation is an amalgamation of each and every individual citizen, spirit and soul. So it is no surprise that those who are dealing with their own individual crisis, see a nation of “crises”. As compared to where others who are in a state of hope and trust, see the nation with more love, hope and trust in GOD and for mankind.

    As I read your note I thought of our Savior’s gushing wounds that no man was able to put a “band-aid” on. No man on earth even showed that much love and compassion to our Divine Brother Christ Jesus to make him feel better during His suffering and sacrifice and for all that GOD was doing for us.

    Funny isn’t it that for us, we are shown so much compassion in so many ways. Yet, even when we receive love and compassion, we still find a reason not to “truly receive” the blessing in the moment and in every blessing that GOD gives us.

    Could it be that we are blinded by our own self-will and self-interests instead of GOD’s will and GOD’s interests?

    Friends and family are a blessing, so might I suggest that when seeing and appreciating what might appear as inconsequential or meaningless blessings in the moment and in little things, it is preparation for seeing and appreciating bigger blessings in other things, (e.g. a new job, help from a HR stranger, etc).

    Please consider that the bigger blessing in our time of unemployment is the opening of our eyes to GOD’s will. We must always remember, GOD’s WILL BE DONE, not our will.

    This time of unemployment could also possibly be used to cull “blessing-blockers”. However, if we refuse to let them go, then the time will be unnecessarily extended. Sorta like the Hebrew children wandering in the desert for 40 years due to disobedience after being delivered from Egypt.

    Yes, there are blessings in the lesson of unemployment. Even though depression, despair, envy and jealousy are real human emotions, they are all corrosive “blessing blockers”. And when they rear their ugly heads, they should serve as overwhelming guideposts for prayers to be rid of them. So the prayers for a new job must be replaced and become prayers for complete eradication of the “blessing blockers”, and then one is open to receive the blessing of a new job. Corrosive emotions serve little to no purpose in your blessings, including finding a new job.

    Because until these corrosive emotions blocking our blessings are bound and cast away, then there will be no new job.

    For me, if I feel any corrosive emotion, my focus is put on surrendering those emotions to GOD as soon as possible. Again, those types of emotions are blessing-blockers.

    Prolonged depression, despair, anger, envy and jealousy block what GOD has for us. We have to surrender them immediately! They are tools of the enemy within. Yes, sometimes we can be our own worse enemy and not loving, obedient children of GOD. To hold on to depression, despair, envy, jealously and anger is liken to holding a very corrosive acid that burns the soul and spirit of the human vessel.

    Only by the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit, can one can truly find and enjoy “resting” in GOD and true deliverance.

    It is never too late for a new beginning. Wait on GOD with an expectant heart. GOD is a restorer! GOD is not a respecter of person, for what GOD has done for others He can do for you, and more. But don’t expect blessings if you have resentment, fear, anger, jealousy, envy, pride and unforgiveness. Double blessings don’t come to the double minded. GOD has a good plan for our lives.

    We are weak and GOD is strong, so “rest” in GOD’s strength. As you wait on GOD and pray, remember that Jesus loves us, the Bible tells us so, and our experience shows us so. Trust GOD and love Him, Always

    To GOD Be the Glory!

    We are so blessed and don’t even realize it when the blessing comes. See, I do not believe that many of us on this site are dealing with unimaginable devastation in our lives like our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma this morning. For what have we really lost during the time GOD has been trying to reveal His love for us? Does it take a massive tornado to see GOD’s power in our lives?

    For GOD, I remain in Christ Jesus

  160. Florina says:

    Hi Wanda,

    Thank you so much for your prayer. My husband and I really appreciate it. We have so much peace in God that sometimes I wonder if its okay. A few moths ago we were down and despondent. Since we’ve handed everything to our wonderful Lord, things are going better. We are more at ease. My husband is still not working but we are okay with it. We are focusing on our blessings we already have and that we receiv daily. We teach our children to pray and we pray as a family and than God together as a family. I pray for you and thank God for showing us your messages. I wish you nothing but happiness and blessings, in Jesus name.


  161. mzn says:

    Wow thanks Steve for this blog,just one of those low days when I thought maybe iam missing something from the bible texts let me check for more encouraging bible passages,googled “believing GOD for a good job” then found this interesting blog,am really blessed and encouraged to know that I am not alone,encouraged with testimonies of getting jobs and I cannot wait to testify of the goodness of the lord.

    I have been out of employment about to clock 2years,my unemployment has both good and bad sides. The good side is that each passing day am drawing closer to GOD, secondly God wanted to make me a good wife as my past job involved a lot of travelling and really I was doing very well but I had to be under a man to provide for me,The organization had budget cut issues so had to exit sector I was working in…at first I didn’t mind much because the following month was my wedding month…Later on I got a job shortly before I could sign contract the organization changed decision retracting their offer. Since then its been hard for me…in the process of healing from that shock GOD blessed me with the fruit of the womb so for a short while didn’t apply for jobs, In my unemployment state was so looking forward to spending time with my baby sad news delivered a bouncy baby boy but just after 2 weeks baby died…I was so sure that GOD would bless me with a job soon to help with the healing process but hey our plans are not GODs plans…I have been for 2 interviews this year but to no avail…I have and still apply for jobs….My self esteem is low, feel so inferior beginning to dislike socializing, depression name it all…anyway I was supporting my parents and now things are just so hard in the family..I pray and please pray with me for GOD to give me the grace and strength to patiently wait upon him because I know that he can never leave me nor forsake me and to continuously bless my sweet hubby for everything he does for me…

    TO ALL…GOD IS FAITHFUL in his own time he will do it for us all…

    Be blessed


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi MZM,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. My heart goes out to you regarding your unemployment and the death of your baby.

      Surely we groan much in this life (Rom 8:23), and as Paul says in 2 Cor 6:10 — we are sorrowful, but always rejoicing.

      I am so thankful you found this blog helpful. Thank you for letting me know.

      I will pray for you right now — please keep us posted on what God does in and for you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  162. Johnson says:

    hey steve,

    you only reply to people u like, i thought this website was genuine but i doubt it now, what is this steve, even after so many days im back waiting for your reply and you have not left a word for me…………is this how you feel…..????


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Johnson,

      My apologies for not responding sooner. It was not intentional. I did not realize you had responded to my comment of a few weeks ago until just today when an email alerted me to this comment you just wrote today. Please forgive me.

      I write more in response to your previous comment.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  163. Florina says:

    Hi Steve,

    A few weeks ago you sent an email to everyone about writing a book. I was just wondering how its been going? You are always trying to make time for everyone else but has anyone asked you how you are? How’s the writing going? Thank you for this blog and thank you for helping us see things differently and with new perspective. Your posts are very encouraging.

    Your website has helped me realise that although my husband is unemployed aand things are not the used to be financially, there are others out there going through the same, if not worse situations. It just makes me realise how blessed we truly are and how how grateful we should be for having the Lord, our God in our lives and speak to us through the various testimonies.

    Thank You Lord for guiding us all to this website and for putting us in touch with Steve and one another. Happy writing and keep us posted on the progress of the book. I really hope it will be available in SA once its published.

    God Bless


    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Florina,

      Thanks for asking about the book. It’s coming along, and I deeply appreciate your prayer.

      And I am so glad to hear that this website is helping you and your husband. That’s encouraging to me.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  164. Wanda says:

    I agree with your comments Florina.

    In addition, this site has also helped to teach me “PATIENCE”. Often immediate results, whether it be an answer to a prayer, a new job, a response, waiting in queue, etc. are expected or desired.

    Since patience is a blessed gift, learning to be patient with little things helps in being patient to receive something even grander that GOD has in store for the blessed.

    I can only imagine that if Steve has a family and a life in addition to this calling, he has his heart and hands full with the work involved with his blog. So I too hope that he is diligent with the pursuits that he has dreams of accomplishing as GOD works through him with us. If not, then I am even more grateful for his patience with reading and keeping up with so many situations shared on this blog.

    GOD Bless Everyone,

  165. Johnson says:

    Hi Steve,

    i understand that you missed out replyin to me but thats alright….and ya talking about the gospel of Thomas or anyone els, Jesus did say this “Lift a stone and you will find me, Split a piece of wood and you will find me” this was the direct words of our lord jesus christ, however it has been buried for centuries, i got this tip from a movie i watched and i dont remember the name of the movie, no no its not da vinci’s code, its some other movie, and i also did some research on that and im sure that jesus said it, and i believe in what he said. Jesus has had a lot to say and if u read the bible closely u can understands how jesus thinks, i mean he is so humble and he loves people no matter what they are, infact just before the soldiers arrested him he was praying in a forest, so to pray any place is fine, one can pray wherever , whenever and in whatever way he/she wants but whats important is the faith.
    The faith is all that matters, god lives not only in the church but in everything that exists………..The real kingdom of god lies in ourselves…..our body is the kingdom of god…..its in our hearts that god lives……and yes i strongly believe that he does live there…………
    steve i have a question for you………..

    if u look at the pics of jesus and mother mary with the heart open u can always see that the hearts are surrounded by thorns………and i am curious to know why the heart is surrounded with a crown of thorns??????? and what does it signify??????

  166. Ruth says:

    I would appreciate intercessory prayer for a special request. I am moving in about 10 days with no place to live and no job…yet. My grown children are putting my things in storage; I will stay with them…alternating one week with daughter and one week with son to look for work. I am 70 yr old grandmother and have been on my own for past 30 years. GOD has been my source since I was 10 years old…HE will provide; I know. I pray for “emotional security”…my faith/belief is not matching my gut level feeling of terror. And I also know that feeling doesn’t pull the “train” of faith. Thank you in advance…and all praise and glory to HIM for what HE is doing, and for who HE is..AMEN.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your needs, Ruth. I will pray right now, and there are others who read the comments on this post who will pray.

      And are you part of a Bible-preaching and living church which has some women who could pray with and for you? That would be so helpful at a time like this.

      Keep us posted on what God does.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Wanda says:


      I just said a prayer for you. Just always remember, “GOD’s Got It!”

      May I also suggest that you might consider turning your “gut feeling of terror” over to GOD. He knows exactly what to do with it, and during this period of transition and new beginning it is extra baggage that GOD can carry better than you can. 😉

      Command your soul to bless the Lord! And in return, be diligent and patient in receiving your blessings. Due season is always going to come.

      Don’t get weary in well-doing for in due season you are going to reap if you do not give up, cave in, quit, or go back to the old work of the flesh. Be steadfast in trusting GOD to bring it all to pass.

      Sometimes I find that we miss the blessings at hand, because we are so focused on the blessings we want to come. Like our steps, in due season, GOD has each of our blessings ordered. Not sure why the most difficult part for us is to keep this in our head and heart.

      So perhaps as you wait for your job blessing, please do ENJOY the blessings of the daughter, son and grandchildren in spite of how you “feel”. Through this experience, this may be the greater gift GOD has for you.

      Of GOD, I am in Christ Jesus,

  167. Wlabs says:

    I am connected now with company in which i am not satisfied. I keep on searching for another job through internet and emails. I pray to the Lord God that He will provide me the job wherein I could be happy and feel fulfilled. Glory to you oh Lord!!!!

  168. Frustrated says:

    Right now I am frustrated with God and not getting work.

    Quick background: Male in my 40’s. Laid off from my job of 13 years in late 2011 due to a corporate takeover. Had a side job before the layoff that I tried to turn into a full time job. Tried to live off of it and my savings during the 2012 year. Little to no business in 2012, tried to get unemployment, no luck. Partially due to hospitalization twice (depression as well) and increased debt in 2012, I declared bankruptcy. Early 2013 stopped business, looking for work full time, while trying to get unemployment help pay the bills, no luck from the state. Church some and primarily my close family are helping me pay the bills and put food on the table.

    I prayed often for the business to grow. If not his will, I prayed often for God to give me a job, (if he did not want the business to succeed). I applied for jobs as often as I could. I was applying for anything and everything. I would get some interviews but not picked. I would call HR departments, speak to someone who said they would get back with me. They did not and I got back with them, left voice mails, they would not return my calls. Now I am about to lose my financed vehicle due to non payment.

    I am now not praying. I am mentally drained. Truthfully I am mad at God for not opening doors for employment. I am now frequenting the church less. I love my pastor and he knows how I feel. I am a bitter man right now. I want to play the lottery hoping to win, but my conscious says not too. Nobody truly understands my dilemma but other unemployed people.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent here. I stumbled upon your website by accident. Feel free to delete this post, I am sorry if I have offended anyone.

    Signed, Frustrated.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      No offense taken. I have not been through what you are going through, but I am sorry for the pain you are experiencing.

      At the same time, I would like to gently nudge you to reconsider how you are responding to God.

      God promises that those who trust Christ will have trials. But He also promises that every trial is orchestrated by Him to bring us even more nearness to Him, if we will let it (2Cor 4:16-18).

      He also promises to provide for everything else we need in such a way that we can fulfill His call on our lives and find the greatest heart-satisfaction in Him.

      So you disagree with Him on how He has been orchestrating the events of your life. But why are you disagreeing?

      Right now I am going through a much smaller trial than you are. I don’t like how God is orchestrating things. But the reason I don’t like it is because there’s something I want more than God. There’s something I think will satisfy me more than knowing God in Christ that He is not giving me.

      Is there any chance that’s what’s going on with you? If not, then forgive me for asking. But I find that when I complain to God that’s what’s usually going on.

      I hope this helps. I will pray for you right now, as will others who read the comments on this post.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Wanda says:

      You have not offended anyone. We are ALL human.

      And Thank GOD, GOD is GOD. GOD understands your frustration, just as we all do.

      Albeit circumstances may differ and situations are unique, there is one thing that we know is common to all who think we “stumbled” upon Steve’s blog — I believe it was the loving heart of GOD that allowed the Holy Spirit to lead us to find comfort in this sweet e-respite to share, vent, inquire, find others who could relate, as well as pray for and with us.

      I found comfort in listening to the following inspirations during my darkest hours and weakest moments. In reflection, the days were the most darkest when my eyes were shut tight like a frightened child to what GOD was doing in and for me, and I was my weakest,
      when GOD was carrying me through it all.

      Get Ready For Your Miracle!!!

      Of GOD, I AM in Christ Jesus and trust GOD will deliver you. Yet, you MUST have faith, believe and Surrender to GOD’s Will In Spite of How You Feel!!! This is an Absolute Must! You and All on this site are in my prayers.

      Somehow, please find the will to TRUST GOD, Always

      GOD Bless You, and All

  169. Olu says:

    My story was quite similar to Wendy’s except that the church we attend has been very supportive. My husband and i lost our jobs and the last 9 months has been very difficult, especially for my husband who is highly skilled and used to earn a lot of money. We have been threatened with eviction letter twice, but God has been faithful. The last eviction notice was served us just 3 days ago as i was about to start my daily devotion that we should leave within 7 days due to rent arrears. I was left to choose between my bible study or cry over our eviction notice. I decided to do my bible studying first. As i opened my devotion book, I stumbled on this caption which reads ” God of your Trouble, God of your Heart” by Kenneth Copeland.
    The instruction on the daily devotion says i should honor God by going into His word and do exactly what He says i should do. I obeyed this instruction by studying the scripture reading which is psalm 34. Verse 1 of it says ” I will bless the Lord at all times…” and verse 6 says i should call upon the Lord and He would deliver. This i did by blessing His name and crying unto Him reminding Him of His promises.
    To the glory of God, God supernaturally provided us with 1,160 pounds that same day. We were also favored to dictate how we will pay the balance. Friends, God is faithful! As i am writing this blog, we have ran out of food supply. But i know that God has never failed and He would show up again. The word of God truly says we will go through trials as believers, but the trials will not overcome us. I am confident that very soon, everyone of us trusting God for jobs will get it and testify to the goodness of God. The bible says if we faint in the day of adversity, our strength is small (proverbs 24;10). Let us hold tight unto God and He will not fail us.
    God Bless you all!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Olu

      Thanks for your testimony on how God provided the funds to make your payments. Continue to Trust in His promises for both your Job as well as Food supply.

      I too am waiting for a fantastic job which only God can provide!


    • Jen says:

      Olu, thanks for sharing your testimony.
      My husband has been out of work about a year and some months now. He lost his job when the company got rid of his position and just when we bought a new house. We have been through unemployment before and knew that God would see us through and He has because He is faithful to the righteous. Actually I noticed that this time (albeit longer period), we are holding on more firmly to Him than the last. He is indeed a God whose promises never fail. We have NEVER lacked for any good thing as he promises in Psalm 34 and every time, it seems like things are getting worse, He brings along someone to encourage us either spiritually or financially. We can all trust that He is Able. If we will let go of what we think we WANT He will give us what we NEED because He has already told us that “He knows that plans He has for us, for good and not evil.” Furthermore, He tells us that if we as humans can give our children good things when they ask, how much more our Heavenly Father. We just need to trust in Him, trust in His Word and His glory will be manifest.

  170. Kandi E says:

    Amen! Thank you jesus! Xoxo

  171. phoebe says:

    I have been unemployed for the last twelve years. Getting some small jobs and contracts on and off. I have been waiting and trusting in God up to this day. One thing that i know is that i have never lacked and God has miraculously raised me to heights i would not take myself could be if i trusted in my salary. Am doing my doctorate and the Lord has been providing funds miraculously even without me applying for them. Though at times am so down when i see my colleagues who we finished the first degree with having big jobs, great and stable salaries, God has always encouraged me to wait patiently upon him. At times i have to deal with needs that require hefty amounts of money but now since i do not have a salary to hope for this far, i have learnt to trust in Jesus, He is my ONLY help. Am encouraged by Abrahams faith that: Romans 4: 18-21 Even though his body was as good as dead….and sarahs womb was also dead, he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but he was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised. For those facing unemployment, we may have waited for so long, till it seems that we are too late for employment, let us not waver in faith, For our God is able to fulfill what He has promised. Whatever time He shall fulfil, it shall surely be with a blessing, just like isaac was a fulfilled promise with so many blessings. All the same i have a million and one reasons to thank God for, health, my 3 kids, a husband, life, salvation….Glory be to God.

  172. Lewis Sinfield says:

    I have been unemployed Since November 2012, I’ve been struggling to even get interviews. I recently had a training course and it was mentioned that there is a strong possibility of a retainer contract until a position is open for me to fill. I prayed and prayed and it felt like this was God FINALLY coming through for me, So on Monday I got a call saying ‘Sorry, but its not going to happen. And today me and my wife got a phone call reminding us of a unpaid doctors bill that will wipe out our money for food.

    I want to know where is God? Why have we been struggling and praying for help when nothing happens.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Lewis,

      I am so sorry that you are going through so much hardship. It sounds very, very difficult, and my heart goes out to you.

      The one encouragement I would give you is that the Bible does teach that those who trust Christ do go through very hard times. I see that in Romans 8, Hebrews 11, Acts 14:22, and John 16:33.

      And while there’s lots we don’t know about God’s purposes in these hard times, we do know that part of His plan is to use them to draw us even more close to Him and as a result give us even more joy in His glory now and forever (2Cor 4:16-18).

      I will pray for you right now, that God will comfort you, strengthen you, and provide for you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  173. CjR81 says:

    I have been through turmoil since I left my previous stable job with a stable fire department for 5 years. I left it to pursue a job where i thought by the name and reputation for the money. It has been hell ever since. I did get away from serving God for a long while amd can’t remember the last time ive appeared or felt truly happy or joyful. I want to return to the fire service because It was a good career and I truly believe it was satans ploy for me to leave and get this hell. Im unemploed and since being with this company i’ve been stressed, broker, and treated like a bumber with off and on layoffs. Does God attend for me to struggle with a family like this as a man and husband? Im in meed of plenty prayers and i’m a noble man who made a bad career decision. Please pray for me. Thanks

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. God encourages us in His Word that even when we make bad decisions, if we continue to trust Christ then God will continue to fulfill all of His promises to us (1Sam 12:20-22).

      At the same time, God does not promise that our lives here on earth will be free from trials. In fact, He says that the road to heaven will pass through many trials (Acts 14:22).

      But He also promises that He will provide all the wisdom, strength, peace, finances, and joy in Him that we need in order to fulfill His calling on our lives (James 1;5; Phil 4:19; Phil 4:13). And He promises that every trial will bring us more joy in Him now and forever, as we keep our eyes fixed on Him (2Cor 4:16-18).

      So please keep trusting Christ, keep doing all you can to find work, keep your heart set on God’s promises.

      And I will pray for you right now.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • William says:

      I can totally relate to your situation. I had a stable, permanent federal job that was menial and unsatisfying. I accepted another position in the federal government and found out the hard way that by accepting that new position, I forfeited all my career rights and they got rid of me as a probationer. I now have a wife and 15 month daughter I cannot take care of. I feel sick to my stomach every day and I keep praying for a miracle, which is what I need to get my old job back, which is looking impossible. I ask God is this what happens because I dared to better my lot in life with the federal government? I should have stayed where I was because I went from a crummy job to no job.

  174. KANAYO says:

    Iam a Nigerian.I have been out of job since December 2009.I have tried all this while for any kind of job to sustain my family while awaiting the big job but has not been able to.I am 42 years old and very worried about my situation.I am looking up to God for a mirracle and will appreciate your prayers.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Kanayo,

      Thank you for sharing your story here. I am glad that you are looking to God and trusting Him.

      God does promise that His people will go through hard times (John 16:33; Acts 14:22). But He also promises that He will sustain us through the hard times, gives us all we need during the hard times, and use these hard times to bring us even more nearness with Him now and forever (2Cor 4:16-18; Phil 4:13; Phil 4:19).

      So keep fighting the fight of faith, keep trusting Him, keep praying, keep doing all you can to find work — and God will use all of this to bring Him great glory and to bring you great joy in Him.

      I will pray for you right now.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  175. C. Lynn says:

    Thank you so much for this encouragement and wisdom, its been a topic Ive been struggling with for some time now, and its always great to hear the very things that remind us of where our hearts should truly lie in the process. The Lord is truly working through you to reach his people.

  176. Kevin says:

    The deafening silence in response to the recent pleading messages posted here confirms the obvious: unemployment is an inescapable death sentence from God. If you’re out of work you won’t get any more help than the useless platitudes that are so popular here. The unemployed are bitterly hated and there is no way out. Now watch for the canned, useless “God will provide” excuses to be posted.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for your honest words. I’m not able to respond to these comments as quickly as they deserve, and your comment was a bit of a wake-up call to me that I had overlooked these recent pleas for help.

      I was only unemployed once, and that was not for very long. But that short time was difficult enough that I know those who have lengthy unemployment face great hardship, suffering, pain, and difficulty.

      But God’s Word is true. He never promises that His people will be free from trials. I’m preaching through Hebrews 11 right now, and am reading about those with strong faith who are destitute, afflicted, wandering about in deserts and caves (Heb 11:36-38).

      But at the same time, God promises to provide, and that’s no platitude. It’s reality. He will provide everything we need to fulfill His call on our lives (Matt 6:33; Phil 4:13; Phil 4:19; 2Cor 9:8). That does not necessarily mean instant jobs or money. It might mean ongoing difficulty and struggle.

      But whatever it means, we know that God will use it to bring us nearer to Him now and forever (2Cor 4:16-18).

      I don’t know for sure, and if I’m wrong, please forgive me. But it sounds like you are pretty bitter. But please consider that there’s no reason to be bitter against God. He never promised a life free from unemployment. But He did promise that as we trust Jesus Christ, every trial, every heartache, every sorrow, would be used by Him to bring us more of Himself.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Rick Starnes says:

      Hi Kevin.
      A couple of questions come to mind. Have you attempted to fully trust God before and been patient for His answer?

      • Kevin says:

        Mr Starnes:
        Patience? I was laid of from a very good full time job two years ago. Over the last year, I’ve applied for dozens of jobs and either been ignored or turned down for all of them. Whether or not they’re entry level jobs or work in the areas where I’ve been successful before, I’ve failed. At one point because of unemployment I was evicted and had to live in my car for a couple of months. I’m currently ineligible for unemployment payments and and a short time from needing to live on the street again and I was hoping to avoid that, but it’s clear that God wants me to be a failure. At one time because of my unending inability to get a job, I had a prayer, “God, point me in the right direction since I’m trying the wrong thing.” I didn’t pray for success or riches, just for direction. The response was absolute and total silence and nothing changed. There was no guidance to a different or better path or outcome. Absolutely nothing changed. So, that’s what happened when I “attempted to fully trust God before and been patient for His answer.” There was no answer. The inescapable conclusion is that God wantsme to fail. Before you ask, I’ve tried employment programs including one operated by a church. Nothing has worked. Yes, I’ve let friends know of my situation and all of their job leads have fallen through. They only thing you’re going to get if you’re unemployed and God wants you to fail is typically useless platitudes.

    • Wanda says:


      Unemployment is not an inescapable death sentence from GOD unless the dead now use computers. I would venture to think that a live, able-bodied person trying desperately to live wrote your post. Isn’t it amazing that even in the midst of the worse storms and personal trials, we still have the freedom to live and love if we so chose life and love.

      As I read your note, I could only think of a hurt child who is acting out and even lashing out because he “cannot have what he wants” or “wants his way instead of GOD’s way”, or “wants to direct GOD’s will for him” or “has an issue with GOD’s plan for him” or “truly believes that what he wants is more important than what GOD wants for him”.

      Nevertheless, only by GOD’s grace are you allowed to rant, lash out, and throw a tantrum out of frustration that we all can relate to.

      And even still, Our Divine Father GOD is so merciful that he has let 2 total strangers attempt to go into the lion’s den behind Steve as he does GOD’s work with you and your anger.

      To GOD Be The Glory, you are still loved enough by GOD to be able to get on the internet and connect to total strangers who respond to you out of love. See, we understand your frustration and know where you are in head and heart, because we have journeyed this place just like you.

      We have all been led to Steve’s blog for a purpose, and in time realized that we had to make a conscious choice to either love GOD even in spite of ourselves or stay victims of our own anger, bad choices, inflated or humilated egos, mistakes, or carelessness with our blessings.

      To be able to respond to you is a blessing and actually humbles me and makes me more thankful that GOD is not finished with me yet.

      After being unemployed for 6 months, I just started a new job with a Fortune 200 company and even wondered to myself whether I would return to this blog.

      This day, and going forward, I know that I must pray for you, Steve and eveyone who comes to this blog. I also thank GOD for allowing me to return to the blog as a reminder of what not loving Him does to our spirits, and how it comes across to others.

      Question: Has one ounce of anger gotten you an interview or a new job?

      Might I suggest that you surrender your anger to GOD. For to not surrender your all to GOD is only making matters worse for you and serves you no purpose.

      See what people don’t realize is that when they go into an interview with anger, it comes through even when they think they are hiding it. I am an HR Manager and it’s chilling when anger comes through, whether it’s in a cover letter, or over the phone, or in a face-to-face conversation.

      Monday morning, if I may also suggest, please go to a place that you feel you can volunteer your skills. Volunteer any where so that you can update your resume/application with the name of a company/agency, and actual work even if it’s volunteer work. What you want to be able to do is close your employment gap. Volunteer work counts too. So list the volunteer work under Work Experience. On your resume, you do not have to indicate it is volunteer work unless it instructs you to. When you have to indicate the wage/salary history on an application then it would be obvious that it’s volunteer work. You can also mention it when you get an interview. But the most important thing is that you want to close the employment gap with actual work, whether it’s paid or unpaid. The long break is what is not looking good at this point, so close it with volunteer work. FYI – I will also share a sample resume format with Steve to share with you to give you an idea of what I am suggesting.

      Also, please consider this — every chance you get, say “Thank You Jesus, I love you so much!” In time, saying it gives your words power and redirects a more positive, good energy toward you. Being mad is a very negative energy and hinders a person.

      The time we are unemployed may be the thorn in our flesh that keeps us turned to GOD. Whether it is or isn’t, what is important is not the thorn but knowing that GOD’s grace must be sufficient for us.

      As I was typing this post, a Johnson and Johnson commercial just came on and the announcer is saying “Love is the most powerful thing. It holds us and comforts us”. In other words, GOD is the most powerful things. He holds us and allows the Holy Spirit to comfort us. Yet, you must allow Him to do just that, even as you rest whereever He leads you. Where you rest physically is less important than where you rest spiritually. Rest in GOD.

      Perhaps we have not experienced exactly what you have experienced. However, if like attracts like, anger attracts something very different than love.

      I am responding to the GOD in you, the love in you that is so very covered by your anger.

      The way I see it, GOD has allowed us to respond to you, so He is not silent or deaf. For GOD IS responding to you. GOD is love, and love is the source of all that is good.

      Are you saying that you are so dead that you cannot love?

      You can continue to be angry at our Divine Daddy, or you can love Him in spite of even how you feel; and even in spite of you because GOD is more important than anyone and anything.

      GOD is love, and love is the source of all, even your new job.

      Of GOD, I am in Christ Jesus

  177. Rick Starnes says:

    Hi Steve. Thank you for this wonderful and uplifting website.
    God has blessed me countless times yet I am struggling financially again and need your prayers to strengthen my faith knowing He will lead me in the right direction. There is a great prayer by Thomas Merton that helps me often and hopefully will help others…
    “My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think that I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so. But I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing. I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire. And I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road though I may know nothing about it. Therefore will I trust you always though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my perils alone.”
    I’ve been in business for 13 years as a Computer Consultant/IT and about 5 years ago, the economy took a dive and so did my business. Along with my business continuing at a very slow rate; not being able to provide for my 3 children and alcoholic wife, I took on an additional job with UPS for a few months, then an opening at Aldi right down the street from my house came about and I took it. Trust me, the Lord guided me into that job and I followed His lead. I have been with Aldi now for 4 years with good insurance for my family and my business is still inching along. For the past 5 years my wife had taken the ‘evil road of an alcoholic… lying, cheating, stealing, raging and scaring our children and more’. I won’t go into detail but things in our home were horrible. I guided our children to prayer and I my testimony of the things God did during those years are amazing. My wife still drinks but after God’s intervention and doing what He guided me and told me to do, our lives are changing dramatically. Please pray she will decide to commit her life to Jesus Christ and not the bottle. I am still working my business, Aldi and cutting grass, but I have lost 3 of my largest income producing clients and have been searching for other clients and have increased my full time hours at Aldi to about 38/wk, and cutting grass but I must be with my children (16,11 and 8) because I love them dearly, they need me and since my wife is not providing the love they need and guidance they need. My bills have fallen drastically behind again. I used to be able to work from my home, but now I have to work away from the house more and I don’t like it and neither do the kids. When I pray and listen to God’s small voice I hear ‘wait’. I sure hope my discernment is clear and that’s the Lord. I’m asking for you to pray for me asking God to cast out the ‘evil one’ from my thoughts and clarify whether or not I am doing all He wants me to do.

  178. King_of_Convienience says:

    No one will know what you’re going through until they’ve gone through your circumstances. I’m on 3 years of unemployment. I’ve had about 4-5 serious interviews. Two of those positions went to interns or former employees. The others went to people who had more experience (yet the recruitment called for entry-level candidates). I continually pray, but long term unemployment, I believe, is not something that God intended us to go through?

    There are so many unappreciative people in the workplace, let alone incompetent individuals who only have their job because someone really pulled through for them.

  179. Wanda says:


    My prayer for you is,

    Father GOD,

    In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I plead the Precious Blood of Jesus on you and your family.

    Thank You GOD
    Thank You Jesus
    Thank You Holy Spirit,


  180. Georgina says:


    Godly wisdom!!

    i needed this! 😀

    thankyou very much. this was Gods wisdom, the way godly people think. extremely different to how worldly ppl think

  181. Trace says:

    How do i give my concern to God about my situation when i have to take it back to look for work the next day, only to be ignored further. I’m sure He has a purpose, but what is the point of verses like Psalm 37:25, 2 Thess 3:10 and Exodus 23:10?

    Gods grace was the only thing that kept kept me from suicide when my mother died over ten years ago, what is the point now when I’ll probably have to go on welfare next year, and be out out of work for years?? What about losing my home the year after that? This is His plan for me?

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Trace,

      From what you say, it’s clear that you are going through a very hard time.

      Psa 37:25 puzzles me, too, especially because in Rom 8:35 Paul says believers can face times of famine and nakedness, and even death — but that all of this is part of Christ’s love for them.

      All I know is that God has a purpose for every trial. We don’t know all of what that purpose is, but part of it is to bless us with more nearness to Him now and forever (2cor 4:16-18; 2cor 12:9-10).

      At the same time, He promises to provide everything we need so that we can fulfill His call on our lives. That might mean He provides a lot, or it might mean a little — but we will always have everything we need to do what He is calling us to do.

      Keep fighting to trust Jesus Christ as your Savior, Lord, and all-satisfying Treasure. He will guide you, strengthen you, comfort you, provide for you, and satisfy you in Himself. He’s promised.

      And find some humble, godly, Bible-loving men who can pray with and for you. Being part of a church family is so important during times like this.

      And for what it’s worth, I’ll pray for you right now.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  182. Ty says:

    Hello all, it’s funny what you can do in front of strangers that you can’t do in front of people who know you. Only those closest to me truly know my story and my deepest darkest fears….and that is basically my mom and my girlfriend.

    I gave Christ my life in 2001, while in college….and that was hard enough being apart of a fraternity and a party guy. I always struggled with partying and having a good time or walking the straight and narrow and living more for God, even at the age of 34 I struggle with it.

    Truth is….I haven’t been able to keep a job longer than two years at a time. In the past I have always made mistakes on jobs, and ended up losing most jobs after a few months or a year. The job I have loved more than anything I’ve ever done is teaching and coaching high school students….but because a test required to become completely certified….my dreams of being a teacher for a long time ended due to my failure to pass the state required professional pedagogy test(PPR). I took the test five times and still haven’t passed it, the last time I took it was in 2010….and I gave up because I was tired of the failure…..I have a Masters degree but couldn’t pass a test to be completely certified as a teacher. Without passing the test you can only teach for three years here in Texas, and I have taught for three years.

    Since then I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off….working jobs here and there and still haven’t been on a job longer than a year since teaching. To say I feel like a failure is an understatement… I am at the age of 34 in a one bedroom apartment begging my mom and girlfriend for rent money every month.

    I moved to the Dallas area after accepting a job with a non profit agency but due to budget cuts and lack of funding was laid off after six months, I then started to drive school buses while looking for another full-time job. After finding another job in January of 2013, I lost that job in April of this year after being laid off again for budget cuts. So here I am drawing unemployment looking for part-time and full-time work, and feeling like the biggest failure ever.

    My job is looking for jobs. I have applied to a few charter school jobs, because one can teach at charter schools as long as it’s not a core subject, also private school jobs, but so far no success. I am looking for jobs working with kids and teenagers because I do feel connected to our youth and want to dedicate my life to making sure our youth do not make the same mistakes I did.

    I’m so lost….I have no money saved, make 350 dollars every two weeks in unemployment, currently receiving food stamps, and recently applied for rental assistance, but was told there was not enough money to help me with my rent but they could pay my light bill. I was thankful for that but my rent is due in a matter of days. If my mom and girlfriend can’t help me….then I will be back home living with my mom yet again….along with possibly getting sued for having to move out of my apartment early.

    Bottom line is this….to may people it will look like I can’t stay on a job, I’m unstable, and don’t have enough experience but I’ve been trusting that God looks past all of that, and all of my mistakes. I don’t feel loved by God, not all the time anyway. Every job I’ve ever wanted I never get….even the recent teaching positions….in my heart I want to teach again so bad but can’t seem to land private or charter school jobs. I want to study and take the state test again but it cost money that I don’t have…and honestly I don’t want to fail the test again….don’t think I could handle the rejection right now.

    I once felt like there was favor on my life and that God had so much in store for me because of the huge amount of adversity I’ve been through, but I truly don’t see it and have even contemplated the worse thing a person can think of….you guessed it, hurting myself, but because I have a five year old son…..I just can’t do it.

    I want so bad to do something I’m passionate about but for some reason I just can’t seem to make it in this life. I’m tired of surviving, I’m ready to live. I want a career job, enough to pay my bills, take care of my son, and have enough left over to save or do some things in life I’ve never done….like travel. So I am here now…alone in this apartment as I have been for so many days wondering how I’m gonna pay my rent at the end of this month, and wondering if God will bless me with a career job that I love and can stay on for more than a year.

    I will make no excuses about my past and past mistakes….but I have grown and I am a different person now…I have responsibilities and can’t afford to keep losing jobs and getting behind on bills. I just hope God will give me an opportunity to have a career job that I love and can make a difference in the lives of youth.

    I’m so glad my girlfriend sent me this article….it truly does help.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Ty,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I think many read the comments on this post, and will be praying for you. I am going to pray for you right now.

      My heart goes out to you, brother. So much pain, and rejection, and difficulty — for so many years.

      God’s ways are mysterious. But He has told us at least one reason for every trial, and that is to give us a greater experience of His glory now and forever (2Cor 4:16-18).

      So do all you can to keep looking to Jesus Christ as your Savior, your Guide, your Provider, and especially as the only One who can satisfy your heart. You might find helpful some of the posts under “Check Here For More Help” (just to the right) under the category of “Strengthening Your Faith.”

      You can know for sure that God has a plan for all of this, that He will guide you and provide for you (whether that means a lot or a little), and that He will strengthen and satisfy you.

      And are you part of a church family? It would be so encouraging for you to have some godly, humble, loving men around you to pray with and for you.

      Keep us posted on how you are doing. And again, thank you for opening your life and heart to us.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  183. Ty says:


    I do plan on going back to church this Sunday, as well as bible study. I have recently moved to a new area and I am just visiting churches right now. Hoping to find a church home soon.

    My mood is a little better today but I am still hoping that my life changes and that I am able to make some kind of impact in this world while being able to/allowed to maintain some kind of stead income w/o feeling like God is playing with me, giving me a job, taking it away, giving me a job, taking it away.

    So I am hoping and praying for some kind of stability in this life.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hello Ty,

      I am so glad to hear that you are looking for a church home, and that you are feeling more encouraged.

      Please keep us posted as to how you are doing.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

      • Ty says:

        Thanks Steve,

        I will be visiting a church tomorrow and I’m hoping for the best as I have talked to the Pastor’s wife over the phone and she seems genuine.

        Things are still the same as of right now…but I’m hoping for the best in my life and Trying to believe that God will turn things around!

  184. Barnabas says:

    Dear All,

    Jesus Answers Prayers!!!

    After close to 15 months of unemployment, I got my dream job with a 30% hike in salary as well!

    I, like most of you, chanced on this blog during my time of unemployment, and it was a blessing to hear the various testimonies and reading about the various trials of so many people, made me be strong and continue to trust in God for a miracle.

    Truly this job and my new offer is a miracle, for which I cannot thank God enough!

    God truly knows the desires of our hearts and in His time, He makes things beautiful and answers all our prayers, when we Trust in HIM.

    To all those who are still fighting unemployment, my only encouragement is to Still keep trusting in God, cast all your burdens on Him, Know that Jesus Never Fails, Nothing is impossible with God, Jesus Cares and is Willing to Answer your prayers, Wait on the Lord and He will fulfill the desires of your heart as you put your Trust and Faith in HIM.

    Thank you Steve and all those who prayers for me via this blog. Your words have been the light in my darkest hours. My testimony is also to be a light to those still in their dark hours, and to give them the hope that Jesus loves each one of us the same, and just as he provided a miracle in my life, HE WILL PROVIDE THE MIRACLE THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN YOUR LIFE, IF YOU TRUST AND PUT YOUR FAITH IN HIM!

    Love and prayers, along with Thanksgiving!!!

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I am so glad to hear this, Barnabas. And thank you for taking the time to share your story of God’s faithfulness. I trust it will encourage many others.


    • Ty says:

      Congrats Barnabas,

      You don’t know how much your story gives me hope that the same God that blessed you with a job of your dreams, will do the same for me.

      God bless you!

      • Barnabas says:

        Dear Ty,

        As I read your message to Steve, I was prompted to write to you that the same God who worked the miracle in my life – would do the same for you!
        Then I read your message to me that, that was exactly what’s on your heart! Jesus will bless and honor that thought of yours, and as you put all your hope on Him, He will demonstrate that His Grace is sufficient for you!
        I always had a dream of getting the job that I just received for so many years. But as I applied in more than 1000 places (literally), I did not get the job offer and I began to think that God might not give me my dream job. But God chose to bless me with my dream job and I got a pay that was 30% more than my previous job!!!
        God LOVES to perform miracles for people who trust in His love and protection.
        I am positive that as you put your trust and hope in Jesus, the same Jesus who chose to bless me, will bless you with your dream job of being a Teacher, as you said you have a passion for kids and teaching. Waiting to hear your testimony soon on God’s goodness and providence for yourself and your family and a miracle on your job and finances!
        With lots of prayers,

        • Ty says:


          For you to reach out and think about me, means so much. Your message really made my day as I just needed to hear from someone who could relate to me, tell me and assure me that God loves me as much as He loves them….and you did that for me today. I have always struggled with the thought of, if God could love me just as much as the man/woman who is able to provide for their family, the man/woman who is working a career job that they love, and the man/woman who is able to maintain financial security and stability, as these have been the issues that I have struggled with my whole working career. Your message touched me so much as if it was God sent, and it’s because of your message and the church that I visited today that makes me feel like I can go on, like I am loved, and like the same God that blessed you with a job that you love making more money, will do the same for me.

          Thank you so much for reaching out to me, I’m almost in tears thinking about the timing of your message as I stayed up all night toiling, thinking, worrying, confused, and just tired….and still managed to go to church on two hours of sleep, because of your message and you reaching out to me after your blessing….I feel much better. God is good!

          • agnes says:

            Dear Ty,

            By HIS personal love for you, you can be assured that He will meet your needs. Meantime, continue to seek Him for peace, strength and guidance.

            God Bless,

          • Steve Fuller says:

            I am so encouraged at the way God strengthened you through Barnabas’ comment, and through the church you visited.

            And do keep us posted as to how you are doing, and what God does in and for you.

            In Christ,

            Steve Fuller

          • Ty says:

            Thanks Steve will do! So glad I found this site!

          • Ty says:

            Thanks Agnes, will do!

  185. Florina says:

    Congratulations Barnabas. That is awesome news and an even greater blessing. We really do serve a wonderful and glorius God. No matter what our circumstances, He always comes through for us and all He askes is faith and trust in Him. My husband too has been unemployed and last night he got a phone call to go for an interview this morning. The outcome of it is that they are going to contact him to come and sign a contract as they were impressed with him. Once we stopped worrying and placed our burdens in God’s hands and allowed Him to do His work, He came through for us. Glory be to God.

    Enjoy your new job and remember that every decision you make, every step you take, do it by God’s word and all will go well.

    In Christ,

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Florina!

      Glad to hear your husband has got a new job as well! Yes, we need to stop worrying and lay our burdens on God’s hands and allow Him to demonstrate his power in our lives.

      God Bless

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Florina,

      What encouraging news about your husband. Thank you for letting us know.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  186. Wanda says:


  187. Wanda says:

    Glory to GOD in the Highest and Overflowing Love for your blessing Barnabas!!!!

    Continued Blessings, Always

  188. Trace says:

    Congratulations Florina!! He is awesome indeed!!!!

  189. AL says:

    Looking for a way to end my life and discovered this article. Thank you for the word.

  190. lidia says:

    hi steve
    my name is lidia from india i had accepted christ as my saviour and as my god in 2009
    i had faith in him that he will help me in all my paths please pray for me i am suffering from tinnitus from 4 yrs and i am unemploy

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Lidia,

      I am so sorry to hear about your tinnitus and unemployment. I will pray for you right now, and I hope the promises in this blog post are strengthening your faith.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

      • lidia says:

        thank you for praying for me please continue to pray for me

        • Steve Fuller says:

          I will pray for you again right now, Lidia.

          And are you part of a Bible-preaching and living church? It would be good if you had some humble, godly, loving women who could pray with and for you.

          And keep us posted as to how you are doing.

          In Christ,

          Steve Fuller

  191. Ty says:


    Thank you for the encouraging words. I am definitely feeling better about where God is taking me!

  192. Abraham says:

    On July.07.2012, I have to resign the job what I had, because of no reason of mine.
    Since then I am unemployed, tried all the doors for a job. Because I am 62 years of age, nobody hires me. I am a Chef. I am trusting in the God of Abraham, Issac and Israel. I just trust Lord Jesus on his word John 14: 13,14 to come true in my life.

    I am married and having two kids. I have debts to clear.
    Please do pray for me.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Abraham,

      Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your story. I will pray for you right now.

      And be assured that God will be faithful to every one of His promises, as you trust Him through Christ.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  193. Marie says:

    I worked at a local University for twenty years. In that period of time, I was so lucky to be able to get my undergraduate and graduate degrees. It was so hard to work for a department where people are nasty and are liars, especially when this University is a christian institution. When I received my undergraduate degree, one of the supervisors began to belittle me at everything I did. It got to the point that Christmas of ’07 she put me on probation (I was graduating with my Master in the spring of ’08). I worked with her to do what she felt would improve my work. I did everything she told me to do (I had already been doing it all along.) She kept extending the probation until the Friday before I was to graduate in May of ’08. She said I had improved and she would take me off probation. The funny part of all of this I wasn’t doing any thing different from when she first put me on probation. As time progressed she got another supervisor to get on the boat and I had two people belittling me – Human Resources did not want to get involved. I went to work every day a nervous wreck and sat at my desk all day, didn’t talk to anyone and did my work. (I was also being watched all the time.) A new Director of our department began about eight months ago and immediately these two began informing her about my work. I did my job well but sometimes liars are so believable and this one person is. In February my sister died of cancer – she was my baby sister and it hit me hard. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep my guard up because I was so upset. The new director and one of the supervisors when I told them I was having a difficult time told me that everyone has problems. On May 6th I was told that I was to be let go because of my work and because they were going to eliminate my job. My work ethic has always been so strong so you can imagine I was so
    humiliated. I think what is worse is that the other people in the office that I thought were my friends have not tried to email or phone me – it’s as if I never existed to them. I think that hurts the most. My family told me to take the summer off and get myself back to health – as you can imagine that position was damaging my health to the point I was on anti anxiety medication. I have been sending our resumes and have had some good responses so far. I haven’t found anything that I would like. I am also fearful to go into a situation like I had before of being treated so abusively. I know God has a plan and I am sure when I was fired it was God’s plan to save my health. I keep saying every day -“be it done according to Your word.” It’s hard to feel humiliated and scary that very little money is available. I keep God in the forefront.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hello Marie,

      Thank you so much for opening your heart and sharing your story with us. I am sorry for the terrible pain and difficulty you have been through.

      But I am so thankful that God has given you the grace to see that He has a plan for all of this.

      Keep looking to Him, and keep fighting to trust all He promises to be to you in Christ.

      Are you part of a loving, Bible-preaching and living church? It would be good to have some humble and loving women who could encourage you and pray with you through these trials.

      And I will pray for you right now.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

  194. Jenny says:

    Hi Steve, I am so glad I found this article. I am currently unemployed and been thinking of doing something different from what I have been doing all these years. I am thinking of insurance which provides me a lot of time-flexibility ( not extra time ), and possibly lucrative income but as a mom with two young children, time flexibility and how I choose to use my time is very important. However, I read an article that says insurance or financial industries are one of which that is not approved of God. May I have your views.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Jennie,

      Maybe you could raise this question on the Forums page under employment issues — and others can share their thoughts.

      But I do not see anything wrong with insurance or financial industries in general. In my opinion as long as they are law-abiding there is nothing wrong with working in that field.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • The Bond Servant says:

      Hi Jenny, if I may…. My name is Ray, saved by grace through faith in Christ 22 years ago thereabouts. Very Godly man in our Sunday School class who is a financial planner by profession and a Sunday School teacher who has the gift of teaching. Recently brought that issue up specifically during a Bible study. Our Heavenly Father is a God or both order and planning. Providing for your children’s children and looking to “the ant” as an example of building for the future for instance. Many, even within the Body of Christ have to be taught these things, we don’t them naturally, so who better to present a balanced view of stewardship both now and in the future than a believer who has been trained to assist?

  195. Diamond says:


    My name is Diamond. I recently graduated with a Masters degree in journalism. I have since applied for many, many jobs to no avail. I was called for an interview in my home state, which I was not planning to return to after graduation. I interviewed with the employer, and I trusted and believed God that the job was mine. At the conclusion of the interview, the employer said that he would notify me within 1 to 2 weeks. It is now a month later, and I have not heard from this employer. I was confident that the Lord had provided me with this job. To say I am heart-broken would be a drastic understatement. I am now home with my parents continuing to apply for job after job; holding on to God’s promises for my life. I will be turning 25 next month, and I would love to have independence as many of my peers have their own apartments, jobs, and some are even married. Some days, the burden of unemployment is so heavy upon me that it overwhelms my mind and soul. There are times I want to give up, but the Lord puts it in my heart that He will never leave me nor forsake me. He also said, He will supply all my needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus. Even in the midst, of confusion, doubt, and frustration, I will lean not on my own understanding, but in all my ways acknowledge Him and He will direct my path.

    Please pray that God will open a door for employment for me.

    Thank you and God bless

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your story with us, Diamond. There are many prayer warriors who read the comments on this post, and who pray earnestly. I will join them and pray for you right now. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing and how God is meeting your needs.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Wanda says:

      Good Morning Diamond,

      In the name of Jesus, I lift you in prayer and I trust GOD’s will IS being done for you.

      If I might suggest…

      Surrender All to Him, and He Will give you the desires of your heart, according to His graces and mercy.

      Take this time to Completely rest in Him and He will bring everything that He desires for you to pass. Do not fret or be dismayed or be distracted by your emotions, worries, fears or doubts. In other words, Do Not Let Diamond get in the way of what GOD has for you. Remember to focus first and more on GOD and His desires for you, and not the job You Want. Continue to trust His Word, for He keeps His promises and is preparing you for something wonderful!

      Enjoy your parents, and try as hard as you can to Not compare yourself to your friends and peers. You are not them and they are not you. GOD make you uniquely You! This time you have at home with your parents, is a gift.

      When we can find a way to be grateful for the gifts of the moment, it is great practice for the all the other gifts GOD has in store for us. Praise Him, Thank Him without ceasing!

      In GOD, I am of Christ Jesus, Always

      • Rick Starnes says:

        Hi Diamond. I know it is very difficult for you. Satan loves to attack followers of Jesus Christ even more than non-believers because he hates us. One of his most powerful blasts he hits us with is ‘worry’ because it tests our faith in God. Go to your Bible and read Matthew 6:34 ‘Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.’ and let this sink in Diamond. When I was in similar shoes and my worries over came my faith in Christ, I kept reciting this verse along with a prayer a well know monk wrote decades ago. His name is Thomas Merton. This prayer I recited often too and God relieved me of my anxiety each time and still does today. Keep the faith and hope this prayer works for you.

        Thomas Merton’s Prayer for Discernment
        (At a very difficult and dark period in Thomas Merton’s life he penned this prayer that has been such a help to so many people:)
        O Lord God,
        I have no idea where I am going,
        I do not see the road ahead of me,
        I cannot know for certain where it will end.

        Nor do I really know myself,
        And that fact that I think
        I am following Your will
        Does not mean that I am actually doing so.

        But I believe
        That the desire to please You
        Does in fact please You.
        And I hope I have that desire
        In all that I am doing.

        I hope that I will never do anything
        Apart from that desire to please You.
        And I know that if I do this
        You will lead me by the right road,
        Though I may know nothing about it.

        Therefore I will trust You always
        Though I may seem to be lost
        And in the shadow of death.
        I will not fear,
        For You are ever with me,
        And You will never leave me
        To make my journey alone.

        Source: Thomas Merton, Pax Christi, Benet Press, Erie, PA.


    • Mary says:

      Hi Diamond
      Just know that you are not alone. I am 58 years old and I thought it was the age factor. You prayed and believed but you didn’t get the job like so many of us. I am here to tell you do not be discouraged. I have so much medical and clerical experience that a degree can not cover. I believe God allows closed doors for many reasons. If God wanted you to have the job you would have gotten it. All I know is closed doors are no accident. God is so miraculous he has his time set for everything. I am living with my son and his family, sometimes it gets unbearable, I cry, I talk to God and keep reading his wonderful promise that he will not leave nor forsake me. God is preparing a better door to open for you, you can believe that. If God did not close the door you’d have been stuck at one level and not seen the amazing favor that he have in store for your future.
      Just thank him you have a family that cares. God knows what He’s doing, don’t be discouraged by your closed doors. If God wants a door to open you can be sure it will open, all the forces of darkness cannot stop it. God’s dream for your life is so much bigger than your own dream.

      • Steve Fuller says:

        Thanks for sharing these encouraging words, Mary.

      • Charles says:

        Well, I too have an MA in journalism, 2011, and 25 years experience, and I’m on food stamps and charity and can’t get hired for squat and resume sending and networking for 18 months have produced nothing. Don’t tell me “well there must be something else for you to,” because the something else is always a minimum wage job, and so God’s plan is that my mind and soul and talent should rot away? And the longer this goes on, the less charitable I feel towards others, especially the have-much crowd. What says anyone to this?

        • agnes says:

          Dear Charles,

          Everyone here on this blog has gone through the same path and struggles that you are going through now. Many have came out victoriously. I encourage you to continue to pray and read His words, continue to seek Him for direction and guidance. With your level of education and experience, I am sure there are many ways to apply your skills. God’s love never fails, and by His steadfast love, He will provide. I will keep you in my prayer today. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus meet your needs soon.

          • Charles says:

            Thank you. At least you answered. Sometimes one thinks of simply ending the total humiliation, but since my mind and talent come from God, that’s not right. But it’s gone on so long and looks so hopeless and 200+ rejections is even more discouraging than seeing all the gifts go to the worst and most unprincipled people. I know better than to try to out-reason or reason out God, but really…

        • agnes says:

          Dear Charles,

          Simply surrender to Him since you know and have experienced that His ways are always right and perfect. Wait for His timing. Meantime, enjoy His presence and grace pouring into you today.

        • Steve Fuller says:

          Sorry for the delay in responding, Charles. I’m glad others were able to jump in with some encouragement.

          I can’t imagine how hopeless you could feel in your situation. My heart hurts thinking about it.

          But here’s what I do know: God is faithful to His promises. Even to Joseph who was in a dungeon for years, to Abraham who waited for a son for decades, and to Job who suffered terrible loss — God was faithful.

          And I know that as you are trusting Jesus Christ, the Father will be faithful to you as well.

          I don’t know exactly what that means. But I do know that He will orchestrate all the details to bring you the greatest nearness to Him.

          As bleak as your circumstances look, they are not more bleak than Joseph’s looked, or Abraham’s, or Job’s. God was faithful to them; He will be faithful to you.

          Fight the fight of faith to overcome hopelessness and bitterness. God will strengthen your faith, fill you with comfort, and guide your steps. He will.

          I’ll pray for you right now. I also think it’s important at times like this (and all the time) to be part of a church where they can receive encouragement and prayer. I hope you have a church like that.

          In Christ,

          Steve Fuller

  196. The Bond Servant says:

    Isn’t it wondrous how many lives The Lord has touched through the obedience of one. The ripple continues.

    Hebrews 3:13 (NASB)

    13 But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

  197. Abraham says:

    Instead of surfing social networks and wasting time, I find your site Living by Faith blog much valuable and worth.
    Getting stronger in faith by reading your blogs.

    May Lord Jesus bless you and all who share this site.


  198. Anonymous says:

    I am thankful that I found this blog today and all the very encouraging replies. Thank you Steve, Wanda, Rick, Bond Servant and all the others who have allowed Abba to pour out His love through them. Wanda you’ll never know how Much God has used you to fuel my faith. Thank you all for your obedience and unselfishness you have shown by taking the time to encourage others even in the face of your own struggles.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      I am so glad this blog and all those who have contributed is encouraging to you. May the Lord richly bless you.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

    • Wanda says:

      Yes, First, Last, and Always To GOD Be The Glory!

      Your note touched my heart and I am so grateful to GOD for you, Steve and All.

      I love GOD sooooooooooooooo much and Our Most High, Almighty Lord and Creator is so good to us. All praise to Him, Always.

      In this blog Yes, there is an abundance of GOD’s love for us. It all starts with our amazing GOD, the Peace and Power of Our Divine Brother Jesus and the Comfort of the Holy Spirit that truly flows through Steve and everyone who happens to find sweet e-respite here.

      Of GOD, I am in Christ Jesus

  199. Rick Starnes says:

    This prayer brings me in touch with the Holy Spirit and soothes my soul. Say it daily, several times a day, especially when you feel depressed or worried. Do you like this one Steve?

    Prayer Brings Miracles

    Next to the “Our Father Which Art in Heaven” prayer, this is one of the Best prayers
    I think I have ever read.



    I started not to do this, but as I read it….

    I understood God to say, ‘You need a miracle tomorrow’
    so here goes…Prov. 29:25

    You never know When God is going to bless you!!

    Good things happen when You least expect them to!!!!!!!!

    “Dear Almighty Lord God Jesus Christ, I thank you for this day, for this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
    I thank you for my being able to see, and to hear, and to speak, and to feel, and to taste of Your good creation this day and every day.
    I’m blessed because you are such a loving and such
    a forgiving