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Author Topic: I need help out of the sexual immoral act I found myself.

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Post I need help out of the sexual immoral act I found myself.
on: August 14, 2017, 02:35

Am Gospel ,a young of 28. Since last three years,I found myself in immoral acts.I have cried and cried over it because I know is a sin before God,and has its consequence.on several occasions have I meet my pastors and confess and they prayed .the last confession came with serious warning never to back or else,the wrath of God.Now,am happy once again since the grace of God has enabled me to be outstanding once again!! I have now decided to get married this year but because of finance ,I prospond it to next year. To my little effort,I have been praying for God to give me a God fearing lady ,who has heaven at heart and can also support me in all ramifications. Closely I have been watch two ladies ,but one among they has very much interested in getting married to me. In most during our phone conversations, she will being to bring sex issues .Having notice this twice, I called her and warned her of those ungodly statements. Though we have seen each other for a very long time because after our secondary schools,everyone went their ways.we never had anything in common during our secondary school days, but I know her then as a Christian and the family as well. Having told her severely ,"that I want my married to be honoured by God and she never think or make any sex statement now.she caused another sorrow again ,visiting me for the first time and making all attempted to kiss me which I refused. Later she now succeeded and that caused us to fornicate.I started asking her why did she want it this way,all she could tell me is that is has been holding it and she can,t .sorry!!! sorry!! sorry !!.Wow to me I have pains in my heart because she have made me break the convenate and promised I Made before God never to defile my bed before married and for that reason,I decided not to go on with her again!!!. She has been calling but my question is "can a God fearing lady be this way? How will God see us if we continue and marry? Pls I need help based on biblical views

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