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Biblical, battle-tested, real-life help for "living by faith in the Son of God" (Galatians 2:20). — Steve Fuller

A Reader Shares How This Blog Has Helped Her

A Reader Shares How This Blog Has Helped Her

Here’s the testimony from a wife, mother, blogger, and missionary to a closed Asian country –


How James Fraser Overcame Satanic Attack

How James Fraser Overcame Satanic Attack

What he had been taught wasn’t working. But God helped him see what he was missing — and victory came.


Samuel Pearce And God’s “Heavenly, Glorious, Melting Power”

Samuel Pearce And God's "Heavenly, Glorious, Melting Power"

Samuel Pearce set aside a day to seek God. Here’s what he experienced — and what it means for us.


Our Disappointments Are God’s Appointments (My Father’s Story)

Our Disappointments Are God's Appointments (My Father's Story)

An encouraging story of how God used a massive disappointment to launch my father into his life-long calling.


“God Healed Me From Panic Attacks”

"God Healed Me From Panic Attacks"

God healed a young woman in our church from panic attacks. Here’s her encouraging story —


Let This Story Of God’s Provision Strengthen Your Faith

Let This Story Of God's Provision Strengthen Your Faith

Need encouragement? Read this story of God’s miraculous and detailed provision for my grandfather.


Billy Graham’s Battle To Trust The Bible

Billy Graham's Battle To Trust The Bible

Early in his ministry Billy Graham struggled with whether or not he could trust the Bible. Here’s how God powerfully met him.


An Atheist’s Surprising Response To Receiving A Bible (5-min video)

An Atheist's Surprising Response To Receiving A Bible (5-min video)

Penn Jillette is a well-known magician and atheist. What happens when someone gives him a Bible? You’ll be surprised, convicted, and encouraged.


A Story To Motivate Your Evangelism

A Story To Motivate Your Evangelism

If you lack motivation for evangelism, read this story. You will not regret it.


Conquered by Sovereign Joy: Augustine’s Conversion

Conquered by Sovereign Joy: Augustine's Conversion

Augustine said his conversion meant being conquered by Sovereign Joy. Here’s why — and what this means for us.


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