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Faith-Building George Whitefield Quotes


George Whitefield

George Whitefield was one of the men used by God in the 1700s to spread the gospel throughout England and America.

Recently I have been reading George Whitefield’s Journals, and have been so encouraged by this that I decided to share some quotes (in italics), followed by my thoughts.


“If through Divine grace I have done anything praise-worthy, not unto me, not unto me, but unto God give all the glory!”  (p.71)

Because of our sin, none of us are deserving of praise.  The only being who deserves praise and glory is God.

“One taste of Christ’s love in the heart will make amends for all.”  (p.71)

Because seeing, and feeling, the truth of Christ’s love is our infinitely greatest joy.

“A lecture was to be preached that evening … and several importuned me to preach it; at first I was fearful (O me of little faith), having no notes.  But I went up, depending on the promise, “Lo! I am with you always even to the end of the world,” and was enabled to preach to a large congregation without the least hesitation.  Did anyone yet ever trust in the Lord and be forsaken? (p.98)

I love how he consciously depended on God’s promise — and God was faithful.

“Set apart this day as a day of humiliation, [fasting], and intercession for friends and all mankind; and found my heart greatly enlarged in that Divine exercise.  Intercession is a glorious means to sweeten the heart.” (p.108)

When we devote time to prayer, God meets us and sweetens our hearts.

“Was…a little inclined to heaviness, but drove it off by a long intercession.  Prayer is an antidote against every evil.” (p.111)

When we are feeling heavy, and lethargic, and drawn to evil, we should pray.  “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you” (James 4:8).

“Lord, if I can but be made instrumental to save one soul, I care not if I am tossed on the ocean through my whole life.” (p.179)

The joy of salvation, and the resulting glory that comes to Christ, is worth it all.

“Oh, when shall I come to rejoice in others’ gifts and graces as much as in my own.  I am resolved to wrestle with Jesus Christ by faith and prayer till he blesses me [with humility].” (p.197)

He confessed his pride, and committed to fighting his pride by faith and prayer until he received more humility.

“At my return home…my soul was filled with an intenseness of love, and I knew what it is not only to have righteousness and peace, but joy in the Holy Ghost.  This is my continual food.” (p.239)

He knew Christ was his heart-satisfying food, and celebrated those times when he experienced Christ in this way.

How are his mercies showered down upon me!  What enlargements of heart by experienced this night!  About three days ago I was much humbled, now am I exalted.  Yet a little while and I shall be humbled again.  Thus God acts according as he sees best for our souls.  (p.251)

He hungered to see and feel the truth of Christ, and celebrated these works of God’s mercy when they came.  But he knew that sometimes God withholds this blessing to humble us before him.

I had a glorious opportunity of spending many hours in close communion with God … A sense of my actual sins humbled me exceedingly; and then the freeness and riches of God’s everlasting love broke in with such light and power on my soul that I was often awed into silence, and could not speak.”  (p.331)

The more deeply we feel our sinfulness, the more powerfully we will experience God’s love.  As Jesus said, “he who is forgiven much, loves much” (Luke 7:47).

“The outward righteousness of Jesus Christ imputed to us, I believe, is the sole fountain and cause of all the inward communications [of experiencing Christ’s presence] which we receive from the Spirit of God.” (p.335)

We never deserve outpourings of God’s Spirit.  They are always blood-bought gifts given to us by faith alone because we are clothed with Jesus’ perfect righteousness.

“I know not when I have felt more intenseness of love, peace, and joy in my soul… Amazing condescension that the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity should condescend to dwell in earthly Tabernacles…I am lost in wonder.  A sense of Thy mercies strikes me dumb.”  (p.340)

This quote shows that I have been settling for too little of this promised work of the Spirit.  By God’s grace, I am going to seek Him more earnestly.

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7 Responses

  1. Frances says:

    Thank for sharing these. I’m glad to hear God is doing great work there!
    May God continue to give you wisdom, discernent, strength and endurance as you serve him!

  2. Joe says:

    I miss your posts but you must be very busy, try to post at least once a week – thanks

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks, Joe. And you are right, the schedule has been full as we are planting an international English-speaking church here in Abu Dhabi.

      But my hope is to get back on a once-a-week schedule.

      In Christ,


  3. Jenny says:

    i feel like our family is falling apart. We have been through so many struggles in the last 3 years in our family business, and finally things were turning around. But in the last couple of months, We had a few bad payers, and we missed a tax payment now they are closing us up. Yes, as harsh as that.

    We need $35000 but it might as well be a million. We have exhausted every avenue we can think of. Myself, my husband and 2 adult children who work with us, are now all looking at bankruptcy,and being prosecuted for insolvent trading, and possibly homelessness, and all this happened in a couple of months. We have borrowed from family to pay back customer deposits, so they wont be able to help us with living expenses. I know we need to trust in God, but we are all so confused right now.

    It just doesn’t sit with us, that this is Gods will. Why did he let us go through so many struggles and pain to be months away from having a lot of debt paid out, to all of a sudden change, and looking at bankruptcy.Neither children will find it easy looking for work after a family business, they both have a lot of debt as they have been helping their parents.We are all so tired.

    My daughter now says there is no God, becasue it now appears to her that we weren’t hearing from God when we thought we were. She asked God daily for wisdom in the daily running of the business and her faith is just about on the rocks. I have prayed and prayed, and asked God to help us. I am struggling to come to terms with this, as we had a good business. Our sole goal was to help other families in business, and now we will never see that dream.

    Why is God allowing this, every door seems to be slamming shut in our faces. There is no question, we will not be able to refund all deposits, and may be prosecuted. How is this God, to walk away oweing money?

    We are discouraged with our christian friends, who
    have pretty much said ‘well thats what you should expect, the end is coming’ yet they are being blessed in their jobs, why is it all going well for them? And where are they? We need help with food, and rent, and moral support yet they are no where to be found. Just a phone call to say they are thinking of us, but everyone has ‘vanished’

    Our families have all wanted to help us but they can’t . Every door has been slammed in our faces. I just don’t understand, if it is spiritual, then we need deliverance, If it is God’s will, then we need to try and accept it. I am not sure if our family is strong enough to survive this, after the struggles we have been through. WE have been praying up until now, and I thought any issues we had were being resolved, but now God seems to be saying NO. I am hoping someone out there has some words of wisdom. I have the bible but sometimes different perspective can help. I am really hoping that someone out there has some experience and can shed some light. We feel so alone, there are huge decisions to be made.and we don’t have anyone to ask. We thought we could see what God was ‘doing’ and now we are all in despair.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thank you for sharing your story, Jenny. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles.

      I would encourage you to read “Promises for Those Struggling with Unemployment,” and other posts under the category of “Hopeless or Discouraged?”

      And have you gone to the elders at your church and plead your case? Might you need to find a different church?

      I will pray for you right now.

      In Christ,

      Steve Fuller

      • Jenny says:

        Thanks, definitely need to find another church. At the moment my husband has sunk into a depression and has left me and my daughter with the bulk of the burden. It is terrible and we keep asking God to send someone to help us and there is none. I don’t understand why he is silent. He wants someone to blame. We just want a plan, so we can move on. yes, I will read your suggestions. It is hard to trust god.

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