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How You Can Help Me, and Encourage Others

IndiaMission Trip

This summer my wife and I will be traveling to South-Central Asia with Training Leaders International.

I will help train pastors in inductive Bible study and preaching, focusing on Genesis 1-11, and Jan will encourage and strengthen their wives.

But a few weeks ago it dawned on me – this trip will be busy, with limited Internet access, so it’s doubtful I will be able to write anything for this blog.

An Idea

So I wondered — How could this blog keep encouraging people while I’m gone?  And I had an idea.

What if some of you readers wrote a paragraph or two on how this blog has helped you?

It would not need to be long.  And if you wanted, you could write it without giving your name.

But you could share about –

  • Something you learned from this blog.
  • How God is helping you live by Spirit-power, not just will-power.
  • How it’s helped to see that we are not just saved by faith, but that we also live by faith in all God has promised to be to us in Christ Jesus.
  • How it has helped you to learn God’s promises.
  • How the promise of more joy in Christ has motivated your obedience.
  • How you have been affected by seeing and feeling the truth of Christ’s glory.
  • The difference it’s made to know you can turn to God as you are, and because of Christ he will welcome and help you.
  • A time when God helped you see and feel the glory of Christ.
  • A situation in which you fought the fight of faith, and experienced God changing your heart.
  • A temptation that God, by his word and Spirit, helped you overcome.
  • How God’s promises have helped you overcome temptation.
  • How heart-satisfaction in Christ has helped you be more loving.

Your story could deeply encourage others, and I’m pretty sure that as you write it, God will also encourage you.

What to Do

Write your story, and email it to me by using the form on this page, or using the email address: Steven [underscore] Fuller [“at” sign] SBCglobal [dot] net.

(I can’t give my straightforward email address because spammers will flood me with junk mail – sorry!)

And to say Thank You, I will send everyone who shares their story a PDF we use at our church called “A Promise for Every Problem Battle Guide.”

This battle guide lists various heart-struggles and temptations, and the promises we have found most helpful in fighting the fight of faith.

Then I will pick which stories would be most helpful and schedule them to show up on the blog during the time that I’m gone.

Thank you so much.

Questions?  Comments?

I’d love to hear them.  Leave a reply below — thanks.

If you know someone who might have a good story to share, email this post to them using the “share” button below.

If you would like to interact with others who are seeking to live by faith in Christ, visit our Forums page.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    I don’t have a story yet, but I appreciate this blog and the community here. Please keep praying for me through the summer, that I will love the truth and see friendship with God as the greatest thing imaginable. That God will help me love Him and submit to Him. Thank you, and happy travels.

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