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Is Christianity A Crutch? (Worship with Chris Tomlin’s “Lord I Need You”)

Is Christianity a crutch?

I once heard someone answer this by saying —

No, it’s actually a stretcher.

In other words, we are too needy for just a crutch.

We are so needy we need a stretcher.

To see this, ask yourself —

What do you NOT need?

Is there ANYTHING you provide for yourself?

Think about it —

Why do you exist?  Because God created you. (Gen 1:27).

Where did you get your body?  God made it for you. (Psa 139:13)

Where did you get your abilities, job, spouse, children?  God gave them to you. (1Cor 4:7; 1Cor 15:10)

Where do you get motivation to work?  God gives it to you. (Phil 2:13)

Why are you alive today?  Because God willed it. (James 4:15)

Where did you get the faith to be saved?  God gave it to you. (Eph 2:8)

Where do you get the grace to persevere?  God provides it for you. (Jude 1:24-25; Phil 1:6)

How have you not been overcome by Satan?  Jesus has protected you. (1John 5:18)

How will you avoid eternal punishment?  Because Jesus paid for your sins. (Mark 10:45)

How will you live forever?  Because God will raise you from the dead. (1Cor 15:22)

We need help to see this

The more we see our neediness before Jesus Christ, the more we will trust Him.

And the more we trust Him —

  • the more joy have (Phil 1:25)
  • the more loving we are (Gal 5:6)
  • the more glorified He is (Rom 4:20)

But our pride makes us NOT want to admit our neediness before Him.

So — to help you do this — pray the words of Chris Tomlin’s powerful worship song — “Lord I Need You.”

And let me know below what God does in your heart.  Thanks.


What did God do in your heart?

I’d love to hear.  Leave a reply below.  Thanks.

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2 Responses

  1. Rebecca Subity says:

    Wow, this is powerful, Pastor Steve. I have wondered how to best respond to people who claim that our faith is a crutch, and this post has been eye-opening. Saying we use Jesus as a crutch is like saying we use our need for food as a crutch. We were created to need food to survive and will die without it. There’s no way around it, as it’s how we are made. In the same way, we’ve been created to need God. He made us, we need relationship with Him. When we are hungry, we need to eat something. We aren’t a separate thing going through life and then simply “adding” Jesus in when we need a “crutch”. Jesus made me and lives in me and breathes through me every second of the day. And this is how I’m made to function. If I don’t have a relationship with Jesus (just like if I don’t eat), I will die. Wow, so much to mull over here! I love it! And I am truly moved by the Chris Tomlin song. What a powerful message–both the posting by you and the song. Thank you!!!

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rebecca — and your analogy of food is absolutely perfect.

      I especially love — “if I don’t have a relationship with Jesus (just like if I don’t eat), I will die.” Yes!

      Thanks for stopping by, for sharing your powerful thoughts, and for your encouragement.

      Much love to you and your family —


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