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Seven Posts On Prayer

[My wife and I are on vacation, so my blog posts will be brief, and maybe a bit inconsistent.  We will be back this week.]

Like breathing

I’ve heard it said that prayer is to the spiritual life like breathing is to the physical life — essential.

So here are some posts about my struggles and growth and understanding of prayer.

Let me know below how these impact you — thanks!

What About Unanswered Prayer?

What does Jesus say about unanswered prayer?  The answer might surprise you —

Why Fast and Pray?

Why is it so important to pray with fasting? Here’s what I’ve discovered —

How to Overcome Prayerlessness

Here’s how to overcome prayerlessness — (and it’s not just TRY HARDER).

Praying -- but distracted

I was trying to pray, but kept getting distracted.  Here’s how God overcame my distractions — and transformed my prayer.

Are you discouraged in prayer?

It’s easy to be discouraged in prayer.  Here’s a quote from a man who prayed through discouragement — and saw God work with great power.

Praying with faith

I’ve got some big requests I’m praying about.  But James says it’s crucial that I pray with faith — or I won’t receive anything.  So here’s my thoughts on what it means to pray with faith.

Why keep praying when we're feeling dull?

It’s easy to give up on prayer when we’re feeling dull.  But after reading what Brainerd experienced — you won’t want to.

How did these impact your prayer life?

I’d love to hear.  Leave a reply below — thanks!

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