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What Happened When You Believed And What Difference It Makes (4-min video)

What do you do?

Let’s say you are feeling really unspiritual – greedy, discouraged, or bitter.

What can you do?

We are all wired to think that we need to change our hearts BEFORE we can come to God.

But the truth is that the only way our hearts can change is BY coming to God.

So what can we do?

An illustration of a life-changing doctrine

Here’s an illustration that’s helped me answer that question — and many others —

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9 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Thanks Steve – this reminds me of something you mentioned a long time ago when I was feeling discouraged and not worthy of coming before God to even ask for forgiveness…. You asked “Were you more worthy and righteouse before you accepted Christ?” “of course not” – “Did Christ save your while you were yet a sinner?” “yes” “when you were an enemy of God did Christ reconcile you to God?” “yes”. “then what are you thinking? That God doesn’t love you as much now as when He saved you? He’s waiting for you – go confess and get right with Him!”

  2. Paul Walton says:

    “We fell, by no act of our own, in the first Adam; and we rise, without any merit of our own, in the second Adam.” —C.H. Spurgeon

    God has given us a great gift in His Son, and even the means to attain that gift, that being grace. God is for us, faith is trusting in that grace, even though our sinful hearts tell us it cannot be that simple. The gospel is not complex, even a child can grasp it, that is why Christ said we must have faith like a child. Our proud hearts want some of the credit for our salvation, the Pharisee in us all wants to buck up and show others how we deserve our salvation.

    Faith is simple, it means to trust in Someone else’s work for our salvation, but it’s so hard for a sinful heart to do! So even the faith to trust is a gift, it is all a gift, free for those who will cry out the world’s shortest prayer, “help me Jesus.”

    • Paul Walton says:


      One more thought.

      And the same prayer continues for our sanctification “help me Jesus.” This is what it means to live by faith Gal. 2:20.

      • Steve Fuller says:

        It’s always good to hear from you, Paul. And isn’t it freeing to know that we continue to come to God on the basis of Christ’s blood and righteousness? What a Savior — what mercy — what love.

  3. Katherine F. says:

    You said we are “wired to think that we need to change our hearts BEFORE we can come to God” – which raises the question for me: Why are we wired that way? Is that just a result of the fall, that we are now wired to believe lies? It seems so sad to be wired wrong in so many ways. All part of the challenge of life, I guess. Another demonstration of our need for the Lord to be our All-in-all, the One who can see straight, since we can’t.

  4. john says:

    Truth spoken brother, thanks for putting it out there, especially the impulse we all have to try and fix our stuff before we come – can’t be done and it keeps us away from life, cleansing and fellewoship the Father so desires we experience and enjoy. Have a blessed break.

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