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The Bible and Liquid Plumber

The pipeline

When we first put our trust in Jesus Christ, God creates a pipeline between us and heaven.

This pipeline is the channel through which God pours His Spirit upon us, strengthening us with His love and satisfying us with His presence.


But there’s a problem.  Sin clogs up the pipeline.

I grumble — and gunk gets stuck inside the pipe.

I lust — more gunk.

I boast — even more gunk.

Crucial question

And before we know it, we’re feeling nothing of God’s love — nothing of His all-satisfying presence.

At that point we face a crucial question.

Will we settle for feeling nothing — and try to live our lives only by duty and will-power?

Or will we own up to what’s happened — and get the pipe unclogged?

But how?

How can we unclog the pipeline?

Have you ever used Liquid Plumber?

Liquid Plumber is a chemical drain opener that — when you pour it into a drain — dissolves the clog so water flows freely.

What does that have to do with sin clogging my pipeline to God?

Spiritual Liquid Plumber

The Bible is spiritual Liquid Plumber.

When we pour the Bible into our hearts, God works by the power of the Spirit and removes the gunk of sin.

It’s not instant.  Just like Liquid Plumber — we need to give it time.

But in a few moments we will feel the clog start to loosen and then — WHOOSH! — the pipe is unclogged and God’s love pours in.


How does this really work?

I start by turning to the Father in Jesus’ name, confessing my sin to Him, and trusting that because of Jesus’ death I am completely forgiven.

Then I ask Him to empower His Word through the Spirit and unclog my pipeline.

And then I open God’s Word — maybe to my next scheduled Bible reading, or to whatever passage I think might help.

And I think deeply and prayerfully upon that passage of Scripture — letting it direct me into confession, asking, worship, resolution, or trust.

And I will intersperse my reading with cries to God to unclog my pipeline — work by His Spirit’s power — pour His love into my heart.

Most of the time that happens right then and there.  But I have also had times where — in great love and wisdom — God has waited a little longer.

But in time — His Word will unclog the pipeline — and you will once again experience His loving presence.

So don’t settle for a sin-clogged pipe.  Use the Liquid Plumber.

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