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Biblical, battle-tested, real-life help for "living by faith in the Son of God" (Galatians 2:20). — Steve Fuller

How you can help the Living By Faith Blog

Blown away

I started this blog almost four months ago.

I’ve shared my stories, and explored what it means to live by faith in Jesus Christ.

The response has blown me away.

Not just from my church family at Mercy Hill (thanks, everyone!).

But from people throughout this country — and Australia, Switzerland, Germany — and more.

Strengthened faith

Writing this blog, and reading your comments, has deeply strengthened my own faith.-

And from your comments it sounds like the Father is doing the same in many of you.

So this makes me want to get the word out so even more people can —

  • Stop living by will-power
  • Experience the Holy Spirit changing their hearts
  • Use God’s Word as the sword of the Spirit
  • Experience God’s love poured into their hearts
  • Fight for joy and peace with God’s promises
  • See what their feelings show about what they are trusting
  • Strengthen their obedience where it is weak
  • Experience Jesus as their all-satisfying Treasure

How can you help?

Many of you are already helping — so let me say — Thank You.

But the rest of you may not know there’s ways you can help spread the word.

So — IF you have been encouraged by this blog — here’s what you can do —

  1. IF a post encourages you, click the Facebook or Twitter share buttons at the end of the post.  This will share the post with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. IF a post helps you, think of friends who could be helped by it.  Email it to them with the “Share” button at the end of the post — and maybe include a note about how it helped you.
  3. IF you like a post, click the Facebook “like” button, or the Google+ button.  This will alert Google that Living By Faith Blog is helpful, so they will send us more Googlers.

If you want to help even more

  1. The Living By Faith Blog now has its own Facebook page — where you can post questions on whatever topics you want, and connect with other readers.  Give it a visit. — and IF you like it — check “like.”
  2. While you are at the new Facebook page — IF you like a particular post, use the “like,” or “comment,” or “share” buttons.  This will encourage Google to send more Googlers to the Living By Faith Blog.

My way of saying Thank You

As a way of thanking you for your help — I’m including a worksheet I put together describing 47 problems we face, and promises that help when facing those problems.

Here it is — The Promise for Every Problem Battle Guide.

It’s a PDF file that when you print it out can be cut so it fits into most Bibles.

Just pull it out when you need to fight the fight of faith.

Let’s keep fighting the fight of faith.  He is worth it all.


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