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How Hudson Taylor saw difficulties

He knew about difficulties

Hudson Taylor was a missionary to inland China in the 1800’s.

He faced many difficulties — illness, the death of his wife, the death of his children, desertion by fellow-workers, persecution, financial pressures, persistent unbelief around him.

How he saw difficulties

Here’s how he describes one season of great difficulties —

My path is far from easy.  I was never more happy in Jesus, and I am very sure He will not fail us; but never from the time of the foundation of the Mission have we been so utterly cast upon God.

It is well, doubtless, that it should be so.

Difficulties afford a platform upon which He can show Himself.  Without them we could never know how tender, faithful, and almighty our God is.

How much we may and ought to trust Him!

(from Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission, vol. 2, p.218)


  • He saw that God had a purpose for difficulties — they are “a platform upon which He can show Himself” to us (see Psa 17:6-7).
  • He saw that difficulties were essential — “without them we could never know how tender, faithful, and almighty our God is” (see Psa 119:71; 2Co 1:8-9).
  • He knew that no matter how great the difficulty — Jesus “will not fail us” (see Psa 94:14).
  • His joy was not in avoiding difficulties — but in knowing “how tender, faithful, and almighty” God is (see 2Cor4:16).
  • He responded to trials by trusting God — by utterly casting himself upon God (see Psa 55:22).

Next steps

You can read more about trusting God in the midst of trials here.

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3 Responses

  1. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) says:

    Amen to this post and to the linked entry “Facing problems and trials”, too.

    Humanly spoken, I’d like to avoid a n y difficulty or problem and I don’t like trials at all. But looking back I realize that my life with God is most of the time rich in challenges of that kind.

    Hardly a day goes by without being confronted with problems, be it illness (family members or me), persistent unbelief around me or my own unbelief, my doubts, my sorrows, my anger and so on.
    If I wait too long and look at my own “hamster wheeling” sorrowful reflections, this will infallibly end in desperation. Therefore I prefer fishing out some tiny (grain of mustard) seed of faith which can be found anywhere in my inner chaos and rely on God by casting all my anxieties on him, because he cares for me (1 Peter 5:7).
    Sometimes God will help immediately, but sometimes it takes even longer until I feel relief. I may just not cease to pray upon God’s Word (You’re spot on in advising us the way you do, Steve!) because thus I’ll receive faith anew.
    From experience I (should) know that God always helps me (but most often I forget it) and that He will fill my heart with peace again even if He does not change the external circumstances at all.

    It’s a struggle, of course, but going through difficulties and trials w i t h God experiencing His helping hand means growing in trust and faith though I continue to be a weak, helpless and wretched sinner to the core. But I’m happy to be dependent on this unsurpassably wonderful, helpful and almighty God who’ll never ever leave me alone.

    Thanks for sharing your good advice, Steve!

    • Steve Fuller says:

      It sounds like you have often experienced God’s grace renewing your faith during trials. That is very encouraging to hear. And I love your reference to 1 Peter 5:7 — that’s frequently where I turn in hard time.

      Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  2. Michael Maliamungu says:

    I never believed that someday i would confess despair and defeat at some point in my life of faith.But time came when doubt overcame me bse of difficulties i was in.Onetime i was talking to my wife and i told her am doubting whether God called me or i called myself.After fruitful years in the ministry,problems made me feel like i made a mistake to serve God.Financial crisis hit me and i was in huge debts.My burning desire to win souls begun to dry.I had no single coin to give my family.Instead of loving God the more,i started to admire the wicked who were prospering.Then i read Psalm 73 i was humbled.Reading heros like Hudson Taylor encourages me.Am still wrestling with most of these issues,sometimes even prayers dont flow.I pray that i may remain in the house of the Lord.I have come to learn that i can do nothing without Christ,i just have to love Him even sometimes when i dont feel like.Am glad for such posts of real life experience.Give us more.Blessings of Christ upon all who need Gods strength and peace.

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