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How George Whitefield read God’s Word

To live by faith we must read God’s Word

In the 1700’s God worked through George Whitefield’s preaching to fill England with the Gospel.

So how did such a powerful preacher read God’s Word?

Here’s his description —

I began to read the Holy Scriptures upon my knees, laying aside all other books, and praying over, if possible every line and word.

This proved meat indeed, and drink to my soul.

I daily received fresh life, light, and power from above.

I found it profitable for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, every way sufficient to make the man of God perfect, thoroughly furnished unto every good word and work.

(From “Whitefield’s Journals” p.60.)

My take-aways

He read on his knees.

He prayed over Scripture.

He prayed over, if possible, every line and word.

Through this he daily received life, light, and power from above.

Next steps

What’s your approach to Bible reading?  Take some time today to read like Whitefield did.  Let me know what you experience, or any other thoughts you have — feel free to leave a reply below.

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8 Responses

  1. Steve MacL says:

    Thanks, Steve. I am humbled and learn from almost everything I read about Whitefield. Dallimore’s 2 Vol. bio on Whitefield is one of the most influencial and inspirational biographies I have ever read.

  2. Kathy Woods says:

    My knee replacement surgery left my knee pretty sensitive! I’m afraid if I took this literally, I’d spend more time thinking about my body than what God was really trying to say to me. But I do remember growing up in a church where everyone who came took time to kneel in their seat and pray before they sat in the service to receive. It was a beautiful expression of humility and love for God. The real important part, however, is that we remember to “bow in spirit” to our God who is truly High and Holy, Lord and Master – whether it is literally on our knees or the attitude we choose to assume as we come before Him.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Well said, Kathy. I’m sorry to hear about your knee. I can’t do as much kneeling these days anymore, either. And I just checked — Whitefield was 20 years old when he wrote this in his journal 🙂

  3. Brian Rizzardi says:

    How cool, this is my first time visiting this site and I was literally thinking about this earlier today, pondering whether I could read my Bible like that on a regular basis.

    I read Dillimore’s much shorter bio on Whitefield put out by Crossway earlier this year. I kept having to stop to thank God for raising up men like this and to write down lots of Whitefield quotes.

    This was one of my favorites:

    “God give me a deep humility, a well-guided zeal, a burning love and a single-eye, and then let men and devils do their worst.”

  4. iyayo yemi says:

    This inspired me; teach me more on how to receive light, direction and power from GOD. Church, let us learn from this great man of God (George Whitefield). Thanks.

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