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Tough time reading the Word this morning

Tough time

I opened to Micah 1, and started reading.

But my mind drifted — a financial advisor is recommending a change in portfolio — should I make the change in our retirement account?

Oops.  Back to Micah 1.

But a few verses later – my mind again drifted — that would be a great idea for a blog post!

Oops.  Back to Micah 1.

Tempted to give up

I was tempted to give up.  “This just isn’t going to happen.”  “Maybe I’ll be able to focus more tonight.”

But then I remembered Psalm 119:36 —

Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain.

That implies a promise — that if I pray and ask, God will incline my heart to His testimonies.  Which means He will help me desire His word, focus on His word, and concentrate on His word.

So I stopped and prayed

So I stopped my reading, and prayed.  I turned to God through Jesus with my distracted heart, and asked Him

  • to help me desire His word more than money or blog posts.
  • to help me concentrate.
  • to give me something helpful from His word.

And then I started reading again.

It was better.  Much better.

From Micah 1 I was stirred to care for the poor.  From Job 34 — not much.  But from both John 18 and Revelation 11 I felt Jesus stirring me to be more bold in witness.

What I learned

This is taught me a couple things —

  • That no matter how unspiritual I feel, Jesus will help me
  • That Jesus has the power to change my heart
  • That Jesus really is full of mercy

One more thing

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7 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for sharing, Steve!! I always appreciate your honesty & the reminder that everyone struggles with focusing sometimes…but not to give up & come back later – deal with it NOW by bringing it before the Lord! Thank you.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Michelle. Isn’t it a kindness of the Holy Spirit to have Psa 119:36 in our Bibles? I find it SO encouraging.

      Press on, sister!

  2. Bill Schuler says:

    WOW! Simply powerful.

  3. Willie Easley says:

    Thanks Steve for the encouraging word to meet with God.

    • Steve Fuller says:

      Hi Willie — we prayed for you, your wife, and the work last night at Missions Prayer. Good to hear from you — thanks for the comment.

  4. Kathy Woods says:

    Yes, me too. I frequently have to pray, “God, capture my mind.” It can drift at the slightest wim or suggestion from something in the room, a noise, whatever! It does help me to speak that prayer. He DOES answer prayer!! I have never had a good “built-in” time clock so frequently found myself concentrating on watching the time during my devotions – so I wouldn’t be late for work, some appointment, etc. One day I got smart and set a timer. What freedom!! Amazing the distractions used against us.

  5. chima says:

    Thank you so much sir,truly I have been blessed through your ministrations. I believe my prayer life will never remain the same again.Glory to God

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